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Found 909 results

  1. OK, this car is just sitting on my drive while I'm continuing to insure and tax it. I can't hold onto it any longer, it's costing me too much while I'm running 2 others and could be doing with the monies. Previous thread which led to my purchase: http://autoshite.com/topic/32041-1993-honda-prelude-20i-automatic%C2%A3800/?hl=prelude Good Points are thus: It's in amazing condition. Bodywork is mint, and underneath is amazingly rot free for a 25 year old Japanese car. There is no rot around the rear arches which is extremely rare. There is a small bubble on the rear passenger side, but hasn't broken through. Interior is in fine condition, no rips tears etc. Alloys are perfect. Engine bay is spotless. Drives absolutely great, handles lovely around corners, engine pulls well especially in sport mode, auto gear box works as it should. Tyres and brakes in very good condition. MOT to August 2019, very clean history. K940 XFX if anyone wants to look it up. This car has been looked after very well in it's lifetime. 108k miles Bad points : Very slight knock through the steering when turning sometimes. I was aware of the issue when buying it previously, a worn ball joint is thought to be the culprit. Over rough roads there is a slight clunk from the rear passenger side, I suspect a new droplink is needed, but have not investigated it fully. Gear selector can sometimes take a bit of persuasion to get out of park, you have to force it out. 99% of the time I park in neutral with the handbrake anyway, so hasn't been an issue. And that's it really. This is a very reluctant sale, I love this car (cliche alert) it really is lovely, and has had so many compliments from people. It always gets glances in it's direction when driving/sat at lights. I'm sure it's previous owners on here will vouch for this car. Unfortunately it just isn't getting the attention it deserves with the XJ Sport Jagwah taking up my chod time. I am asking for £750 for this, or £12.50 per roffle ticket. I think it's a bargain at this price in all honesty, as there are some absolute dogs going for more than this. This is one of the very best examples I think you could get. I've just uploaded what pictures I have from my phone at the moment, there are more in the link I posted above, once I get daylight I'll get some interior pictures and some close ups. Car is located in Glasgow as usual. Cheers !
  2. Ford Transit Connect 135k Runs and drives very well.Pulls like a train and Will sit at 80mph all day long. Doesn’t cut out or run rough. Mot - Feb 2019 - should go through another with no problem Locks can be a bit temperamental £375 Pictures are coming now...
  3. phil_lihp


    Right, I've been a twit again and won a car off Ebay with no real idea of how to collect it within the seller's 1 week time frame. Before I resort to Shipley, anyone near Oakhanger in Hampshire fancy acting out their Spanish hire car fantasies and collecting/looking after a 1991 Seat Marbella for me for a couple of weeks? Or even delivering it to Devon? Link for the curious : https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/1991-SEAT-MARBELLA-3-DOOR-HATCH-850-MANUAL-ONE-OWNER-FUTURE-CLASSIC/232915859218?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1 I'm mildly annoyed with myself as I really shouldn't have bid, the timing could be better but this is a bucket-list car I've wanted since I almost got one as my first car 16 years ago so I couldn't miss the chance, even though the colour is slightly hideous. Yours optimistically....
  4. Some of you may remember this fade to pink astra that I was tasked with buying about 4 years ago. Its current lease plan has now expired and the nice old dear has bought herself an Audi A1 of 2013 vintage. This is good news for me, as now I no longer have to go out to this vehicle everytime something goes wrong (or in the last case, she couldnt release the hand brake). Original Collekshun fred http://autoshite.com/topic/18132-half-arsed-collekshun-fred-xxx-auto-pogweasel-content-nsfw/page-2 Its a 1.4 Auto. Pre facelift, merit with absolutely no street cred what so ever. Its MOTd till the middle of Brexit. Has 4 nearly newish tyres I did the timing belt last week. Ideally, it needs the water pump replacing too as the belt isnt as tight as it could be.... but it looks IN there, and I didnt want to spend 3 days drilling it out of the block (pump included). For last MOT it had new rear brake hoses, cylinders, flexis and pipes, Front disks and pads. Ive also replaced the induction pipe from the airbox to the manifold (the last GM pipe available in the country believe it or not) It runs, it drives, it stops.... but its no spring chicken. The auto box needs a little time to warm up otherwise it has a tendency to not go anywhere. Ive had no issues driving it and its come to my house with no issues, but the old dear did. The brakes may need bleeding again. It stops but the pedal is a little "wooly" Its a little crumbly in places, but solid enough for MOTing and the paint is quite obviously faded Its done 67000 miles to the shops and back. What Im after. Cash is king, but Im currently after a recovery lightbar. Full width (120cm ish) 360 degree flashy flashy for my discovery. Ideally one like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-48-88-LED-Light-Bar-Amber-Strobe-Beacon-Recovery-120cm-1200mm-1-2-Metre/113256682014?epid=27023887983&hash=item1a5e9fd21e:g:1WMAAOSw0VZboLJJ:rk:2:pf:0 However, if you can get a full working 360 LED light bar of same spec cheaper, then you're the winner. Otherwise, £155 buys it. I may give it a clean. Emphasis on the "MAY" I live in Stoke on Trent and can collect you from Stoke Station if you dont get mugged on the way through. My number is 07738910361
