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  1. It's time to stop dilly-dallying and leap into action like the strong, decisive bloke I am. Errr, probably. I bought this in November 2015 when it had 135k on the clock. My reasons for purchase were: Phase 1 V70s are the most reliable, or at least the simplest of the front wheel drive cars. Maybe the 850s are better but there are so few around (I don't live in Scotland) that they're rarely up for sale.The diesel does OMGMPGThe manual diesel does OMGMPG!!1!None of that has really changed. My commute is 55 miles a day which is fine because it does about 52mpg. Fuel tank range is 700 miles so I don't have to stand around on a draughty forecourt too often. It's reliable, really reliable. While it's easily the oldest car in the company car park it's only ever failed to start once, never failed to get me home and I've happily let my other half drive it to France with the children knowing that they wouldn't have to worry. It's now got 190k on the clock but if you check out the MoT history I'm sure the tester read the odometer wrong a couple of years ago so the mileage dropped by about 60k only to go back up by 80k the following year. I'm pretty sure the mileage is genuine. I've had the cambelt and injector pump belt done, timing was set up by a Volvo dealership once they dusted off a bloke who could work the equipment. It runs very well. The outside is in fair condition, the inside is ok except for the centre armrest which has lost it's fake leather in patches. Seats are cloth, not leather. As this is Autoshite I can tell you exactly what's wrong with it so you can buy with confidence. Rear washer doesn't work Driver's side window doesn't work Driver's side heated mirror doesn't work When the weather's very cold it sometimes doesn't start on the first crank of the key, turn it on again until the glowplug light comes on and it always fires up. One headlight has the chrome which is a bit dull. The other one I replaced a year or two ago. The engine management light comes on occasionally but as it needs a service, I think that's the reason. The little orange light on these isn't the doom-mongering it is on other cars. Here it simply means "something has gone wrong and we're working to fix it" and a day later it's gone out. It definitely needs a service though. Front tyres are wearing out the outer edges, will probably needs replacing in a few thousand miles. It's got GoodYears all round. The heater takes ages to warm up although the temperature gauge is bang on. They all do that, sir. Wanna see how it looks? The previous owner used to keep that awful yellow demister pad in there, I cleaned the inside of the windows properly and it doesn't mist up any more. It certainly doesn't let in water. The heated seats work to keep you warm, the climate control works to keep you cool and the whole thing will keep going for years. If it wasn't for my eldest's imminent 17th birthday and the need for another car, I'd keep it. It's just brilliant at being a car but old enough to be interesting. The stereo is fantastic, and you can plug your phone into it too. I'm in Bedfordshire, just off junction 12 of the M1. It's got about 8 months MoT on it and I'm after £850. Ta
  2. WOMAN_RML has decided to move her Cooper on and asked that I nudge you lot first before braving eBay/Bumtree/Couponpamphlet Shoap. SC53 CCE 2003 Mini Cooper S (Supercharger) 1598cc Petrol 3DR Hatchback Manual 6 Speed Gearbox Gunmetal Grey MOT until 29th November 2019 111,300 Miles on the clock 2 keys – Remote Central Locking ** LAST MOT (29th November 2018) Failed on reg plate lamp inoperative (repaired), and leak in offside shock absorber (repaired) Advisories on offside front tyre worn, stop lamp not working, offside rear road wheel slight distort ** Last Service: November, 2018 (date of last MOT) Air Con Recharged: November, 2018 (date of last MOT) Front brake discs, pads and callipers replaced: October, 2018 Handbrake Cable Replaced: September, 2018 Rear brake discs, pads, and callipers replaced: September, 2018 Xenon Headlamps replaced (inc. near-side ballast): August, 2018 ** Bodywork has a couple of small bubbles, but otherwise sound Missing fixings by front headlamps (aesthetic only) Will need at least 1 tyre in early New Year No back window wiper Back window tint film has been removed, but there is still residual film to be removed Driver’s door check strap needs replacing Driver’s side seat bolster worn Interior is scruffy, but in overall good condition for age Air Con recharged, but unsure as to whether the system is fully functional – may need checked. It's not a bad example really and goes extremely well but isn't perfect. Car is in Central Scotland within easy reach of civilisation and we'd like £1200. Will add pictures in a bit.
