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Found 470 results

  1. This came with a BFO folder of bumph including stereo instructions, but no clue as to what the code for the wireless might be. I reckon it's the original unit, as nowt has been messed with on this car. I don't want to be locked out of the head unit. Does anyone have any pointers for me? Thankyouplease. PS, I also need someone to remind me of a good reason why I paused my hedonistic japes in sunny Chiang Mai last week, and came back to this miserable hole. Cheers.
  2. My 2007 Mini has FTP'd,leaving me in the doodoo, as I need a car for work, and to take my son to and from the drop off point. The garage the warranty is with doesn't have a loan car available at the moment. I realise it's a ridiculous question, but does anyone in the vicinity of Essex have a 'spare' car I could loan for a while? Either that or I'll just look for a 150 quid banger to run into the ground. Bloody moderns. The whole point in getting this car was to eliminate FTPs and have some peace of mind.
  3. Hi folks, Well, I've tried everything to save this V6 Gallic beast, I've tried to sell it, I've tried to roffle it, then I tried to roffle my Pug 106 daily to get the funds to mend her. Nothing is working out. Sadly, this 30 has outstayed it's welcome on my friend's drive (wife), and has to be gone within a week. It's my dream car and it pains me, but the only other option is the crusher. I now have an offer to do the brake pipes for the cost of materials. A "Last chance saloon" fund has been started. Can anybody help this beast live on? We've only got a week really to get this charming beast mobile and moved, so any assistance to the empty pot is greatly appreciated! Please paypal any small donations to [email protected]
  4. http://autoshite.com/topic/30861-the-autoshite-official-for-sale-and-wanted-thread/page-39
  5. I need to get a pair of wings for a Citroen Dyane from Ludlow to Darlington! I can meet in Stafford if needed seeing as I'm a bit out of the way here. Will pay, I expect no freebees. £30? Could use courier I suppose but really can't be bothered with such awkward items
  6. Gadge at work is looking for one for camping gear Bigger than an erde smaller than a car moving one Anyone know of any Within 50 miles of Manchester ideally Ta
  7. A good friend of mine runs a horse sanctuary and has worse luck with cars than me.... Her partner was in an accident the same day the clutch went on her Megane so she's been in a borrowed van for a week. She urgently needs something reliable as she has been through about half a dozen cars in the last year through break downs and vandalism. She is near Falkirk but I can give her a lift within a few hours drive. A 4x4 would be ideal due to the recent snow and location of the horses. Budget around £500 so most things considered. What's out there?
  8. Can anyone help get a lawnmower from Leicester to somewhere nearer the south coast in the next couple of weeks?
  9. If you are hunting for a car, or looking for inspiration ...
  10. The CJ FTPd the other day, just while I was moving it from where it was parked in the road onto the drive. It started and ran fine, but after a few seconds coughed, farted and carked it. No amount of cranking could get it to start again. So today I had a look... I pulled the fuel line off the top of the filter and cranked it over & there's loads of fuel coming through. Whipped out a plug to check for sparks - all OK. This is making me think the fuel injection system has gone Pete Tong, which is bad because, while I'm OK with carbs, I know less than the square root of nob all about FI. Any ideas please??
  11. Can anybody shift me a pinto engine and box or recommend a pallet firm?
  12. anyone near Lincoln? Spalding, PE11 Needs to come to Hull. Its a new car I'm buying but it is without MOT so I cant drive it home nor can I tax it. Anyone give me a quote? £100 spondoolies and all the tea you can drink? Thanks all Muchas Gracias.
  13. Anyone got a small cheap automatic in stock they want to shift, within striking distance of Kent with a bit of test? Must have PAS. Warning: this could be one of those flaky requests that get lots of responses to which I do nothing. This is because I'm debating whether to wait til after Xmas to get the Fusion clutch done, because man maths. Sorry Ken, not the Volvo! Auto is for Mrs Egg who is trying to rebuild driving confidence. Thanks.
  14. Hello chaps, I dun be going on a collectioneering on Thursday 21st Dec - car comes with some spares, but I reckon I'll struggle for space as the burd is coming too and the car is not an estate. May be some wheels and a bodykit I need transport good northwards - anyone able to assist? Please drop me a pm Ta!
  15. I keep gravitating back to these wonderful cars. It's the mix of retro and modern, the styling cues from the P series cars, the fact that they're probably the best FWD car of the 90s and that they're available in really unique specs that makes them appeal greatly. I nearly had the perfect one earlier this year, but I just didn't like the Wedgwood colour. Silly I know, but it wasn't "the one". I'm on the hunt again, so thought I'd ask here in case anyone knows of something that's "not quite for sale yet". I've seen one or two that I like, and know of a couple more on here. I do want a 6 cylinder car. Whilst they feel like an 'occasion' to drive, that's moreso with the bigger engines. (I've had 3 of these before) I do want something a bit different. No JRG with sandstone cloth. Basically I'd like my last car in a different colour. Thanks guys.