  5. . My early retirement plans involve selling-up to live on my old catamaran (ie. get out of paying rent and poll tax, etc., for the next x-number of years / the rest of my life) ..but the boat won't be habitable for another nine months yet. In the meantime I'm seriously struggling with the prospect of selling everything I've wanted and worked to afford over the years. But I'm running out of savings - so I need to do something. The Yugoslavian Citroen Ami-Super owes me much more than I could sell her for, so she'll have to be kept - to earn her keep (which she has been doing these passed months) and most of my remaining bikes need work on them before I could sell those for decent money. So my ever faithful BMW K75 Ultima, with full pannier kit, is in line for being put on the market - for sale. ^ photo taken in May this year after being in store for the previous seven years. You can re-read the posts here on the bikeshite thread < here > < here > and < here >. I subsequently used the bike for a month ..and then the farmer scraped and widened the farm track I live down. With the very dry summer, the loose soil with stones on the lane was just too dangerous for me to ride (on a fully-faired road bike). After a few thunder storms last month and subsequent decent volumes of rain the lane is rideable again, and so the bike was used a couple more times., but that's all. Before I put her on the open market I thought I'd first ask if anyone is interested here. If so, please look at my previous posts and examine those photos, and you'll get a fair idea as to her condition. In the meantime I'll have a look around and see if I can ascertain a fair value. By the way.. before she was put into hibernation for all those years she did take me across Europe to visit friends in Germany and then down to others in Slovenia. I camped half the time during the trip, which was a very pleasant in BMW comfort behind the excellent fairing. I then had a superb ride back through the Dolomites and Alps. A couple of years later I used her for my Advanced Riders. She's a very capable bike with a great presence on the road, and more nimble handling / better braking than the K100's. I just know I'm going to regret selling her ..but I could say that about almost everything I now have 'to clear' for life in a boat. Non-standard / optional parts include : . belly pan fairing (modified from the K75S). . tank / knee pads . heated handlbar grips . fork gaiters (to protect the sliders). . stainless braided brake hoses. . the fuel and temperature gauges have been moved from the handlebars to being in the leg parts of the fairing (but I never got around to reconnecting them !). NB. I still have the original handlebar brackets should the buyer want to take the bike back to the original Ultima layout. . Spyball Alarm . engine crash bars . mud flap Extra items not seen in the previous photos include : . 12volt auxiliary socket . colour matched panniers and top box . lots of documented history / paperwork. . original BMW toolkit, . BMW owners handbook . Haynes Workshop Manual NB. not included in this sale - I'll sell these separately. . full set of BMW soft luggage to fit inside those cases. . Books in mint condition : 'BMW K-series Motorcycles' by Mick Walker & Peter Dobson. And also CycleWorld (roadtests, history, etc) 'On BMW 1981 - 1986' plus various brochures / magazines / articles of the period. Drop me a line if seriously interested ..with a fair offer ? Bfg.
  6. The Motability car comes on Tuesday so I thought it was time to open this up. So, what are you getting for your hard-earned? 2007 (57) Chevrolet Tacuma CDX+, 2.0 petrol auto. Mot July Taxed as Disabled Bought it in 2013 (see my Car Trek thread here http://autoshite.com/topic/13740-car-trek/page-2) and really, it's done nothing to write about since then. It's just been a jolly good car. Oh the two front tyres were new a few weeks ago. Got a matching full-size spare, at vast expense, but I'll give you the spacesaver as well, obvs. Bad points Minor scuffs here and there, but seriously, very minor Tailgate latch is a bit sticky, in that when you open it, the handle doesn't return so you need to do it manually. Bit of WD would probably solve that, but I've just been living with it Intermittent wipe doesn't work. The wipers may or may not move up the screen a bit, but are very unlikely to come down. Put it on constant speed and they're fine, although self-park is a bit haphazard. And really... that's it. It's a nice car to do long-distance in, we've done several trips of 400 miles each way. It isn't the most economical but it's acceptable. Aftermarket reversing sensors fitted, and working. Autoshite sticker in rear window! £1.50 saved already. 1. Cavcraft, courtesy of Egg 2. Jim Bell 3. 4. 5. Jim Bell 6. 7. Jim Bell 8. SRi05 9. 10. Yes oui si 11. R9UKE 12. Purplebargeken 13. Pandamonium 14. 95 quid Peugeot 15. 16. Prepace 17. 18. 19. Yes oui si 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Cavcraft 26. 27. 28. Jim Bell 29. 30. 31. Cavcraft 32. 33. 34. Yes oui si 35. Ohdearme 36. 37. 38. Iamgroot 39 Yes oui si. 40. 41. 42. Cavcraft 43.SRi05 44. Gadgetgricey 45. 46. Prepace 47. Gadgetgricey 48. Blakey79 49. Pandamonium, courtesy of SierraMikeHotel 50. 51. 52. 95 quid Peugeot 53. 54. Cavcraft 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. SRi05
  7. I picked this up some time ago, but haven't had a towing car since! It's pretty-much useable as-is, however if you wanted to rebuild, it does come with pre-cut timber panels in a much heavier gauge than presently fitted. It's on Ford Fiesta 13" wheels and comes with two spare. Now I'm not driving, and still don't have a towing car, I might as well turn it into cash. £100 anyone? Come and have a look, see what you think. Location as always: bottom-left corner of the Lake District.
