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Found 470 results

  1. Hi all, looking for a van Berlingo/C15/kangoo sort of size. Needs to be less that £300 ideally, needs to be capable of shifting a single person in one room sized household a few hundred miles and needs an MOT till the end of August sort of time. What becomes of it after this time is neither here nor there but it needsto perform this move as it's final duty! Old Espaces / VelSatis/ Prairies/Zafiras may just do the trick. Ideally located reasonably close to Sheffield (I'm moving down to the West country), ideally diesel for economy, but you can't have everything! I know, there's plenty on Gumtree etc, but they're all a big big question mark! Anybody on here getting rid of anything please? Cheers
  2. As title. I need something collecting from an eBay-er for red5 mk2 - a Scalextric sized box. I find myself unable collect reasonably promptly due to hospital-based reasons, so assistance would be appreciated. Thank you, or not as the case may be. Sam
  3. I am in need of a front bumper for the above dollop, it needs to be the smoooooth type as fitted to Ghia's (as it is one! ) and not sure what the hell to search for to find one. All the ones I look at seem to be the lumpy grey plastic things. Also I think I need a passengers seat for the same vehicle as it looks like some utter tool has put a fag burn in the squab. Can't have been Betty as she didn't/doesn't smoke, bet she was furious! Any other bits 'may' come in handy for my budget total restoration to immaculate worthless Ford! FanQ.
  4. retropnaed


    Hello all anyone got a Maestro needs me a Maestro weird i know. No drugs or alcohol were involved in this post
  5. My niece needs a van for her business. Ideally she'd like a Transporter but the budget won't stretch to that, she's looking at about £1500-ish. She's in Southport and won't want to travel too far to collect. Anyone know of anything suitable?
  6. Hi all. In need of a cheap little runaround that will do me to get to work as currently without car and due to start new job next week. Unfortunately money is a tad tight so got a budget of £300. I know at this end of the stick I can’t be too picky. But preferably a Japanese motor with a good couple of months MOT would do me.
  7. Mrs 95 has had a rush of blood to the head and decided she fancies a Morris 1000 traveller. Anyone know of a decent one kicking around apart from the usual eBay stuff. Cheers
  8. As title. Anyone got one? Ta
  9. Some top chod which I've been trying to track down (with the help of nigel bickle!) has appeared on ebay tonight, in Southampton. I'm in Cumbria, so it's not a short run down for a look, and it's too hefty for my towcar to take back. With that in mind, are any shiters at a loose end in the area over the next couple of days who wouldn't mind popping along to get some good photos all over it for me? It seems to have ended up in the hands of a trader who doesn't really know what it is, and can't handle a camera... It's very much a project but I want to get an idea of how complete it is and how much welding it'll need underneath before I try to do a deal including delivery over the phone... Happy to pay in beer/spirits/90s Volvo parts/cash to anyone who can help! Ta Stephen
  10. I'm about to buy a van that I need to disguise the age of - my dad will use it for his work and he's not allowed to drive owt older than 6 years. This van is 12 years old (but it's the same as a 2016 one) Is anyone scrapping owt pre 1990 ish? Stick the plate on retention and I'll give you a drink for your time. I don't want to put a personal plate on and look like a personal plate wanker, but a prefix/suffix plate on a late 2000s van is oddball rather than nobhead.