  3. Welp, Basically a car which suits my needs for town driving and long distance hauling (as well as scratching that insatiable itch for a OVLOV) has appeared, rendering the need for this thing nul. A shame as I was beginning to like it, but a succession of more luxury cars has made me a bit of a snob apparently. Plus heated seats.... So, here it is. The good points- MOT until November. Low mileage for a TDI, a smidge under 119k. 90BHP so incredibly powerful (sic) Automatic box works well Fuel economy is almost at crazy levels Very good heater Most, if not all, the toys work, not that there is many Interior is tidy, albeit a bit grubby Cambelt done at 100k The bad points- Chugs like heck on idle. Fuel pump solenoid is the issue, new pump in boot of car ready for fitting Some marks to body, not too bad Driver side washer jet a bit lazy Front tyres are a bit crud. Not deadly, just cruuuuuud. Seats are okay, just not my thing. I can't get the position right. Runs a bit cooler than expected Radio not brilliant, but not too bad. Okay, thats about all. It is happy to drive with the chugging, but town driving can be a bit like torture if you get worried about your image. Above 1000rpm and it clears up. I am in Basingstoke. £275 would take it, or I can attempt to roffle at £4.50 a go. Delivery may be possible, but might not be. 1995 Audi 80 TDI Automatic. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr 1995 Audi 80 TDi Automatic. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr Audi 80. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr
  4. I am having to reluctantly part with my 7 seater automatic Mitsubishi Spacewagon....why? Well its a ‘space’ issue! My head has won over my heart and despite looking for one of these Spacewagons for so long I am letting her go as I just cannot justify keeping her what with my Audi and Avensis which too are capable of doing the same job. Anyway, the car... Just clicked over 120k and if you look up online you will see the MOT expires in September. I will put her through another MOT as know she will pass. I bought her needing a few jobs which most have been done (did them myself ) - fitted a new strut, new pads and discs on the front, full service, gearbox flush and fluid change etc etc. She still needs a couple of jobs doing namely the rear passenger glass that shattered randomly for the last owner as he was travelling down a dual carriageway (there is a guy in Twickenham breaking one of these Spacewagons) and also when you go to start her on occassion you have to wiggle the key for it to completely engage (easy to do) and never not started on me. New starter motor has been fitted in the last 700 miles. I am useless when it comes to having to use a voltmeter - I am adamant it is a corroded wire that goes to the starter. She drives perfectly and I would be keeping her if it weren’t for the Avensis and A6.... Bumpers are faded in places and have gone white. Any questions please ask....cheap and cheerful 7 seater £495 firm
  5. Gents, I am selling this on behalf of a very good friend of mine, Mark, who is terminally ill with cancer. Mark bought the ML in 2012 from the first owner. This car has never towed anything, although it comes with a towbar, has never seen any pets or children and is pretty much mint. 2002 270 CDi (5 cylinder) engine 5 speed automatic transmission 140k miles A lot of history, receipts, handbooks, etc all present MoT until May 2019 Taxed to get you home Comes with 1/3 of tank of diesel Good spec with dark grey leather interior, heated and electric front seats, cruise control, a/c, Blue-tooth connection to stereo, side steps, blacked out rear windows, nice alloys with good tyres and the usual electric toys. Everything works. The interior is absolutely mint with no significant wear on the seats and no stains or smells. Carpets, including in the boot are as new and the headlining is unmarked. There is a load-liner in the boot. Externally, only the driver's side wing mirror glass looks like it's pissed itself, otherwise near enough mint with no evidence of any rust, marks or scratches, although the car needs a wash - see photos. The side steps were fitted shortly after Mark bought the ML and from what I recall they weren't cheap. The alloy wheels are mint. The ML starts on the button, all dashboard lights come on and go off promptly. The engine runs smooth and two days ago had the injector seals done, with receipt to prove. Drivetrain, suspension and steering are perfect, with no clonks, rattles or looseness that you get in tired 4x4s. Brakes are good and strong. Front tyres are as new, rears are half-worn. I have all the paperwork here, including a signed V5. Price is (see page 2). Car is with me in Buckinghamshire, 5 mins from M40 J3. Would make a perfect tow car / winter car / family SUV. My wife and I already have a pair of SUVs and I have three toys, which means that I cannot justify buying this car for myself, however if my circumstances were different I would have taken this on the spot. Have some pics: This is the only real negative:
  6. By any rational persons reasoning I have absolutely no need for this. We have two nice, modern reliable dailies and one classic staying in the garage until Spring. But, as you do on a cold Sunday I was browsing eBay. Nothing new here so far. It was at teatime on Sunday when Mrs_Lobster said the immortal words..... "I saw that Mazda you were looking at on eBay, that would make a nice summer toy / project" and from that point there was only one likely outcome wasn't there. That bidding finished a lot lower than I expected both amazed and slightly surprised me but there you go. So today we collected it. 'It' being a 2001 323F Sport. Plans? Well the idea is mainly to tidy it up and run it for a few months before selling it at (hopefully) a small profit. That way I can save a few miles on my Dacia which is accumulating mileage rather too quickly and gives us something a bit more fun for a few months. So what needs doing then? Very little really. One of the rear arches it a bit scabby but nothing too serious, it needs an 02 sensor and would stand a couple of front tyres. It's MOT'd until September so we'll stick it through a test then and see how it goes but so far there's nothing of any concern. Ultimately, the MOT will determine its fate from there - a pass and it will probably get sold, a significant fail means probably the end of the road as it was cheap enough to scrap and call it quits although as it's so nice that'd be a shame. First impressions are amazingly good though. Drives really well and is reasonably quick, everything works and A/C blows nice and cold. Has a horrible 'Ripspeed' stereo though. Body is good so we'll crack out the mop and get it shiny and then use it for a few months. Here's your obligatory petrol station shot....