  8. 1989 VW Polo CL Saloon 1.3L engine 5 speed manual gearbox 125k miles Mot Nov 2019 RJC_5514 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5516 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5499 by srblythe, on Flickr The car is in relatively good condition with minimal rust and solid underneath. It's recently had a replacement fuel tank and has been fully under-sealed. The shocks, springs, track control arms and steering components are new, it has been lowered approx 40mm but needs the tracking done. The exhaust system from down pipe to rear silencer is new. The mechanical fuel pump has been removed and an electric pump fitted in it's place. The car starts, stops and drives fine. RJC_5498 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5494 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5489 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5481 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5474 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5472 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5468 by srblythe, on Flickr I have a selection of spares to go with the car including an engine with ancillaries and a couple of carbs. Sad to see it go but I'm done with Polo's and have another couple of projects to be getting on with. With a little TLC it could be an excellent starter classic/daily driver for a younger driver. Couple of bits of rust including each corner at the bottom of the rear screen and one corner of the windscreen. RJC_5479 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5478 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5495 by srblythe, on Flickr Fuel filler area is good RJC_5480 by srblythe, on Flickr Solid underneath RJC_5520 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5518 by srblythe, on Flickr Looking for £1200 but no sensible offer refused. The car is located in Fife, Scotland.
  9. Sat here freezing my nads off waiting for a train to north somerset
  10. It's often said that the time around Christmas is probably the worst time to attempt to sell a car. In the spirit of this, I am bringing you a double for sale post. I made 'passing comment' about this in my fleet thread but it's probably easier and clearer for them to have their own thread. Both have MOT. The Renault has MOT until October 2019 so no concerns there, the Saab has it until December 27th...I don't know of any reason why it should fail the next one, but I am not an MOT tester. I potentially have interest in the Saab, but nothing concrete yet. Some photos, as illustrations often speak more than boring words. The Saab has done 62k. Some very fresh looking Michelin CrossClimates all round, air con fitted new, tidy interior, engine runs sweet as does the gearbox. It isn't too bad with the 3 speed auto, the third gear is quite tall so its not too thrashy at motorway speeds. Fuel economy isn't brilliant, but it shouldn't be anyway. Typical dash top cracks, a chip in the windscreen (not an MOT issue as it's been mentioned in the past) and rusty door bottoms, and a bash on the rear arch, otherwise a very honest example. I would keep it as is, as there is enough overly polished 900s about. £850. Now the Renault. Worst bit of grot is the driver side front arch, it will definitely need some welding. There is a bleb on the inner part of the tailgate, nothing huge but it could also need some treatment sooner or later. Needs a couple of plug cycles to burst into life, but it sounds swell when running. Good clutch, gearbox seems fine, engine doesn't get hot, but it does have a switch on the dashboard for the engine fan. Happily that switch works. It's a very basic old thing. Loud. Rear wiper doesn't work. It's done 129k. Also £850. I shouldn't really accept or want swaps but I am open to sensible ones, and I am trying to cut down to two cars now. I have recently agreed to take on the Rover 820i that was on this forum for sale recently as I have always fancied one, and it's no good me spreading myself over two older cars and one more modern daily anymore, so it's going to be one daily, and one older car from now on. With that in mind, I am probably more open to swaps for the daily, and I am more inclined to accept a mid 90s-early 00s diesel, preferably not some biscuit base either, but try me if you are interested. Delivery available for cost of transport back. I am in Basingstoke.
  11. So I've been pretty much obsessed with Jaguar XJRs since trying a broken one (X306) in the spring. They are not very easy to buy though especially as I prefer the XJR6, which is starting to creep up in value. Anyway long story short an X308 fell into my lap just like that last week. I was close by, got there first and did a deal. Interestingly the car was not for sale in a sense, the number plate was. The car was just a freebie. The deal I did, after very nearly just walking away from it, was for the dealer to keep the plate and for me to have the "free" car fairly cheap. The dealer pushed for this since he really rather wanted to deal with me than scores of people who were trying to swap for an Xbox ONE M8. There was total understanding it's a rough car, but given the price it would be fine even in the event that it died since it could just be chopped on for spares. Anyway I left it for a week to clear some room on the fleet. Speaking of witch "PLEASE BUY MY XJ SPORT AS SEEN IN ANOTHER THREAD!". My main concern despite having already test driven the XJR was that would it make the 85 mile drive from Bury to the East Riding. Today was collection day in horrendous weather. The first problem was that the battery had died. I later realized a interior light had been left on which might have drained it. With the engine running a quick check of vital fluids said all was ok, then £35 and off home. The winds were so strong on the M62 that even a 1.8 tonne Jag was getting blown about. I took it very gingerly on the way back, which is evident in me achieving a claimed 25 Mpg. So it's on the drive now. There is belt noise from cold and the headlining has dropped completely. Those are the two main issues off the bat. Also the wheels are hideous. I bought a set of X300 "Sport" wheels. which I picked up cheap. Problem is now I realize the brakes aren't standard XJR, they seem to be the optional Brembos which makes me think 17 inch wheel will not clear the caliper. As irresponsible purchases go, this is up there. Weapons grade Autoshite, hope you approve. I' really pleased with the functional air con and heated front screen as with the lambs wool rugs. They are really rather silly. Obviously the plate is coming off when the DVLA have processes the application, other than that it's running and on the road. For how long, who knows. Haven't made an attempt to use the performance yet due to the terrible conditions. I get the feeling it could go rather quickly though.
