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Found 470 results

  1. Evening chaps, been a member on here a short while now, but I'm after a favour from a fiat technician if any are on here. I'm in need of some wiring diagrams for a series 3 lancia thema turbo ds LE. Specifically fitted with the sofim 8144.97y engine. Also has anyone got the old school FL (fiat lancia) tester, the fiat 3pin one. I know there is more chance finding elvis alive but thought I'd try my look. Cheers matt
  2. Due to youthful exuberance and love of "testing" his skillz in Morrisons car park my 18 Y/O tame yet annoying grandson requires another motah would anyone have anything that could fit the bill? Insurance is the killer must be cheap to insure for a 18 yo trainee HOONIGAN and ready to go, work life dependeth on the motah Owt will be considered within the above paramiters Thank you kind folk
  3. I've been offered an R8 front end in Shropshire but need to transport it. Anyone have a large hatch/wagon Old Man and I can day insure to go get it? Or an extra pair of hands perhaps? Location Manchester as ever.
  4. Hi Guys I've been asked to source a Fiat Panda of the original variety. Preferably something currently on the road. It is for the daughter of the CEO of the company I work for so whilst I'm not adverse to buying something needing work and sorting it and negotiating a price with him around that, it would save a faff on if there was something with MOT etc. I know there are a few Panda lickers on here so if anybody has a known good car either currently for sale, or one that they would be willing to sell or indeed know of one please let me know and I will make arrangements to come and view etc. John
  5. Thought I would ask on here to see if anyone can help. I am attending the Saab National at Prescott Hill this weekend and I am planning on heading to Le Mans for a couple of weeks afterwards. It seems a bit daft to tow the trailer (with car on it) all the way back up to Aberdeen to just turn around and head back south. A friend has offered to store it in Cumbria, but still a lot of extra miles. Does anyone know of some secure storage where I could leave a 4 wheel car transporter trailer complete with a little Saab Sonett for a couple of weeks? Happy to pay a reasonable amount of course as it will save diesel. I shall be leaving Prescott late Sunday afternoon so looking for storage from Sunday evening or Monday morning and anywhere in the Tewkesbury to Folkstone corridor or within 30-50 miles would be ace. Anybody know of anything?
  6. hello guys does anyone have a reliant rialto for sale cheap i only want it for the engine and box so not fussed what the rest looks like as long as it runs thanks
  7. So, as Alan Rickman once said, GIVE ME YOUR PIES. As some of you (those who read the one meek post in the for sale and wanted thread) may know, I want an AX. I really, really want* an AX. Preferably a pezzer with not too many doors. What have you? Come at me bruv. Etc. * Please note, in any negotiations I really, really don't want one. I'm doing you a favour.
  8. Knackered knee brings about automatic vehicle request to use as a daily run around for a while. Would anyone have such a vehicle up for grabs don't much care what it is owt under £750 would be good
  9. Nuts. I'm at an event next weekend, and I've got nothing to take my trailer tent to the event with. Is anyone in the shitesphere selling something with a reasonable bit of MOT on, that moves well enough, that can assist me. My car, being a 307 HDI and a 56 plate apparently can be destroyed if I botch a towbar on it, otherwise I'd buy one and fit and just use the car I'm using daily. I don't want to spent more than I have to, as I'll likely punt it on after the weekend (at the end of August) or bridge it, depending how cheap it is.
  10. [Edited from Original Post] Was a topic about me buying a bright green Mini. Then I found out about another one. Then I missed out on that and am now trying to find one again. Can you help?
  11. Having missed out on Spartacus' Roffle for the 106 which I was certain I was winning for some unbeknown reason, I must now accept that I will actually have to buy a vehicle. I have about a 70 mile commute each day over some pretty tight and start stop type back roads. I'm looking for something very small, very simple and very diesel. My budget is similarly small for now sadly, 500 quid absolute tops, but cheaper is better. A 106/Saxo diesel is the blueprint. So one of those, or anything in a similar mould. Corsa, Lupo, Arosa, Clio etc, I'd rather avoid the high tax bracket if possible. I really don't care about cosmetics, this car is to serve a purpose, although naturally I'll end up liking it... I had been considering small petrols, but I think with the distances I cover the diesel does make sense. If anyone has, or knows of anything for sale, do let me know. I'm near Glasgow but don't mind traveling a bit for the right car. Cheers
  12. retropnaed


    Small vehicle required pronto Change of job means I`m now doing around 350 miles a week I am currently using the very white 216 purchased on here recently (L565TAP) and while the aforementioned vehicle is easily capable of gobbling up the miles superb car that it is I would prefer not to use it as a daily commuter. Sooooo anyone got owt ready to go car or van dunt matter a jot, make model not arsed I just need summat sharpish. Cheap bargainous and reliable are words that spring to mind Muchas Gracias
  13. Short notice I know, but worth a try. Good friend of mine is getting married this Saturday, but we've been let down with the hire car, it was meant to be an old Jag but he can no longer lend us it. So, I reach out here. Anyone willing to lend us their peculiar/cool shite? We are more than happy to pay good money, insure it and return it valeted and topped up with fuel. This is not a freebie, it's me repaying a fellow shiter for helping us. We'd need it most of the day and could return Sunday morning. I'm based in the West Midlands. If there are any willing volunteers please could you let me know what you have? Just needs to have at least 4 doors and 4 seats as I'll be driving them to and from the location.
  14. pompei