  7. So, today I had the task of bringing back home the E46 (yes, that E46) Touring I had been given as part payment for another car. On the way back it dawned on me it would be a better daily than this old heap. Heap is mean, but the newer BMW is far better for day to day driving in my opinion. It's a reasonably painful sale but I also have to pick up something else next week and there really isn't any room for this now. In an ideal world I would keep it but I can't own 4 cars anymore, I can't really own 3 to be honest. Okay, so I have had it a week. No FTPs so far, nothing too untoward but please make yourself aware of the issues before deciding whether you fancy it or not. The Good. -Oxford Green paint largely unmarked, no lacquer loss I can see, but there does seem to be a key mark down one side. -Alloys (non original) are in good shape. Tyres are okay. Not sure about the brand, but reasonable tread. -No bangs or knocks over bumps, and not suffering from saggy bum like a lot of old BMWs. -Engine is quite peppy, and good around town. -Majority of the interior is in good shape -Odometer and dash lights all work. -No signs of any cooling issues. -Has the timing chain M43, not the belt M40. -Long MOT. -Quite devoid of rust. Sills covered but apparently are solid. The Bad. -Starter motor sometimes doesn't engage and just spins, completely random as to how and when it does it. -Crack in windscreen, which will need sorting. -Passenger side electric window works but doesn't go up too happily. -Engine fan always on -Spare is perished and cracked, so would really recommend getting that changed -Some bits of grot -Drivers seat and steering wheel showing wear. The seat has lost a bit of fabric and not as padded on the base as it should be. -First gear quite hard to get in when the engine is cold. I found putting it in second and then first (without lifting the clutch) helps. -Sounds like a pulley is a bit whiney under the bonnet, hot or cold. Belt looks fine. So with that in mind, it is priced accordingly. Probably one of the cheapest E34s in the UK, but read into that as you want. It's fine to use as is, but with a bit of work this could be a really nice example (yeah yeah still a 518 lololol) and it drives pretty tightly given the mileage on it. Oh yeah I haven't tried the sunroof, because sunroofs are pointless. I am in Basingstoke, can deliver if you insure it (E46 will be going on the policy when it's MOT'd), pay fuel and train fare back, again I get heavy fare discounts so that helps. Photos:
  8. Roffle Cancelled - Car Sold Stupidly i bought this on a whim and ill be honest, I paid £800 for it. Thinking this was a bargain, i have ended up replacing the turbo and thermostat and then realised that considering i drive up to 200 miles on a weekend for a passtime i wont share (its quite trainspotter-esque) maybe a turbo estate is the worst type of car to have on the drive. It doesnt look like it goes like the clappers but my god - it shifts. 17psi will spin the tyres up in second. Its the car that i wish i had about ten years ago. Anyway. the difficult bit. I bought it off a 'good mate' on the cheap (he paid £1200 for it about three months before me) and as such i feel like a total bellend trying to make any profit on it off gumtree or facebook. And can you actually IMAGINE the dross this thing will dredge up. So. 10 months MOT 85k ish 1.8t 20vt AUQ K03s from a mk1 Leon Cupra. Small front mount Registered as a 1.6. Coilovers GTI brakes GTI bumper GTI interior The good bits: It shifts, but it also just bimbles along really nicely off boost. No rattles or creaks or groans, and its generally in good condition. I just had to put the turbo on it off the Lupo so im now also turbo less on that and need to get it finished. Just had a thermostat yesterday. New air filter for teh boost y0. Scans clear on Vagcom. The bad bits: The front door locks are a bit 'loose' in the handles. It has a bodged side exit exhaust. Drivers wing is a slightly different shade of silver. Battery is a bit crap so turns over a bit slowly. Someone has installed uprated clocks on it and as such they show 160k. MOT history shows its more around the 85k mark. Put a tartan blanket on the back seats, maybe a roof rack, and go and upset people round your way. Will meet at train stations and airports etc. Car is located at G84 Helensburgh. Really unlikely, but swaps for almost anything diesel in the same ballpark. 1 puddlethumper 2 minimad 3 4 Billy Bunter 5 6 kiltox 7 8 flat4 9 shite knight 10 11 dave_q 12 13 bramz7 14 jimbob_mcgregor 15 supernaut 16 sofarsogood 17 bangernomics 18 19 Cort16 20 21 puddlethumper 22 Rave 23 24 cheezey 25 26 Spartacus 27 Spartacus 28 The Moog 29 30 mercedade 31 32 yes oui si 33 split_pin 34 35 dickleybridge 36 37 hpi_matrix 38 39 minimad 40 41 kiltox 42 rainagain 43 44 harmoniccheeeseburger 45 46 Jim Bell 47 gadgetgricey 48 49 sporty_shite 50 Aston Martin 51 52 yes oui si 53 54 Matts_rusty_bus 55 56 jazoli 57 58 Cobblers 59 Cobblers £13 a ticket gives you £767 - if it sells at Roffle ill throw £50 to the forum / charity of choice. Sell for £750.