  12. So you know how it is, someone suggests a clever idea and you try it out for yourself only to end up in a sticky predicament. I always used to be a last second bidder, and for most cars that interested me the price was already beyond my tightwad budget. Then someone kindly suggests bidding straight away and walking away, only to be pleasantly* suprised at a later date. Halfway through baby Kringle's bedtime story (Tell the time with Thomas - good book but the drawings are shit. Your buffers aren't right and why are your wheels fouling the water tanks ffs) I try it out and hit bid on an MOT-less 2.0hdi 90bhp W reg Citroen Xantia. Zis vun. Don't worry it'll sell for 600 I think. The bids rise to 320 and it stays and stays and stays, and ends. I break it to the Mrs just as I leave for work, pulling off the drive. Liek zis. Anyway, it's 30mins away so hardly exciting but ive never made a thread before so come join me. Finishing the night shift, straight into action.
  13. I must apologise to the many people on Autoshite from whom I have very nearly bought a car recently. There have been two near-identical XJ40s vying for my attention, then a Lexus was lobbed into the mix. I definitely got far too excited as I battled with which of these highly desirable fuel-slurpers I wanted to take home. I wasn't quick enough on the Lexus anyway, which left battle to commence between Conrad's Jaguar XJ40, and 320Touring's Daimler XJ40. Between them, there's very nearly a good car. Both have issues, both of which complicate collection caper plans. In the end, another price drop from 320Touring was enough to tempt me. It appears that I'll be eating dinner in Glasgow tonight. Tomorrow, we need to cure the fuel leak, cross fingers and then it's just the small matter of driving 320 miles back home, in a car that hasn't moved for three weeks, which leaks fuel and yet which has over an entire month of MOT! I've always wanted an XJ40, and it obviously works well for Classic Jaguar, which is one of my day jobs. My love for the XJ40 started rather a long time ago, with this model car. It was the first model car that I owned and decided to keep. I did try to keep it nice, but inevitably, some paint has flaked away anyway - just like the one I'm buying! I think I was about 12 when I got it. Sadly, I didn't keep the box, but this model started me down the collector road, so all subsequent models did retain the box - including a Police XJ40 I also still own. I won't be live reporting on here, but should be posting throughout the trip on Twitter (@dollywobbler). I'll do a traditional post-caper report once I'm home, though can't promise that'll be soon. I'll be late back on Saturday, and out in the 2CV for Drive It Day on Sunday. I'll do my best! There will be no poo count, but I'll try to remember to take photos of food.
  14. RJC_5432 by srblythe, on Flickr I just pulled this out my dads damp garage where it has lay for over 6 months unused. It ran fine when it went into the garage but having spent long periods of time in there over the last 4 years it now requires a bit of work to put it into use. It will start and drive with a battery connected but it will require a new battery and alternator to be driven away. The mot is up in December 2018, for the next test I think it will need welding to the rear of the sills and potentially new brake calipers/brakes rebuilt as they felt like they were binding slightly when moving it earlier. RJC_5539 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5540 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5541 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5542 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5543 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5545 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5546 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5547 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5535 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_5533 by srblythe, on Flickr £425 or insulting offers invited.
  15. Father Dowling: What troubles you my child. Me: Forgive me father, for I have shited. It has been almost three months since my last collection. I have lusted after and coveted many cars in this time and my resolve of abstinence from sale and purchase hath failed. I have looked upon a car of low financial outlay and have decided to put myself inside it. I fear I will put myself inside it many times and be satisfied each time. It is brown. What would Freud say? Bless me father for tonight I lay down carless and cleansed, and in tomorrow there lies mild debauchery and small adventure. Father Dowling: Give me two hail holy Marys and three hello Dollys. Now go in peace.