  16. Due to the recent visit of a bunch of c***s to my Pug 106 1.5D (a fine purchase from Rusty_Rocket of this parish) resulting in a well bent passenger door, broken locks, wrecked dashboard, destroyed wiring harness etc the car has had to been consigned to the scrappy. So now I am need of a replacement which can traverse the length of Frogland on less than a tank of fuel there so that'll be another Pug 106 1.5D or it's plastic sister an AX 1.5D. So any CHEAP but mobile 106 1.5D and am willing to travel a bit. Here is nicer times at my sun-drenched Iberian country derelict shed.
  17. I am on the lookout for a cheap run about for under £600, car has to be reliable and dependable and preferrably (Scottish Autoshiters may come in handy here). I'm in North Lanarkshire, so anything within a 50 mile radius would be best however can travel for the right car.
  18. I need a Transit SWB size van for sub £1500 (ideally sub £1000) that isn’t a complete crock of shit I’m seeing people asking £2k for 2002 Transits with a lick of test that either had a major weld fest a few years ago (so probably need so again) or that haven’t had one yet (so it’s coming). WTF?? £3k for a local 2004 Vivaro with 130k Not arsed about cosmetics or mileage but it needs to run well, be roadworthy and be tested for 6+ months ideally. Also needs to be fit for long motorway journeys - as tempting as the LDV Cub I found was.
  19. Hi all, After managing to gather a couple of HF models from chaps on the forum, I have decided at the tender age of 43 to start collecting the models I had in my yoof. I loved the Polistil 1:24/5 series, lord knows what happened to all of mine so here goes... I am looking only for cars from the 70's and 80's ranges in the above scale, road cars & rally cars and some of the brochures that you could get at the time. I remember getting the brochure from Lightfoots model shop in Rhyl and circling the ones I wanted for Christmas! I loathe to use ebay so if anyone has any, not overly bothered about the condition, ideally complete, no boxes required etc, happy to pay via PayPal or direct transfer inc postage etc. If you have anything you want to pass on, please let me know... Cheers all
  20. Decided to re-vamp the braking system on the Minor. Have got new pipes made up but only for a standard drum-braked car. My front brakes are Marina discs and I cannot find the pipe nuts that connect the copper pipe to the flexis. The old pipes I took off had them but they were mullered, now I want to replace the hoses (which I have, new) but need the pipe nuts. Apparently all the Minor specialists now only knock out Ford-based conversions and they are different. These hoses accept the standard brake pipe on the Minor but with a union nut (female) that threads directly on to the threaded end of the hose. Anybody got any or know where I can get'em? Thanks!
  21. Anyone with a set of 15 or 16 inch alloys with tyres to fir a Fiat Punto 2003...Believe 4x98 PCD .. Picture for attention Close-ish to West Midlands, but collection could be an option - Unless you're FOAD
  22. Wanted: Shitely request to transport Alfamale's Fiat 500 engine from Sheffield to somewhere further south. I'm based in south Hampshire, between Southampton and Portsmouth, but if anyone from that area plans to come down to Six_cylinder's sept meetup, or to southwest London in the foreseeable future and could accommodate a dismantled engine in a large plastic crate I'd be extremely grateful, and would be happy to offer beer tokens or similar. Thanks in advance
  23. After 17 years it is time to retire my mother's Almera. The clutch is going, its high on tax, bad on fuel and only 3 doors so it no longer ideal for her pensioner friends either. Criteria: Good on fuel (40 mpg minimum round town) Lowish tax (£150 per year max) 4 or 5 door Of Oriental origin, preferably Japanese No mechanical faults Minor bodywork issues not objected to ( mother will dent I guarantee you) £2000 maximum price but lower preferred! Evidence of service history not essential but must be a well looked after example Preferably within a reasonable distance of Ludlow ( 80 miles? ) although if a trusted shiter further afield has something then I would travel further. Age not an issue, a late nineties, early 2000s Toyota or Honda would be great so long as the tin worms haven't got to it. You lot know what I favour by now surely. I am happy to pay the going rate or even slightly over it for a decent example that will last indefinitely with minimum expenditure. Nothing much on eBay. Anybody know of anything?
  24. Would love one of these, got the itch!! Anything any condition considered
  25. Anyone able to supply me with a letter from a Motor Trader / Garage giving the value of the 10 year old 1.4 LHD Dacia Logan with no number plates currently abandoned on my driveway so I can proceed with getting it registered? Pictures of rust and parking mishaps can be provided. Here is what it looked like a few years ago.
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