  9. I recently acquired this as part of a sale of another car. I have run it about for a month or so and it's been a very dependable car for commuting and the odd longer journey, but it's really boring. I suppose I should enjoy the dullness but I really do not. So, it's a blue (a nice blue) E46 Touring, with the supposedly better 1.9 engine, the earlier engine which was phased out shortly after this one was made. It's been equipped with some natty 'fine wood trim' when specced, which looks very nice, and it has cream leather inside. Interior is in really good shape, bar some slight dis-colouration to the passenger side seat base. Stereo is really good for sound quality, the auto box is surprisingly good, and 70 is around about 3000rpm, which isn't very invasive in the cabin, and it averages around 40/41 mpg on a motorway. Loadbay has a plastic liner, and the cover works fine. I only really want to sell as it's really dull to me. It handles quite well, which is a plus, but I just can't get excited about it. Price is £600 or very, very close offer. I have a bit of a lust for an E39, so am keen to get one of those as a replacement, unless anyone with one fancies a swap of some kind. I suppose I could accept suitable swaps...but money is preferred, and roffles not really ideal. I will add some more photos tomorrow but for now I have the ones below. Some bad points: Oil warning light comes on when you start it but the level is near the top, so faulty sensor I suspect. Slight chain rattle when cold, but it hasn't effected the performance of the car. For a while it was really smelling of oil inside the cabin (presumably due to a recent PCV replacement) but this seems to have subsided in the past few days. Loads of service history with it though, and it's comfortable in an ergonomic sort of way, the seats aren't soft but they are very supportive. 20181205_150818 by Sam Osbon, on Flickr 20181205_150840 by Sam Osbon, on Flickr I am in Basingstoke, delivery is an option, if expenses for it are paid for. Not expecting a huge amount of interest for it, but surprise me.....
  10. Words cannot describe how reluctant a sale this is. This has been my trusted daily for over 4 years and over 30,000 miles and in that time it has been utterly faultless. But, I've moved on to bigger and more French things and it's about time I let go so someone else can enjoy it. So, What is it? Its a white hole.....No, Its a 1991 K10 Nissan Micra GS - 1.2 Litre, 5 Speed Gearbox, 3 doors and its Blue. I have no idea what the "GS" means, maybe you got extra grey in the interior? Has it done intergalactic mileage? No. It's on just under 75,000 and over 30,000 of that has been in my ownership. Is it really backwards and bizarre? No, not really. Its quite civilised. Apart from the indicators being on the CORRECT side of the steering wheel, its all pretty basic and conventional. It even has a functioning auto-choke AND will return 45MPG on a run (actual results may vary). The interior is a Japanese symphony of brown/grey plastic and twiddly little black switches. Does it have an MOT? Yes, it an MOT until 7th May 2019. It's passed every year with no problems, except the slightly blowing exhaust - due to the previous owner being over enthusiastic whilst tightening up the clamps and distorting it. So it farts a bit, and I think it sounds great! Is it rotten? No, somehow this one has avoided the tin worm. The previous owner had the rear most parts of both sills re-welded, and its a reasonable job and should be fine for years. The scuttle panel/plenum chamber, a common rust trap, is completely solid. The chassis legs, front crossmember, floor pans, A pillars, inner sills....its all solid. There are a couple of tiny rust spots here and there on the door bottoms and boot lid, but honestly it's fine. Any nasty damage? I'm obsessed with perfect panels. No. Just one dent behind the drivers mirror - see the photos. There are a couple of minor parking dents here and there and the odd minor scrape. But its 28 years old so who cares. One piece of door trim is currently not on the car (see photos) - I will endeavour to reattach this asap. Any annoying foibles/faults? Of course. It needs new boot lid gas struts, I've never got round to getting new ones! The sidelights are on a separate switch on the dash as the stalk failed and I had to fix it asap. The dim/dip switch is also temperamental - A new stalk would probably fix this. It also has a fob immobiliser fitted - I have 2 fobs for it and all the bumpf so if you lose them you can start it with a code. This could be easily removed but it made my insurance cheaper. Apart from that, its basically mint. Oh, the reversing lights don't work - the switch is duff. I do not consider this a fault, but thought it was worth mentioning. Ok, have you ever bothered to service it? Yes. It has its oil and filter changed every 6,000 miles. I did the Cambelt and tensioner last June/July and also re-did the tappet clearances whilst I was at it and treated it to new Spark Plugs. It's had new discs and pads up front in the last year, and new rear shoes and cylinders too. I have also fitted a relayed headlight loom (can be removed, if you want to...) which made things a lot brighter and bypassed the bizarre Nissan relay box which shat itself. Its on ditchfinders isnt it? No, its on 4 Toyo's - which I fitted last January. The interior looks and smells like a Bear has been living it, doesn't it? No.Its clean and presentable. All the seals are in good nick so it doesn't get wet and for a basic box its pretty comfy and capacious. The seats could do with being wet-vac'd as they are a bit grubby but that's about it. Even the headlining is intact! Does the heater work? Yes, it gets fucking hot in there - all the settings work too! Do you have the original radio, as I'm a concours nerd and want to put it back to standard AM radio misery? Yes, yes I do. Does it come with a box of mystery Micra bits and spares? Yep. One box of random Nissan shit is included. Will the chicks dig this mighty steed and do things with my tinkle? No. Ok, I'm sold. How much do you want for this magnificent piece of Japanese Engineering?! 550 of your Earth Pounds. I think that's a fair price and I want it to go to a shiter where it will be looked after. So there you have it. My Japanese box of win. Get it whilst you can! Any questions or if you want to view it, please drop me a PM. Car is located in Oxford, which is in Oxfordshire - thats in the South, in England. On planet earth. Cheers!