  11. Please help me. Having released the Geep, I now have a space on the drive which I intend to fill with another vehicle, but I'm not sure where to begin on what to purchase. I have the shiters dilemma of grubby notes in hand, space on the drive and no idea what to do. Provisional budget is £600, ideally to include buying and insuring/taxing it, though these could feasibly go on DD to spread the damage, and I want something that can offer thrills* that neither a cruise-o-matic Saab 9-3, nor a wizzy Toyota Yaris can offer. Ideally something that runs but I'm not aversed to a bit of work, though mechanical rather than bodywork is preferred. I have looked as several 90s Japanese coupes, a LJKS-approved Honda Prelude, A Mazda MX-3 and a Toyota Paseo on the basis they are reasonably well wrought and reliable, and offer something to zoom around the lanes of Hampshire in. These are ok, but on presenting these as options to my wife, who has ultimate veto over the entire affair, suggested they looked a bit mid-life-crisis with me at the wheel. Those who've met me will understand, those who haven't think a fatter, balder Phil Mitchell and you're not really very far off. So, she's said she'd prefer something more bonafide classic, but what to look at? Having rooted through Ebay classic cars <50 miles from Stanky HQ and <£1000 and all this has highlighted is how lax some people's idea of what a 'classic' is. Car and Classic has a lot more offerings that would be likely to meet with domestic approval, but not at the price point I have in mind. Things that would potentially interest me seem to start at £2k or so on there, which is fair enough as what I've looked at seem to be well looked after. I suppose I'm after something a bit more down-at-heel which could be brought back up to a passable standard in my care. Next, and possibly most importantly, until I get the garage sorted out (this will be a big job) the vehicle will live outside the front of Stanky towers, off the road on a block-paved drive. It will be boxed in 95% of the time so is reasonably secure but I have concerns about whether rust will set in if a 1960s - 1980s vehicle is stored in the elements rather than in a hermetically sealed, temperature controlled, security patrolled storage facility. Are my fears justified or am I talking tosh? While I've no doubt that this thread may bring out offers of myriad vehicles from shiters, and this is most welcome, I'm having some difficulty nailing down what I might actually want to buy and own. Every vehicle purchase I've made has been on the basis of using the vehicle to do 10k+ miles a year as a general workhorse, and I've been lucky in this regard that almost all of the vehicles I've owned have been reliable, though I'm generally the final owner before the scrap man calleth. This vehicle would ideally be something thats not just a workhorse and could be used as a means in itself rather than just a way of getting from A to B in speed/comfort/reliablity. A few ideas 1. A 1980s or 1990s Japanese sporty Coupe and deal with looking like another mid-life crisis loser. Prelude, MR2, MX5? 2. Something American, and therefore different. There are a few grim offerings around. 3. Something older, like a Morris Oxford or Triumph Herald or Reliant Scimitar? Would need decent-ish parts supply, though if its mechanically simple and a third car then whats there to lose? 4. Another kit car, but with a regi/V5 this time 5. Something else? I'm open to ideas. Are there any unmolested/undrifted Volvo 340s which aren't 105% rust by now? I liked the ones of those I had ~15 years ago? I'd prefer to avoid the default options of MGB/Morris Minor/Triumph Spitfire but have no specific reasons to avoid them. My only experience with a MGB GT was that the seat wouldn't go back far enough. I'm 6' and 17 stone so worth bearing in mind I suppose. Also how do you find cars which people have put in the wrong category (inevitably "parts (other)" without having to wade through 11 billion pages of wheel bearings for mk1 Fiestas and handbrake cables for Anadol A8-16's? I think CDC asked this exact question a while back, but is it possible to buy an MOT compliant example of an older car for less than £2k these days, or do I resign myself to a life of mundane motoring in end-of-life vehicles with no redeeming qualities and save my money for the inevitable trip to dignitas? Sorry for the complete lack of structure to my requirements document. 1/10 for project management.
  12. For some reason, now that I’m over 50, my thoughts are turning to vehicles which - in my younger years - would have been the cause for much derision... Hindustan Ambassador DAF FSO Lada Polski Fiat Trabant Wartburg Etc I can’t work out if it’s the onset of early dementia or a growing affection for the previously unloved corners of automotive transport. On a serious note, I know that many of the above (and similar) have a big following nowadays, so I’m not entirely alone. So...specifications: •Cheap-ish •Quirky *A bit naff •Not entirely water-soluble •Fun to own* •Preferably not a total basket case** *This may not be possible. **This may also not be possible.
  13. Having liberated the mx5 from my garage there is now a space that needs filling and money burning a hole in my pocket. Being autoshite im not after a minter, but something usable, I think they call it a "rolling restoration".