  16. Evening all. Time to sell my BMW E46, as sadly my daily (300tdi) decided to shit it's headgasket, so to repair this I need money - Hence this sale. 2001 BMW 330 Ci M-sport A lovely strong engine showing 129000, with a good exhaust note (sometime in it's life it's lost the back box) it's not 'chavy' but does have a deep note higher up the rev range. Quick plug in with INPA software says a new MAF is required. It's had a new clutch sometime last year, but you'll have to take my word, as sadly no receipts to prove this. Exterior wise it has a few blebs, but nothing a few hours can't sort. Interior:- Surprisingly the seat bolsters haven't been chewed away, granted the drivers one shows a few scoffs, but these are really clean seats. Half Alcantara/ t'other half cloth, which is welcome on a cold morning (better than burning your ass in summer, or freezing in winter) They also pull out at the front, just like the old Recaro seats in an old XR3i, pretty cool I think. All electrics work, this includes the fancy rear windows. It has a 6 CD changer in the boot, and bloody good speakers to boot. If I was keeping it, I would ditch the Run flat tyres (I hate the hard ride they give), throw on a MAF sensor and give it some cosmetic love. Price:£850 Location: Wirral / Chester / Liverpool - If you want it delivered within 60 miles P.M me. Edit* MOT till 22nd July 2019
  17. Gentlemen, my word is my Eurobond. Since the tragic loss of the XJ40 seen previously, I've been determined in fulfilling the wish I had since getting my first Jag nearly a year ago, namely obtaining the XJ Sport. Yesterday's collection caper saw me attempt to travel from York to Blackpool North by rail. This didn't seem impractical, but I was quite wrong. I had to change at Manchester Oxford Road, got off the train and immediately 90% of the trains were cancelled. No warning from anyone. Funnily enough the TransPennine website said they were running a good service. By the way there was no bad weather or anything else going on, just no trains for no particular reason. At this point it became clear that Blackpool North was a lost cause. The owner of the Jag won off eBay was very helpful though and I suggested I try and get to Preston. Long story there was one train which seemed to go north from Oxford Road and luckily for me it got to Preston where me met up in a new MX5. So here we are, a 1994 XJ Sport in sapphire blue with oatmeal interior. Obligatory pez shot (petrol station conveniently located 200 yards from where the car was laid up). If ever there were an example of a car falling through the cracks on the market, this is one. I remember seeing for sale months ago. I ended up dismissing it as obviously a bad example because it would have sold otherwise and I wasn't actually out to buy a 3.2 or indeed anything since I had the XJ40. Anyway it reappeared with fresh MOT on auction and the price had clearly come down. Zero effort gone into listing it, so I called the number on the eBay listing only to learn that a dealer had listed it for a friend and that is had been "restored". Not a great start, but I had very low expectations, so I said exactly what I was willing to pay auction or no auction and then I was put through to the real owner. Basically a price was agreed at that point, and I said that will be my bid on the auction. Anyway I won the auction and collected yesterday, I wasn't convinced I'd take it home, it sounded a bit too good. Anyway the car has been sitting for a while in dry storage, but that was indicated so all ok. We got to the car eventually yesterday evening and, albeit dusty, it was gleaming. This is because it has had a respray. It fired up on the first crank, amazing. I was told there was no rust. This is true. There is actually less rust than the dead XJ40 and the front wings are perfect. All the dials were pointing in the right direction, the bodywork was looking arrow straight and the engine was purring. And yes, the 94 X300 has no glove box just like late XJ40s due to introduction of a passenger's airbag. Ridiculous. Deal done, tax, petrol, check tyres and vital fluids and make a break for the East Riding. With a 120 miles to cover there was a bit of a risk with the car having sat for a while and the really bad weather on the way. Fortunately the Jag was eager to go, the roads clear and weather great. There is no air conditioning (no compressor fitted), but the fully functioning sunroof makes up for this somewhat. Home was achieved in 2 hrs 15 mins. For the money the conditioning is outstanding and it turns out the seller was being quite honest. It is rot free, has been kept in a dry garage most of it's life and his father really looked after it. His father passed away unfortunately and the car was inherited. He works at a body shop and effectively got a free respray as part of restoring the car, but too many memories kept him from using it. It then went into storage and has been half for sale ever since. The moment you open the engine bay it becomes obvious this is a minter. It ticks a great many boxes. The interior is really tidy and even the headlining is tight. The doorcards on the front are a bit loose, no doubt due to being taken off for painting. To drive it's the improvement on the basic X300 chassis that I wished for. Better feedback from the steering, a slightly lower stance, much better seats and tighter handling. It's superb. I can even tolerate the 3.2. It's lacking mid-range punch, but is nice and revvy. There is a slight vibration somewhere at speed which is hard to pin down. I know a rear silencer is blowing a bit, but that needs more investigation. More observations as I use it, but overall I'm really, really chuffed. It's the model I always really wanted and it has what is my favourite boot badge in the business "XJ Sport".
  18. Edit: Now a full on roffle/sale due to the fact my ex is saying she can't meet me halfway anymore and I now need to be doing 240 miles every weekend, just to spend time with my son. Not a sob-story, just the reason for wanting something different. Swap offers considered. Bad bits are: Fuel filler pipe leaks while you are filling. TADTS. Drivers mirror and console clock don't work. Crease in nearside rear door / arch. Fixed: Number plates, wipers, Lambda sensor, brake pads. Just ticked over 68,000 miles, MOT until August 2019. AS valuation? 550ish? These go for around 600-700 usually, if not too battered. Here it is...