  11. 02 Volvo V40 1.9 Renault Turbo Diesel engine 115bhp Manual Full years test 180k Masses of history Located Helensburgh G84 So really I have no valid reason to sell this as it’s exactly what I need, it’s cheap to run (52mpg to Lincoln in August) cheap to tax (£13 a month) and generally doesn’t go wrong. But! I want a mid sized van and cash is what I need to buy one. As I have the Lupo project ongoing I need to one in / one out. I bought it earlier in the year from a mate who was in the army. He left and went on the rigs, and as the MOT was up while he was away he sold it to me. He bought it in Germany whilst working over there, it was originally used by the CO of a catering regiment and he brought it back. As such, it’s solid except for some bubbles on the drivers wing. Pretty common as it’s a dirt trap. So I’m the third owner. Upon buying it it needed a front caliper and spring. It had two tyres and full brakes just before I bought it (with receipts) and I’ve done the front two brake flexies, another caliper on the back and some other bits of routine stuff including a service (oil and filters). All the bleed nipples have been replaced, handbrake cables oiled and the crappy rubber coating removed from the interior dials. The headlight adjusters snap but a guy on eBay 3d prints replacements and these have been bought and fitted. Back lights and boot hand have been sealed up and the boot is dry. Bad bits are the back seat leather is showing a fair bit of use, at some point the drivers side wiper has had a bush come away, making it drop and someone shut the bonnet so there’s a sort of dent below it. The headlight wipers are in the back of the drivers seat, I just never put them on. MOT advised a ballpoint was borderline and the drivers track rod end was stiff. Front tyres will want changing within six months I’d say. He’s confident it had a clutch and a timing belt when he brought it home but I can’t find the receipts in the pile. Upon inspection the timing belt isn’t shiny or cracked and looks pretty new, clutch doesn’t slip. New aux belt and it had a brake fluid flush two weeks ago. No oil leaks, coolant is green and clean and apart from the above it’s a very clean car. £650 for good solid economic motoring for a year And yes! I’d consider a swap for a van (I want to convert one for a camper for festival season next year so mid sized, connect / dispatch etc) Can meet at any train station or Glasgow airport. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. ROFFLE LIST - http://autoshite.com/topic/33141-jaaaaaaaaaaagfor-sale/?p=1710258 Anyone paying attention to things on here should know the answer already but for the rest of you what starts like this? Breakfast An envelope of the Queen's portraits
  13. £6 per ticket re-roffle or £350 cash price. I won the roffle for this a couple of months ago, and whilst I like it, I need to cut down on my number of cars, which I have been told is excessive. It's automatic, AWD, has blast furnace heating and winter is coming. The MOT is getting short, 27/2/19 and nothing has really changed from when I got it. There's a slight blow from the exhaust and the osr tyre has a slow puncture, I re-inflate it every couple of weeks, it doesn't go down that quickly. It starts, drives, goes ok and got me 30ish mpg when I checked mpgs. I find the seats really confy and supportive and like the way it handles, so one has firmly been added to my "want list". Mileage is 87k (I think, I might have to check) Location, near Bourne, Lincs Price £350 For the mat fetish amongst you, it has Subaru Impreza rubber mats in the front and boot liner at the back. Original thread from HK - http://autoshite.com/topic/33609-1997-subaru-impreza-estate-automatic-20gl-all-tickets-sold-payment-details-being-sent/
  14. Evening All, I have decided to have a clear out this year of all my cars, except my CLK 430 & Rover 75. So, without further ado....I thought that this little beauty might be of interest to someone on here. It is a 2000, W Reg, Honda Civic 1.4 s, 5 door (same shape as the rover 400, but without the added OMGHGF issues of the rover) Genuine 69,000 odd miles from new, MOT until end of July 2019. In Metallic Blue, with full cream leather interior. It starts & runs & drives good for a near 20 year old car. Clutch is a little high, but it works as it should. Excellent service history with x12 stamps in the book upto 2017 & various receipts for work done over the years. Timing belt & coolant changed less than 2000 miles ago (2017). New battery last year, tyres etc. The bodywork is in good condition also, & it comes with x2 Keys, & owners handbook pack. It does require a new sump pan, as it leaks, however, a brand new sump pan & gasket is here to go with the car. The central locking is temperamental, but does work. It is, for it's age, in good order & has been looked after throughout it's life. I am looking for £350- the car is located in Scotland (Pm me if interested). I will add pictures of the Car tomorrow, as the one picture I tried to add on to this post turns out sideways for some reason?.
  15. Anyone for an old Proton? It's a 1.5 Auto with power steering and is really easy to drive. It's on 53k miles, the interior is good. It's not in bad condition but the rear arches have been badly repaired by myself by bashing new metal into wheel arch shaped bits of metal and welding them in. With the trim glued on it's barely noticeable especially if you close your eyes, it's stuck together well enough but it isn't pretty. It drives well, the autobox is smooth and the car seems to have more than enough power, it's quite addictive using the kickdown and accelerating quickly. Mot until September 2019 RJC_6523 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6525 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6526 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6527 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6528 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6529 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6530 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6531 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6533 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6535 by srblythe, on Flickr £450 Fife, Scotland
  16. Due to ongoing running problems I took the decision to move the Cavalier CD on so it’s now gone. I advertised it car and classic and had someone from Ireland show an interest. Within a day he had booked a flight and by Friday he had arranged to pick it up. He seemed a nice bloke him and his friend. But he got me with his speech. He kept on about a locpinny and I was under the impression he wanted the disclock which I wasn’t going to give away. In the end off he went and I decided to google it and eventually figured out what he meant. It would appear it is luckpenny. You buy something for say £100 and you give them say £10 as a luckpenny good luck charm to get home safely. He did get home ok but I can understand why he kept asking.. Has anyone else heard of this.
