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  1. I'm after some new seats for my Astra five door. It's a 2004 Disastra "G". The seats in it now are rotten, Airdrie United FC have more support than them. Looking for something preferably with lumbar support, possibly peeled cow. I hear that seats from Vectras and later Astras also fit and can be a bit more substantial. I don't care about them matching anything else or my rear passengers legroom. Just something comfier to spend two hours a day on. Willing to travel seeing as it sips fuel, or shitely. Ta
  2. Something large, and comfortable. Have 2008 Passat estate to P/x against it, or can do cash deal. CX or XM would be ideal, pref auto. Must be slightly weird, and in good condition.
  3. In the last few months these have pretty much disappeared from ebay/gumtree. Don't know why it's happened so suddenly. Anyway, I am looking to buy one. Wanted to see if anyone on here is planning on selling one / knows of one for sale. Budget is ~£400. Manual heavily preferred Other 90s hatches may be also considered
  4. so some conehead has put a rubbish single din in the car but because battery off its reset itself and the digi dash to kilometers but because this radio doesnt have the buttons - i cant change it back youtubed it and nice irish fella does a vid that tells you how via steering wheel - BUT his is a vtr and has two buttons that mine - an sx - doesnt have owners club say only way round is borrow a rd4 radio connect and use that any one have a 04-11 c4 or picasso tunebox i could borrow please all the standard stereos on ebay are ok but all need coding - ive not done something like t
  5. Hey all, My mate has just had a FTP in his old Focus Diesel, looking like an injector pump fail. so he has about a grand to spend on something else. anyone got anything for sale? He runs his own business, and likes floating around on surf boards of a weekend so needs an estate - or a large hatch. Let me know whats about, based in the north east, but can engage collection mission from elsewhere is required.
  6. Don't suppose any magazine hoarders have a copy of this you want to sell to me? I know it's not very shite but I have a modest collection of these mags and this is the only one that eludes me!!!
  7. I want (or more correctly, need) to buy a van, specifically to drive down to and around Spain for a few months, and want to take on of my motorbikes with me. Requirements are: MUST have air con MUST have at least 10 months MOT. Er, think that's all the must haves I need. Not bothered about make or colour (although anything other than white would be a bonus). Diesel preferable. Decent cabin, with seats for three. Not bothered about panel damage/dents, as long as everything works and locks properly (seen a damaged Vito that I was told was ok, but neither side loading door would open).
  8. Mrs Optix is fed up with Bertie the Berlingo. There isn't quite enough room to get the three miniOptixes side by side in the back, because of new fangled car seats and that. So I've been looking at cars that are wide enough to get three across the back, with room for buggy/school stuff. There don't seem to be many about - Zafira (shudder), Touran (scene tax), etc. How about the more recent Multipla - 2004 onwards - bland, obviously, but any thoughts other than that?
  9. Well, a bit actually! Do any of you fine people have a clutch pedal return spring for a Marina that you would be prepared to sell me? The Cobra clutch replacement continues to throw up problems, it would appear that getting the new clutch and flywheel was the easy bit, ad the clutch still refuses to operate smoothly. The clutch master cylinder has required stripping, cleaning and re-sealing and now we have found the clutch return spring on the pedal has broken. There is nothing simple! TIA
  10. Looking for the moon on a stick. Tidy campervan for mid week working away from home living. Not too fussed bog and heating essential. Desirable bed above cab so I'm not making and storing bedding daily. 6000 tops
  11. As the title suggests, I am after a TIDY transporter (not a 20 year old dirty old DAF Roadrunner) that can carry two vehicles in the formation below HOWEVER the rear section needs to be enclosed. Seen one about? Let me know - budget up to £20k for the right one - must be ULEZ compliant Thanks, James
  12. Hi all, I need a car moving from hertfordshire to coventry, or even somewhere near if you can't get that far, it will need to be trailered or something, as it's a non runner at the minute. If anyone could help me out, i would be very grateful, and can pay towards fuel, etc etc. Would ideally be this weekend or next week. Please give me a shout if you can help at all. or even a lift from coventry down to hertfordshire, so i can try and get it running and drive the car back. For all the satnavers, it shows as 78 miles from coventry. Any suggestions or help is welcomed. Cheers all.