  19. *EDIT As previously mentioned, this is indeed the ex Wvrum Jaguar, his original for sale post is here, I’ve nicked some of his pictures from his post. I’m in for nearly £800 with the MOT & work that was carried out, my aim is to clear about £500 on the sale, this not only limiting my loss, not really a loss because it’s been a bloody blast owning it, but the money also goes towards getting my red herald back on the road. Black one may well be sold. I’m just having an internal fight with myself about it. And most importantly saves me from Ebay /Autotrader. I hate selling cars this price range. I’ve looked on Autotrader today and cheapest S-Types start @ £890! Price slash! Single ticket £9.50, Two tickets £17.50, Three tickets £25.50 Great news if you’ve got a ticket/s at the old price as you can up your chances for not much extra outlay. Still taxed to get you home. Ideally need this gone by the end of the month, if I’m flogging a dead horse here let me know and I’ll chuck it up on Autotrader for £850 and try my luck with the general public. Really don't want to sell this as it's by far my favourite car I've owned over the last 10 years. It's a bit of a childhood dream car for me, I had a cut out of one of these on my bedroom wall and vowed to own one one day. While I've not owned it very long I've become quite attached to it, sadly a loss of storage and lack of space & time at home means something has to go. (probably the twingo also ) Just had a brand new MOT, MOT'd until October 4th 2019. Reg is W558 PTD for you MOT pervs. Only advisory was for rear pads new pads supplied for the new owner to fit. Current Mileage is 95211, which for a car that is 18 1/2 years old is just over 5k per year. I've covered about 1k and it's been a pleasure. Tax is not so bad being a pre 2001. taxed to get you home. I have little in the way of service history just what was passed onto myself in a Jaguar wallet. I've not even looked at it TBH. As always there's a couple of things that are not perfect. remembering 18 years old! The central locking was disconnected by previous owner, caused a power leak, I've not investigated this as I just use the key to unlock, rear drivers side window is temperamental, sometimes it works most times it' doesn't. I sit in the front though so doesn't bother me. and the air con doesn't work- prob just a regas, again not bothered as I have window open so I can hear the V6 few splits on interior plastics but that's me being picky! 3.0 V6 petrol 240 BHP is a dream to drive. I'm looking for £750 with the recent MOT work, prefer a straight sale but would raffle @ £12.50 each. Better pic's will be supplied but it's pissing down at the min. 1 Pandamonium -PAID- 2 GeordielnExile -PAID- 3 prancingmoose18 -PAID- 4 SRi05 -PAID- 5 Barry Cade -PAID- 6 Cheezey -PAID- 7 Split_Pin -PAID- 8 Loserone -PAID- 9 Drum -PAID- 10 Tepper -PAID- 11Danterzza -PAID- 12 Prepace -PAID- 13 Hairymel -PAID- 14 Yes Oui Si -PAID- 15 Barry Cade -PAID- 16 The Moog -PAID- 17 Prepace -PAID- 18 Kiltox -PAID- 19 anonymous user -PAID- 20 NigeT -PAID- 21 Blakey79 -PAID- 22 Tepper -PAID- 23 Drum -PAID- 24 Clayts450 -PAID- 25 Sporty-shite -PAID- 25 Yes Oui Si -PAID- 26 Barry Cade -PAID- 27 The Moog -PAID- 28 gadgetgricey -PAID- 29 Chess -PAID- 30 Shandylegs -PAID- 31 D Spares & Tyres -PAID- 32 Pandamonium -PAID- 33 Jim Bell -PAID- 34 prancingmoose18 -PAID- 35 Keith777 -PAID- 36 Iamgroot -PAID- 37 Loserone -PAID- 38 Tepper -PAID- 39 95 Quid Peugeot -PAID- 40 aldo135 -PAID- 41Danterzza -PAID- 42 angle -PAID- 43 Joellom -PAID- 44 Lord Sterling -PAID- 45 gm -PAID- 46 PrePace -PAID- 47 anonymous user -PAID- 48 Keith77 -PAID- 49 aldo135 -PAID- 50 JimBell -PAID- 51 Hairymel-PAID- 52 Yes Oui Si -PAID- 53 Cavcraft -PAID- 54 ohdearme -PAID- 55 Drum -PAID- 56 lamgroot -PAID- 57 Tim_E NOW ALDO135 -PAID- hopefully while I'm out! 58 dozeydustman -PAID- 59 Loserone -PAID-
  20. Who wants to drive around looking like Dollywobbler but while enjoying better fuel economy...? Well I've got the very thing for you. Rover 45 Club saloon X-reg 1800cc with CVT 56,000ish miles Good points: - used to be owned by Autoshite legend Purplebargeken - has been garaged most of its life, I believe. - Bodywork and interior in good condition for age (mainly - see below) - new(ish) radiator - very reliable and a joy to drive. Accelerates fast and cruises comfortably and quietly on the motorway - loads of service history, bills, etc. - CVT Bad points: - MOT has expired. It passed with no advisories last time but the exhaust is now blowing so I expect that will need to be sorted - Tyres are showing their age - Some clumsy woman drove into the front corner while trying to park her ridiculous "utility vehicle". It's been repaired to make it all fine for an MOT, but it's a bit of a bodge - Battery doesn't hold charge for more than about a day after being fully charged - CVT With not a great deal of work, this could be a really nice car. It's served me well. I bought it on AS so am offering it here first. £200 Located in St Albans, Herts - close to M1, A1, and M25.