  17. Well, I'm throwing in the Rover towel. 1991 Rover 416GTi. <copypasted description> 87k, new headgasket and cambelt, new fuel relay, K&N panel filter, stainless header and 2.5" exhaust (no cat required), valve stem seals done, little rot (worst is pictured). Paint is poor (front end rattlecanned - you all know why), but presentable from a few feet. 1991/J, runs well but currently misfires at low revs when up to temp (under investigation, if it takes a while to sell this may well get fixed). Runs well on the motorway but needs a slightly heavy foot around town else it struggles. Will get you home no problem, though. Recent front tyres - Vredestein. Good condition Prussian Blue velour interior (rare factory optional leather delete). 4x electric windows and leather steering wheel. Three of the four original Rover floor mats are present. Headlining is good. Wood heater control panel from a cabriolet, looks nice but has a lot of light bleeding through when lights are on. Can include original black panel. Two spare alloy wheels. MOT to August with very clean history. Not sure if it's worth more as a car or in parts, but offers are encouraged as I need it gone to get something else. </copypasted description> Er, yeah, you all know this car by now. Ideal WBOD? It's very good on the motorway, but might benefit from some Dynamat (other sound deadening is available). £300/£5 roffle. I can't get anyone interested in it at all except messers, and now it's just taking up space I don't have.
  18. Anyone fancy a big Swedish barge? It's a 3.0 24v Auto Mot until May 2019 112k miles on the clock Starts, stops and drives. There's a bit clunk/knock coming from the front left suspension and there's a special technique required for starting it but other than that it's a decent enough old car. The engine is smooth, quiet and has loads of torque. The autobox works fine. I have too many cars hanging around so will be selling this and the E30 and possibly something else in the near future. RJC_6459 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6460 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6462 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6467 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6473 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6478 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6482 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6483 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6487 by srblythe, on Flickr £500 Fife, Scotland
  19. Up for sale is Mrs SK's 190E 2.0 automatic. It looks really good in photos but up close the paintwork is covered in scratches and lacquer peel. RJC_6505 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6506 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6507 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6509 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6510 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6511 by srblythe, on Flickr The bonnet is the worst bit RJC_6515 by srblythe, on Flickr Followed by a bit close to the boot. RJC_6516 by srblythe, on Flickr And there are various scratches all over. RJC_6517 by srblythe, on Flickr The tyres, brakes, shocks and exhaust were renewed 2 years ago and it went through it's last mot with no issues, next mot is due at the end of February. Mileage is around 120k. It does have LPG fitted but it doesn't run very well on it so we have always used petrol. It starts, stops and drives fine most of the time, occasionally it stalls first thing in the morning when it's cold but always restarts. There's a slight weep of coolant from the thermostat housing and the electric fan needs wired in, it's never overheated but it's something that needs looking at. Interior is fair, there's some bolster wear on the drivers seat. RJC_6518 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6522 by srblythe, on Flickr RJC_6504 by srblythe, on Flickr It's in Cowdenbeath, Fife £700
  20. DONT PANIC I have owned this lovely thing for a short time yes..but...I think I am getting WW's penchant for short term ownership goalz. This was purchased from Ghosty of this parish whom lavished it with lots of attention, and, even in my tenure, I have too, fixing niggles and this car is pretty much A1. Seriously it is. Copy pasted some of the original listing below; -electric windows, mirrors, aerial and sunroof; -automatic gearbox with sport mode; -four nearly new Evergreen tyres; -new Monroe front springs, and KYB shocks; -full size spare tyre; -14" official Honda accessory alloy wheels; and -a boot spoiler. The 2.0 SOHC Honda F-series engine makes 130bhp, as also found in the Rover 600. It's great on the motorway. Cambelt has been done at some point as it's wearing a Gates belt, not sure when, mind. IIRC these are non-interference anyway. The car has MOT to August 23rd, and I see no reason it wouldn't fly through another. The trailing ends of the rear arches have some paint bubbling, but for a Honda product of its age it's minimal. The car is very presentable, and while not perfect, it's incredibly honest. It has been resprayed in the original colour at some point in its life. There are a couple of small paint marks and a couple of scuffs on one or two of the wheels, but that's as far as it goes. Make no mistake, this is the most tidy and well cared for Prelude I have seen/driven. I have had a few people comment and talk about how lovely it is. I have also fixed the speakers, at a cost of £90, they are all fully working now and wired in professionally. I fixed the trip computer so it works, and the door vents also now blow hard and clear! It also has brand new Bosch flat wipers all round, led sidelights front and rear, and H4 LED headlamps which are stunningly bright. Only issue is a slight clunk through the steering, which I was going to get sorted some point this week, but, an impending purchase of a Teutonic tank means I shan't. However, do not fear, as the issue is a worn ball joint according to my trusty mechanic, as he had a look over and said the rack etc was fine and tight. The car really does drive so well! I have priced it at a loss, and less than Ghosty was selling it for despite my fixes! It really has been well cared for and I would be surprised if you found another in this condition. YES I HAVE KNOCKED OFF ANOTHER £50 AS IVE JUST CONFIRMED THE NEW PURCHASE...so I need my space asap. Price is firm and fair given how much work has gone into the car, and the condition! Location Cradley Heath, delivery possible for fuel/train ticket money. Hit MEH UP