    Subaru Brat

    Morning all. I know this is a long shot but does anyone have, or know of, an engine from a BRAT EA-81 which is for sale? Cheers.
  15. Putting this here because I R a rebel, and hopefully it wont take long to get an answer... My dad and myself are going to a gig in Islington on Friday the 28th of September. However, in Dad's haste to buy the tickets 15 minutes before they went on general sale he forgot he needs to be in Yorkshire for some speedway related meeting on Saturday. To save him driving all the way to mine then driving in (he needs to drive as his blue badge is handy in that london), does anyone live near the A1ish south of the Black Cat? My vague plan is to finish work at lunchtime, drive to said parking spot and Dad meet me there from Peterborough, we totter off, and then come back quite late and he just carry on north and I peel off home, and save him extra mileage... Anyone got a driveway space free for half a day, or live on a road where I can just park up for a bit? Could bring some beers as a token of goodwill/refurbished Dyson or something? Or if you need to do a tip run on said friday leave you the keys to the gooner...
  16. A family friend wrote her car off last night (thankfully, she’s fine), but she urgently needs a cheap but reliable runabout. Sub-£600 and ideally Midlands-ish. Anyone?
  17. My sister's 2004 Corolla Verso lunched its awful fake-auto box on the M40 this morning. The AA managed to restore 80% of forward ratios, but the POS has been on borrowed time for a while and understandably she wants to see the back of it. They are shiters without realising it and I wonder if anyone has (or knows of) anything anything cheapish yet reliable in or near Norf Lahndun. Help make my favourite niece and nephew smile again...
  18. Having been on this forum a month or 2 now it's planted the seed in my head that I need another car in my life. I've got 2 lancia themas and a dedra but I'm anchoring for a yugo or something of that nature if anyone on here has one let me know
  19. I could do with a large car type thing for general tat and extended family moving duties (Espace still broken, don't ask). This has gotten slightly more urgent as a good mate of mine has just had his Voyager die and he's due to pick up twins from the hospital very, very soon. My thinking is that I could kill 2 birds one stone, find a tat hauler for me and in the short term I can loan it him to ferry little people around. WHYG ... People cariier, Galaxy type thing, big Merc estate, random 4x4, I might even consider a smallish minibus, must be legal and usable. Budget - cheapish
  20. Something interesting. I have a spare insurance policy running, rather than cancel it I’m tempted to buy something for a bit of fun. Think B-road blaster rather than motorway mile muncher, or maybe something 4x4 that I can go green laning with. Budget - sub £850, the lower the better. Location fairly unimportant. At least a couple of months test would be good. I was looking at an E46 Compact 318Ti, but had no response off the owners. Before anyone says it, I know the Min would be an obvious answer but I really don’t have time to mess about with it. Cheers! Edited to reflect changing the goalposts!
  21. Hi all, I bought myself a Peugeot 106 as a car to use for Auto testing / auto solo. Needs a few bits an pieces, but the one main thing I'm missing is a spare wheel! Ideally I'm after a 13 inch 4 stud alloy wheel like this, with or without a tyre. If not a 4 stud 13 inch steel wheel from a 106, 205 or Saxo would be just great! Also a Haynes manual, would be handy. Just thought I'd ask, before trawling the local scrap yards and eBay etc.. I'm in the West midlands, near Walsall. But can collect in Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire etc.. If anyone has a wheel or wheels in there shed or garage, you'd like to see the back of let me know. Thanks.
  22. Hi all, there's a car in Warwick I'd like shifted to Tavistock if I decide to buy. Its all Road legal and good to go- it's a 2003 Passat tdi estate. Sorry. On the upside it will do 50+mpg all day on the way down. Anyone interested just pm me.
  23. I'm looking for something to tinker with over the next few months, but due to having been paid crappy wages for a while and only just starting a new job (yay!), I don't have much money. So, I have had the brilliant idea of either selling or swapping my electric bike (as I don't really need the electrical assist). The Car: Must be - Older than 1992 and running - MOT if poss. Would like - Small, Japanese with more than 3 seats. So I'll probably end up with a broken 1994 Volvo. The Bike: As per picture below, but does not have the rear pannier anymore as this was used to repair another bike. Battery is only a few months old and has probably had less than 15 charges. (Lifetime is apparently 900) 36v, 3 motor speeds. Folding Bike. Will do around 15mph on the flat. Range is about 15-20 miles depending on how much assist / how many hills / how many pies. THIS IS ELECTRICALLY ASSISTED NOT SELF PROPELLED (Although it is possible to convert) Similar bikes, used but manufacturer refurbished, go for 4-500 quid, but I'll say value of 2-300 for swaps. (I'll probably advertise it at £275 and accept offers)
  24. Mate at work looking for a decent 7 seater for his herd of offspring. 1500 quids max. Preferably East Midlands based . closerto newark the better. Anyone looking to move on something Ta. 95
  25. Hi looking for a project bike 125 or under to keep me out of the pub, which may be difficult as I literally live in a pub. I'm in north west england and will be skint after I pick up the kangoo off of here on Tuesday. Anyone got a pile of shite they want to exchange for a little cash, just so I can scratch this itch please?
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