  21. So, boys and girls, here's the situation - there are now three 9-5s for sale on the forum! I've decided to move the Saab on. It's an itch I'm very happy I've scratched, but it's not the right car for me. Specifically, I don't like the ride quality: it has been fitted with lowered suspension (Bilstein shocks and Eibach dampers, I believe) and it's just too firm for me. It's not completely ruined - I've ridden in stiffer cars - but I like a comfy wafty car so it's not right for me. You may love it. It was made in 2001 so has the earlier face and the four-speed gearbox with no flappy paddles but must have been a bit of late-registration-madness because it wears 02 plates. This also means it has halogen headlamps which avoids the problem of height sensors being made of unobtainium. It has covered about 139,000 miles which will increase a little - I'm not commuting in it, but it is the weekend car/dog transport. There's a genuine Saab dog guard fitted, up to you if you want that included or not. There's a bit of service history but it's patchy and the previous owner did all his own spannering so there's none from his time. The MoT roulette is no more The car now has an MoT until 3rd November 2019 and it has had a complete service. Couple of advisories: Exhaust has a minor leak of exhaust gases Front flexi section - Close to excessive (6.1.2 (a))Offside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge Inner edge (5.2.3 (e))Exhaust system corrodedOil leak, but not excessive (8.4.1 (a) (i))The biggy here is the exhaust: it needs a complete new system with all the rubbers and fixings. My local garage quoted a very large sum to do it, but suggested I find a decent exhaust from a breaker or crashed car. These have two cats and they're both done for (or probably will be before the next MoT, at any rate). That tyre is the one with the slow leak so that needs doing soonish. I was surprised about the oil leak as I do keep an eye on the level (these like to blow their turbos up if you let the level get too low) but apparently it's just because the engine bay was generally a bit oily - which seems to me like a fairly stupid comment to make about a 16 year old car. The good On the whole the car feels strong. It hasn't done anything to cause me concern and if I liked it I'd keep it for at least another year. There are two keys (one of them held together with tape). It has leather heated seats, A/C and climate control. It has cruise control. Almost everything on it works. You don't have to change your own gears. People will compliment you on your cupholder. It goes very, very fast indeed and makes a pleasing turbo whooshy sound. The gearbox has apparently been replaced with one that's about 50,000 miles younger than the rest of the car (done by previous owner so no paperwork). The bad Some odd dents in the bonnet, probably conker-related. A bit of rust bleb in the rear passenger-side door and wing. They've been touched up by a previous owner but look like they might bubble through again. The rear suspension creaks a bit. The PAS makes a noise like an angry set of bagpipes at full lock, but I've been ignoring it because the steering works perfectly well (doesn't go heavy at parking speeds etc). The Saab Information Display unit isn't working. You can fix this using a repair kit that costs about a tenner on eBay, or send it off to a company that will do it for you for about £45. Same problem with the climate control unit but nowhere near as bad, it's still very much useable and personally I'd leave it alone for now. Someone's installed an Aux cable into the stereo but it doesn't work. The electric mirrors don't work. They go down but not in any other direction, so cleaning the switch will probably fix this. I've just never got round to it because they're set about right for me. The volume controls on the steering wheel don't work. There's a split in the wood trim on the dash, previous owner has "repaired" it with sellotape but it's hidden behind the steering wheel while you're driving anyway. CD player is skippy (the bush kangaroo). Indicator switch is a bit floppy. There is a very slow leak in one of the rear tyres - it might just need re-seating on the wheel. The windscreen is rubbish. Lots of pitting and small scratches, adding up to a pretty poor view in bright sunlight. The modifications I'm going on memory here because I didn't save the advert that I bought it from... I'm pretty sure the suspension is a combination of Bilstein and Eibach. There was also something about poly rose bushes I think? I do have evidence for remap though - NoobTune gave it 275bhp and 420nm in 2013. Let's assume the suspension was done at the same time. The location Lewes, East Sussex BN7 The photos They're not great, sorry - it's hard to take decent pics on a sunny autumn day with the sun low in the sky! It has a dashboard. This is an invisible repair. Honestly, you can't see it behind the steering wheel when you're driving. General view from the hot seat. Auto shifter. Has Sport and Winter modes, which both work. The shitty switch controls the Aux lead (that doesn't work). Peeled cow. The less nice side. Rust bleb on arch. Bubbly door. Back. Front. Back seats. Very big boot. Very big engine. Anything else you want to look at in particular, please let me know.