  13. Right guys my Altea head gasket has gone and blown and the repair costs are not economical. I’m on the lookout for a cheap runabout. Diesel preferably. If anyone knows or has a cheap diesel let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hi There I'm after what is slowly becoming a holy grail with the prices of scrap rising and ebay chancers wanting the world for something about to die...a cheap small car! It has to be small because the cost of insurance where i live (a sink estate) is eye-wateringly insane I'm willing to pay up to £350 cash and could collect over the weekend, the sooner the better because i am having to use Milton Keynes' baffling public transport system, where it would be simpler to plan a one man journey through the Peruvian jungle than to navigate the bus system here... I know it's not a great sum
  15. I've got an unjustifiable, unexplainable craving for a 'pedal and pop' type moped (Mobylette, Puch Maxi, Honda Camino etc), from the 60s/70s/80s to pooter about on. Anyone on here got one that's not being use and fancy freeing up some space? Not fussy on either a perfect one or one needing a bit of work...
  16. Would anyone by chance have a wheel with legal tyre that would fit a 1993 R8 416 somewhere near Sunny Donny muchas ta fanx just realised today after 5 months of owning said car I have been playing puncture roulette
  17. Decided that I’d like to try a brick: preferably turbo, preferably auto, preferably an estate. I’m Scottish so I figure it’s allowed even if I’m currently south of the border. I’ve always wanted a pez turbo and I’ve yet to have one, and I’ve always fancied tinkering with boost valves and ecu’s to get some free horses, apparently you can get 200hp out of these without too much bother. Having got 50mpgs out of the Skoda for a while, I figure I can get 25mpgs out of one of these and still average 37.5mpg overall.. not bad huh? Anyone know of one for sale, or have any thoughts on the m
  18. My workmate Pete, is a closet shiteist, he has had more cars in the last couple of months than I manage in some years. Pete like Honda Legends and has just agreed a purchase on one in Caistor on Sea, but he could do with some help going to get it. Is anyone heading that way anytime soon that could perhaps take a (mostly house-trained) passenger? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi there, I am trying to get my little nissan sorted, but need a few bits and bobs to get it roadworthy and comfortable., if anyone has any sunny parts, whether its trim or engine bits, i'd appreciate it if you let me know what you got. cheers.
  20. My back is again fucked. My levels of frustration and irritation are at max and I know if I start trying to spanner the blue BMW myself it will not end well. I am willing to put some money into the car as a new PCV/CCV kit is about 40 quid, I can't imagine a couple of small bore rubber hose costing more than a couple of quid, so that is fair enough. What I am really in need of is actual spanner wielding support to do the CCV and replace those little hoses. So, is there anyone who is able to do this for me on here? Obviously money will be provided. Car is located about 7 miles from C
  21. if anyone might have one,im in urgent need of a clutch basket for the above,the bikes a 1998 model. its not my bike,just one ive fooked fitting a new clutch,the bit where the clutch spring bolts screw in has sheared off. anyone know if other years,or models fit.
  22. The DVLA in their infinite wisdom have refused to admit they were wrong when they listed the cc of my van as 1600 not 1993 - as the engine number isn't changing they are asking for a letter confirming the capacity and the fuel type change petrol to gas. I know I could knock up something on word from kerbside motors but knowing my luck it would be the single one they would ring back. Is anybody in a position to help me out, obviously I will supply photos of the block number and engine number - it's a pinto so it's pretty obvious with the 2.0 raised on the block - and the gas setup, you don't
  23. I do 160 miles a week commuting at the moment (plus a lot of miles going to see my parents and girlfriend) and although my Somerset and Maestro are coping admirably, it's time to buy something a bit newer, especially with winter coming up. Criteria is: Made somewhere between 1993-2001 Cheap tax band so under 1549cc Cheap to run and insure Five speed manual or automatic gearbox Power steering Fuel injection Not too rusty Hasn't been really neglected Must have at least some MoT Budget approx £400 Ford or Japanese (don't like French or German cars from this era) Have already looked at three
  24. Dads still trying to get his LNA back on the road , The broken drivers window is proving to be an issue. Thanks to someone on here I managed to get the glass but still need the metal channel and rubber that goes on the bottom of the glass . Anyone on here know of one we may purchase? Cheers in advance
  25. Why is it so difficult? 2001 BMW 318i estate, nice auto car, comfy and useful, costs over 500 quid to insure in that there London. Moving out of London at this point isn't going to happen, no matter how much I want to. How hard is it to find something around the 300 quid mark that will fit in the classic insurance bracket. It's frustrating. A Rover 420 won't. They see that as just an old car ffs. Yet a modern Beetle will, a Rover 75 will. So will a modern Jaag (modern'ish). Sadly all out of my price range. Just want something that won't kill my back, is a bit of fun and isn't
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