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Found 1 result

  1. I now own this. Yes, I put a big scrape down the door loading it. It'll hammer out though. All being well it should be at the house tomorrow. I've got the car loaded up with parts, heading back home tonight, the seller offered to haul it down with his truck for the price of fuel so I jumped at that. So, a bit of backstory. Guy bought the car back in 2010, running (ish), smoked about in it for a while then realized the original engine was toast. So, be bought a complete beater of a Fury which he broke for parts. He rebuilt the engine a bit bigger, it's a 327 (5356cc) now, not a 318 (5211cc), tubular dual exhausts, few other ninaks. Gearbox was gone through he says. Then the sad part. He's originally from California, posted in the navy police. He was serving back there for a while and while he was away he found a guy who was all about restoring old cars and sent the car to him to be rebuilt. So, the guy chopped out a fair bit of rust, replaced it with metal, did a bit of bondo work then painted it. The car was originally white, and was chosen to be repainted by the seller in mauve. He said "Whatever parts you need, let me know if I'll send it you", so was ordering parts. He arrived back in Mississippi, stopped in at the place... The guy has skipped town, done an epically poor job of painting the car (though he did hang the doors and trunk well, I'll give him that), and applied a random sheet of steel with some pigeon-poop in the trunk where the trunk floor had rusted out. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I think I may actually get the car back down to metal, straighten it out and paint it. I've done better paint with aerosol cans. So, he gets left with the car as you see it. Sad, but he got gypped out of a five-figure sum for essentially what comes down to a $200 paint job and a bit of crummy welding. There's a spare block (might do something fun with that) and some trim, dash, odds and ends in boxes, some new lights, but there's a bunch of stuff I'm going to have to source. Looks like the car might have been in a hail storm at some point too, so that needs straightening up. So, yes. Work, but should be fun. Phil
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