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  1. Looking for tidy box trailer, Ta
  2. First my brother in law had a problem with his Volvo: http://autoshite.com/topic/34710-2007-volvo-v70-d5-24-automatic-sold-new-owner-updates/?fromsearch=1 Then, earlier this week, someone broke into his house, found keys to his BMW and drove away in this: There’s no way of knowing whether the BMW will ever be found. BIL now urgently needs a reliable automatic estate car, MoTd and running, for up to £1k and located as close to High Wycombe as possible. Does anyone know of a suitable steed?
  3. *I have used the search facility, but cannot find anything* My shared underground garage here in Spain does not have any electrical sockets anywhere. I'm leaving my motorbike here in June and not coming back until September. I will be disconnecting the battery before I go, but concerned it will still go flat, as it seems TTADTS. I won't have a car with me then, so looking at getting one of those small jumpstart packs. Can anyone recommend one that works reliably? Will have to be small as it will have to go in my hand luggage on the flight. Thanks all.
  4. Hi fellow humanoids, As I mention in the introduction thread, I write about cars for a 'living' (there appears to be a few of us on here too!). I recently came up with an idea for a feature series which might be difficult to actually realise. Asking around for leads did eventually end up with Autoshite winning me for the foreseeable. What I'm after, if the title didn't give you enough of a clue, is a working, legal car for a maximum outlay of £99.99. I have been keeping an eye on the "cheapest of the cheap" and "eBay tat" threads, and there's been a few potentials, but nothing completely m
  5. Hello, all. I'm joining the trendy bandwagon of campervan converters and have been looking into which van to use. The only thing that stopped me from getting a VW Crafter was the amount of people on this forum who said they were incredibly prone to rust. I thought I'd throw it out there to the van experts and ask what the best choice for a conversion might be, all things considered. I just really want to avoid doing a conversion and then dealing with severe issues like rust. I get the impression that modern vans can be a bit flimsy and prone to failure, but there are lots of contra
  6. I've been watching something on the bay. It's in Swansea. It needs welding. It needs to be trailered away. Anyone got any suggestions/contacts etc? Link below....... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163638335501
  7. E36 seats from a breakers in Maidstone
  8. Hi Guys. I'll be at Cannock this weekend with work and would like to try and find a scrappy with a Ford Explorer in, either midlands ish or on the M6 corridor. Can anyone give me any recommendations? There's a few breaking online, I'd quite like to find an old school scrappy where i can wander in and remove bits to my hearts content though. Thanks in advance!
  9. I've found a pair of wings and a new bumper for the Rover 25 gti in Kings Heath but it's gonna be a couple of weeks before I can get there. Is anyone local that could please pick them up and hang on to them until I can get over. It would be even better if someone is travelling east from there to somewhere near Norfolk? Many thanks, The seller just messaged me saying he'd like cash on collection if possible, I could paypal/bank transfer the money to the collector if that'd be ok?
  10. Anybody got anything for sale car wise in the West Mids Area. Ideally at least with a couple of months MOT. Mate of mine has just been told that his Disco has HGF so needs something as a stop gap. Have offered him my Freelander as a loaner but he has a long commute so 19 mpg would not really be helping the situation. Cheers Dave
  11. Hi shiters, Got a friend who is interested in getting a car project - fancied an MGB but open to suggestions! What have you got?