  14. As some will know I've decided I want another R8 216, I miss my last one. Good condition preferred, will pay decent prices up to low four figures but hoping to spend around £850. Must be automatic. Early car with leather interior vastly preferred, alloys desirable but not essential. Colour no object but preferably just not silver. Will consider 400s if the right spec comes up. Distance no object. My eyes are wide open, Facebook/Gumtree/Auto Trader/C&C/eBay etc, if anyone sees anything (or has one!) please let me know.
  15. If so, is there any chance when passing, if you could peek in and grab a rear view mirror from a Ka for me please? It's for the Toledo. Triumph rear view mirrors are not the most robust things in the universe and mines fucked. Ebay want stupid prices for one. Thanks in eager anticipation.
  16. I’m itching terribly for a different car to play with. I think if I got a little shitter I’d be inclined to keep my daily Golf so I’ll see what can tempt me.. Cheap, £450 or under. Needs some MOT. I really want something a bit ‘cool’ but then again cool in my eyes is not what most people would class as cool.. I just missed out on a £300 Saxo VTR which is annoying but I’m open to anything. I quite like he AX on here but want to keep looking.
  17. Tonight ideally. Mad plan being hatched.
  18. need a set of 5 stud wheels and tyres condition not important as long as they hold air,they are for a royale Leicestershire area ,
  19. Apparently we need* a family car, for holidays and not climbing over spades, rakes, broom handles and paint pots in a Ford Puma. Thus Mrs Craft (who's paying) has told me to get something. I'd like a Galaxy/Alhambra/Sharan* diesel, ideally. But obvs. like a Vectra hatchback or estate would also do. Needs to be reliable with a long MOT, and not smell of anything my missus doesn't like (such as me, for example) and be capable of going to that there Scotland and back. There's talk of crazy amounts of money being available, maybe up to £1,000. Too lazy to travel too far, but you never know. *Can always take the badges off and put Ford ones on.
  20. Guest

    milk float spares

    where oh where can we get a curved windscreen for a Crompton E61 milkfloat preferably in the North West
  21. Darlinks, I find myself without employment after deciding that my employer was treating people wrong (man) but I am legally bound not to discuss their actions. So in 4 days from their final threats to their deadline of 31 March I have struggled. Do not assume the article in Private Eye was about them. So (again - do not start a sentence with a preposition) I desire a CHEAP XUD 1.9D ZX or 306 estate to enjoy the Spring n Summer in Euroland. Or a AX - 106 1.5D
  22. I have KO'd the rear diff on my A35 in rather spectacular (spacktacular) fashion and find I also need to wave the magic blue torch at a few bits while I'm under there. By coincidence I find myself in need of a small van so if anyone knows or has owt please do let me know. Budget is a strict £400 and expectations accordingly realistic. CHEERS
  23. Was going to post in the Shitely thread but it seems to have done a Renault: Ok, not tried this before, but thought I'd give it a go. Cheeky Shitely request just in case some excellent AS member happens to pass Thetford on the way further south-west through Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire. I live/work M1 corridor jn11a down to jn6Beer tokens at the ready It's 4x alloy wheels and tyres for my Rovershiteist 400 series Cheers
  24. Sorry for starting a thread for this, I did originally post in the wanted thread but didn't get a response. If there's anyone that could go and have a proper look-over a car for me that's for sale in Broxburn I'd really appreciate it. Beer tokens can be exchanged. I won't be wasting anyone's time, if the car is good and the seller isn't a wanker I'll be flying up to buy said car. Also I think it's interesting enough to warrant the trip, especially if I can arrange for a test drive for whoever may be able to help. Thanks in advance!
  25. I've bought a lucas dynamo to go in the red rebel as the old one is beyond repair - unfortunately its collection only from christchurch in dorset and I'm far too skint to drive down there at the moment! Is there any fellow shiters who would be able to collect and hold it for me until next month? Pickup times are flexible i think as its at a beauty salon... Many thanks Dave
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