  21. This is possibly a bit of a long shot, but thought I'd try putting this up for sale and see if anyone fancies taking it on. It's a bit of a rare beast, being an automatic TDI, and it has the potential to be a bloody good car which should go on forever. It'll even run on veg if you're into that kind of thing. I bought it in December 2017 - a memorable journey which involved riding my folding pushbike down the icy back lanes of rural Lincolnshire in the pitch dark. The car was owned by an old boy who lived on a farm and had owned the car pretty much from new and done most of the 115K miles himself. The main issue that it has is that it chugs at idle. It always starts on the button, it's never stalled or otherwise cut out, it just sits there chugging away to itself all day if you let it. Raise the revs to about 1100 and it smooths out completely, and is then smooth right through the rest of the rev range. It also has another fault, which may be related, which is that it can be slow to respond to the throttle - the way around this is to come off the accelerator and then press it again, which seems to wake the engine up. This is an intermittent fault though - sometimes it can go for ages without doing it (I drove it 250 miles down to Somerset at Christmas 2017 and it didn't do it once all the way down). It's been doing this ever since I bought it and the car's still perfectly usable as it is - aside from the aforementioned 500-mile round trip I was dailying it for several months after I bought it - but ideally it wants sorting. I am not sure what's causing it. Someone suggested it could be vacuum pipes, so I replaced all of those but it didn't make any difference. So it looks like it is probably a fault with the injector pump itself. I've bought a replacement pump, which comes with the car, but I can't see myself having the time to do it any time soon, plus I'm slightly apprehensive about doing it myself in case I bugger something up, and the only local garage which would do the job at a sensible price is booked solid for ages. Hence why I'm offering it for sale as is. It's MOT'd to November - for the test it needed a couple of tyres, front wishbone bushes (one side got rebushed, the other got a whole new wishbone), a track rod end (ended up replacing the track rod as well as couldn't get the end undone) and a steering rack gaiter, so not too bad overall. As usual with these it's structurally very sound, although there's surface rust on things like wishbones etc. There's also a bit of grot around the top of the front arches, which are something of a mud trap, but that's the only real rust I've found on the car. Inside is all there and I'm pretty sure everything works. The seats have suffered slightly by being very light grey / beige so the driver's seat could do with a clean. It has an electric sunroof but keep fit windows all round; the stereo is a period Philips radio / cassette and works OK but doesn't exactly offer premium sound. The reversing lights don't work but all the other lights do - I've upgraded the sidelights to halogen bulbs as they were a bit useless when I got the car. They're now bright enough that you only need headlights when it's properly dark. The car runs on the cold side according to the temp gauge, but the heater is pretty good. The tracking is all tae feck at the moment since fitting the new wishbone and track rod / end - I'll get it done at the local garage before the car goes. Other than that it's good to drive anywhere. The gearbox is fine - it's only a four-speeder but it's reasonably high geared - and the car does >50mpg on a run. It's only 90bhp so it's never going to be a dragster, but it keeps up with traffic perfectly fine and actually picks up its skirts reasonably well when required. Pics: In NE Norfolk, as always - delivery may be possible.
  22. Comes with a free Vectra B estate. Slightly too good to bridge straight away, 2.2td, Towball, Sri half leather trim, not too bad inside. Looks to need tyres and a good wash. 200 squid gets it. Pics to follow... Edited cos it's a 2.2dti although I was told it was a 1.8...
  23. More specifically a 2001 Citroën Dispatch 1.9D, so 1868cc of DW8 power*. I'm too tired to do a windy narrative so I'm just going to list good bits and bad bits. Good: -Starts first time, runs, drives, stops. It's not a fast van by any stretch but it does pull noticeably better than my last DW8-powered one of these - it will do 80 given a long enough stretch of road -Gearchange is fine with no crunching -Has a towbar with working electrics -Lights, wipers, indicators, horn etc all work -Brakes are good -Cab interior light doesn't work but previous owner has wired in a fluorescent tube which is way better, although it only works with the ignition on -Looks a solid van from a brief inspection - these don't normally have much trouble with rust to be fair -Has a roof rack Bad: -Has a small dent in the nearside front wing and a fucking huge dent in the offside side loading door. The door still just about opens and shuts though -The nearside SLD is missing its external handle; it opens from the inside but has lost its top runner so has to be guided back to avoid flapping around -The rear doors open fine but are suffering from Sevel lock syndrome. The four other doors lock and unlock OK -Tyres are all legal but not brilliant. The spare has a slow puncture -The radio doesn't seem to be able to get any reception -The rheostat for the heater fan doesn't do anything. The fan comes on when the engine is started though and runs at a moderate speed, so there is some demisting and the heating is more than adequate given the small volume it has to heat (van has a full (home made) bulkhead) -Temp gauge is temperamental (most of the time it doesn't work) -The interior is a bit minging and needs a good valeting session. There is the usual wear to the driver's seat -PAS can be a little lazy with the engine idling, it's fine if you give it a bit of a rev though -The door mirrors are somewhat the worse for wear but still show what's behind the van. They even still adjust via the little knob things on the door cards It only has a short MOT (to early Feb) but I can't see it needing a vast amount for a retest - only advisories last time were for a tyre and brake flexis. Mileage is around 106K - the previous owner reckoned he'd had the timing belt done at about 70K, there's no proof of this but he told me about it after I'd handed over the money so he had no reason to make it up. It seems decent enough on diesel too - I haven't worked out the mpg as I haven't had to fill the van up (it came with plenty in the tank) but the fuel gauge doesn't seem in any hurry to head south. Here's some rubbish pics: In NE Norfolk as always.