  12. A long shot here i know, "but if you dont ask, you dont get". Im looking for a set of 4 alloy wheels (if they come with decent tyres) then its a bonus. Plenty of these wheels in Europe, but not many about here in the UK. They are known as Intra T-Line, 7 x 13, 4 x 100, ET23. They were originally fitted to some early Renault Twingos! But i want to fit them to a 1993-2003 K11 Nissan Micra......it would seem that they fit straight on. Ive seen other size Intra t-line wheels(14's an 15's) but i dont want those, its the 13 inch wheels that im after. Cheers Paul
  13. I am after a car preferably smallish for ease of storing (I have a garage that was made for cars back when they were all very small) - just after something I can play about with... Nothing too rusty please Don’t have much to spend but am after something like a K10 Micra or something of equivalent size... What have you got...? Thank you,
  14. Hello. My attention has been drawn to a car sitting forlornly in Gillingham, Kent. I was tagged in it on Facebook just this morning. Regular readers to my 'memoirs' will remember me buying this car back in 2016 and, quite stupidly, selling it in order to buy a Volvo 300 series. Judging from what the guy said on FB, it looks like someone's given up on it. "Bits hanging underneath the engine". It also doesn't look like it's gone very far of late. Could anyone local stick a note on it for me? I'll play my trump card and tell you now that it's quite likely the oldest surviving Ford
  15. Looking for a van that's not a van....ie; An Elgrand/ Bongo / Previa / Voyager type of thing...........have either Rover 75 tourer / Volvo V70C plus wedge of cash available.......
  16. Looking for a van that's not a van....ie; An Elgrand/ Bongo / Previa / Voyager type of thing...........have either Rover 75 tourer / Volvo V70C plus wedge of cash available.......
  17. Whats a good/reliable/fair Courier/Shipping service, here in the UK please people??? I need a set of (quite rare/desirable) 4 Volvo 940 16 inch Alloys/Tyres, shipped to me in Kent. They are located (out in the bush/sticks) near Weston-super-mare, so an approx 400 mile round trip/drive, is not going to be that economical!! Or, any shitters/truckers out there, regularly drive from/to these locations!? Cheers Paul.
  18. a fine upstanding (not moog) member of this forum if theyre not too busy and in no mad hurry to have a small cursory glance at this please? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2014-DACIA-SANDERO-STEPWAY-0-9-TCe-Ambiance/223332701128 its a good 4+ hours from here and and he doesnt do sunday and if i left here ona working saturday hed be closed by the time i got there - im taken all march and two april weekends it seems very cheap notwithstanding the miles - others are 4.5k for 90-110k all other sub 3k ones are all smashu all cream tea/pasties/dizzle/petrol/zyder covered fanks
  19. Wanted pre 1978 Classic car whats on offer, Please no sheds
  20. Hello all, As per the title, looking for a front towing eye cover for an escort Cosworth for my mate who is doing one up. There is a part number I have 473 176 rtpu 2 but I can't find one except one on eBay for £85 Can anyone help please?
  21. hi all, I'm in desperate need of an electric window mechananism and the central locking actuator for my 1989 nissan sunny, front passenger side, all 4 door windows were broke, and whilst i found the rest very easily and fixed them, i can't seem to find one for the front passenger side. if anyone has any nissan sunny bits knocking about id be really grateful, as i can't drive it at the minute as the door is in bits with the window out, and i don't really want to put it all back together only to have to take it all apart again lol. drop me a mail if you have or know of a car in your local scrap
  22. OK, maybe not entirely serious, but I clocked one round the corner from my house this morning and they look brilliant. Had been off my radar but small fuel efficient stylish estate and seem to be plenty of cheap ones about, presumably comfy and fun to drive in a french sort of way - what's not to like? 1.4 petrol appeals with cheap tax/insurance/ulez friendly. I love my 205 but nine times out of ten the CR-V gets used for practicality reasons. One of these looks like being a bit more jolly and efficient, but equally practical...
  23. Now the Mini has gone, we are on the hunt for a facelift Freelander 1 TD4. Must be a facelift, must be manual and must have a working VCU/prop etc. Budget of £1600ish, don’t mind travelling if it’s a decent one. I’m keeping an eye in the usual places but thought I’d post here in case anyone has anything suitable. Cheers
  24. As above really, next door neighbour just wants something small and cheap preferably Japanese - so an old Corolla or Civic etc. He still buys with his eyes a bit and massive dents/rust etc would put him off. Localish to Reading ideally but try me or rather him. Budget sub £500. An old bubble shape Micra would be pretty good. Have seen that Micra on here but sadly Cumbria is too far for this chap. Thanks, James
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