  22. My wife's friend has this little French thing to sell. MoT Expires 15/05/19, 66k miles but has no history prior to our friend's ownership, and as expected has a couple of small issues. Her son bought this car in May '17 as a learner car but dithered and faffed around so didn't use it, so our friend used it after her Ford Kack died. 7 former keepers. I think it has been involved in a minor collision as came up Cat D when she went to buy something for it - computer said (I can't see this and it's not stated on the V5) Mileage is believed genuine given the MoT history. History since our friend bought this car: repaired horn & new airbag squib sept '17Sunroof sealed up October '17New rear bearings, lower ball joint and a full service to get it through MoT May '18.I have been out in the car and it's a decent little runner, sadly I'm too tall to drive it without getting a crooked neck else I'd have had it to replace the Saab. Issues with this little car are - it only has one key on which the central locking zapper is kaput, so you have to unlock the passenger door and press the button on the dash, and the alternator belt squeals under load - it puts out a good charge even with a heavy load so think just the belt needs changing. Could do with a couple of new tyres. £300 or £5/ticket if anyone fancies a Roffle. Car is based in Maudlin, near Chichester, West Sussex and will be declared SORN from tomorrow as our friend now has new wheels.
  23. Apologies,but there is no collection thread mainly due to a camera malfunction! An easy and trouble free journey from Bexhill to Ashford only spoilt by a complete lack of early morning cafés available for a breakfast stop,so it was a one hit hour and half journey home. A two owner 1989 Honda Accord Aerodeck ES automatic,2litre,silver with grey cloth interior. Showing 76000 miles,supplied and serviced for the first owner by Honda dealer Geo.Collins of Hailsham who are still trading.It comes with a stamped service history and a wad of invoices for work done for the second owner. It drives fine but obviously not Saab smooth,everything still works as it should,including the roof mounted electric aerial for the radio/cassette player! Jobs to do are--new inner CV gaiters immediately,then find a decent mirror for the nearside door and also attempy to slow down the rear wheel arch corrosion. Pictures courtesy of the fleabay advert--
  24. Sadly the Renault 21 sold before I got off holiday so... I have been in two minds as to what to do about my Xantia. It's MOT expired whilst we were away on holiday. It is entered in for an MOT on Monday but I need another car for work and to be honest fancy a change. Can anyone offer any advice on Mercedes C220 CDi 2002 please? Off to see one locally at 1pm Reasons to sell the Xantia/ bad points Lacquer peel on bonnet and in front of the sunroof Interior fans work if you give the wiring a jiggle under the glovebox. (laziness and a broken soldering iron on my part) Hinge failed 2 years a go on the drivers door so it has a spare door I have on it, still red but different colour. I have the original door which will need the hinge repairing but comes with the car Windows on drivers side dont work. (door needs changing anyway) Reasons not to sell/ good points 2.0 HDi uses no oil or water, pulls well and last tank returned 52.8mpg. Always over 50mpg Nice leather seats, heated and electric all working and in good condition I can't believe it's not wood trim sun roof works Suspension goes up and down as prescribed by the God of Hydractive It has lots of neat touches like an auto dipping passenger mirror when you put it in reverse. Handles brilliantly Currently no MOT, but like i say its booked for Monday. Open to offers with/ without MOT About 20,000 miles ago Mmm profile trapped by a bus in the school carpark
  25. I suppose this isn't strictly shite, but it's certainly old now, so here goes.. At the moment I have a company car as a daily (passat if you're wondering). However that'll be going back at the end of July as I plan on telling my employer of the last 11 years where they can stick their job before it sucks every bit of life left out of me and I'm going back to uni for a complete career change (there is a reason why kids never dream of being an Area Manager; it's fucking shit and I CANNOT WAIT to throw that work phone into the sea). Anyway I've been keeping an eye out for something as a daily. Went and viewed a bug-eye Impreza WRX Wagon which was in really good nick but for the rear arches starting to fizz away merrily and briefly considered a B5 Audi S4 avant. However after contemplating that I won't really have a proper job for 2 years I thought a 20 year old 2.7 twin turbo with 140k miles on its original turbos might be a bit of a daft move. Then came across this on an ebay auction. 2001 530d Touring SE Auto, 90k, 2 owners, looked straight enough in the pics, it was ony about an hour away and the seller could string a sentence together so I took a punt. Picked it up on Thursday after a bit of too-ing and fro-ing with the seller wanting a deposit and for it to be collected within a couple of days despite saying none of this in the ad. In his defense, it had already 'sold' once, so was probably just trying to avoid another messer and took it a bit far. Anyways, it turned out to be a really nice car. There's barely a mark on it to be honest and it certainly doesn't look 17 years old. It's got full history, 12 months MOT, 5 matching tyes (albeit Aptany - me neither!!) and had a recon turbo 2 years ago. Drives lovely. Here it is after a quick polish, apologies for the rubbish pics Issues I've found so far: There's a small rust bleb at the end of each sill so the arch liners need to come off and the crap cleaned out & treat them It's due a service It needs front disks The previous owner replaced the springs that raise the tailgate and damaged all the trim around the rear windscreen so it's rattling about Interior needs a good clean and the leather is a bit worn in places There's a burn mark in the driver's seat where the heating element went rogue so it's been disconnected Driver's door seal is ripped There's a slight vibration that feels like the transmission/prop when you come off the power but I can't work out if that's just what it's like or if it's something worn So nice little list to work through when I'm off. It goes bloody well for what it is as well. If it proves reliable I might think about a remap.
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