  24. Time to shift this heap on, and what better way than to roffle it off for peanuts on here. Roffle list here Will also consider reasonable offers around £250-300 outright as I hope to have an incoming tomorrow. Needs to be gone before 20/1 ideally as insurance runs out then. Before extolling the virtues* of this noisy matt black beast, I'd like a spokesperson from the community for which such a heap was intended to give his thoughts on everything: Yup. More photos and even a short film to follow. I bought this from Tom a year ago and it's barely been used - http://autoshite.com/topic/29624-ptsd-cruiser-sold-pending-collection/ Bad bits Very noisy at idle - sounds like a rattling pulley or bearing - noticeable when stopped in traffic. As soon as you open the throttle the rattle goes - doesn't affect the running Feeble 063 battery which either needs replacing with the official Optimax red top AGM which goes in sideways under the passenger seat (er, £170) or a bodge done where you lift the seat out, remove the battery tray, cut out the clamp and stick a normal 096 battery in upright - many CRD owners have done this. Basically if you don't run it regularly the 063 battery runs out of puff to crank the engine - alternator charges it fine however sits at 14.2v happily Missing osf wheel arch liner Rear view mirror regularly drops off for no reason whatosever, especially in hot weather Er, it's matt black (originally silver) and has blacked out rear windows (actually I rather like the latter as it's useful when you're using it as a van) Pretty much debadged except front and rear Chrysler logos Had a dent nearside front wheel arch, sorted by Tom before selling to me Heater isn't especially volcanic which may be due to a stuck thermostat - will chuck in the unfitted but obligatory Renner 5 in line thermo for the top hose Usual suspension advisories on last MoT - TADTS Surface rust ahoy underneath - only had a tiny bit of welding on one of the jacking points I suspect the ac will need a regas (m8) - only tried it once and didn't blow mega cold Good bits Bulletproof Merc 2.2 CRD injun with a timing chain, pulls like a train m9 Top spec Limited version With sunroof (rare), heated leather/suede seats for warm bums, traction control, ABS, great stereo All the other toys seem to work - only thing I haven't used is cruise control Only 105000 ish miles - nowt for a 15 yr old diesel Front discs/pads done at last MoT, rear pads done by me - stops on its nose Will provide the CB radio it came with, although I yanked it out so may need some fettling to get it plumbed back in if you are so inclined Highly versatile and can be used as a van - rear seats can come out completely and front passenger seat also folds forward, useful for very long things Incredibly comfortable Ticket till Oct, taxed to get ya home The major weak spot on these CRDs, the clutch, was replaced at huge cost to a previous owner a few years back - invoice included Original book pack, radio code, various bits of paperwork Roffle woffle at a fiver a pop. Shitloads more photos to follow next....
  25. It’s time to move another one on.. Here we have a tremendously Japanese runabout with the 1.3 m13a engine in it. Petrol manual, adorned with a few air fresheners and a set of seat covers because let’s be honest - Japanese motors don’t have the most dazzling taste in interiors. The seats under the covers are not wrecked, so that’s a good thing. the number plate looks like the word SHOES so if you love shoes or are a shoe, this is the car for you. 84k ish, chain driven and not due until 105k. MOT until 28 July 2019 In the last last month I have replaced the crank sensor thanks to it cutting out on the m8, the air inlet temp sensor and the coolant temp sensor. Its got ngk iridiums and newish leads, and the filters are all relatively new. Service history up until about 60k and the the car overall is in pretty good nick. It smells nice, isn’t full of dog and tab ends and does everything you want it to. Bad bits! I think the lambda is on the way out. It doesn’t always scan as a fault but is overfuelling a bit. Black plugs and doesn’t like to idle for the first 20 seconds until the lambda gets some heat in it. Occasionally shows as a pending fault on the scanner. If you can sit in it for 20 seconds on a morning it’s not a problem, so I never could really be bothered to change the lambda. Its got four chavtastic fox alloys with, surprisingly, a set of Pirelli p-zeros with 4-5mm all round. Great for when you want to go rallying. Its far far too small for me to use and it became a pain to put kids in the back - so here it is. Turn up with cash of something Swedish to swap and it’s all yours. So please, come with either of the above and remove it from my driveway. I’d prefer a swap for anything interesting really? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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