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Found 183 results

  1. This morning i was up this early 2 hours later a man with another man arived,outside our house just as it started to snow.Said first man parked a Renault Laguna outside a house in our street,more of this later. So my No1 son climbed into the back of a Astra,Said man's son had to be folded into the rear of the car. The trip over to Sunderland passed quickly with chat about shite cars. On arrival some tinkering happened,as one of the floats for the carb had turned into a sink not a float.So i new one was fitted. The car was pulled out of its slumber,tyres were filled with air. The the trip over to its new temp home,for a week.Were some things will happen. It's new temp home For company there is a a couple of these A man Thanks Andy.
  2. The Galaxy will be staying with me a little longer folks. Thought I may as well start a thread. The Galaxy. It's a 7 seater, grey interior, red, very red exterior. Manual and 2 litre petrol flavour. Things it needs. I need to fit the better steering wheel, this has all the horn buttons on it. It's less manky too. It could do with a rocker cover gasket. The rear are carpet is worn in a couple of places which is sad as the rest of it is ace. The exhaust has some smoll holes in the long bit. Really small but they are there. Underneath needs a small bit of welding, think fag packet sized. The rest of it is very, very, very solid. It needs a drivers door mirror glass due to crackage. DAB radio to be fitted. The clock needs replacing. I bought one but can't find it. I have no idea why I can't find it. It is a puzzle. yet I know if I buy another one, I will instantly find the original one. Most biggest faff....... for some reason the black plastic push button thing on the front grille that allows bonnet openings, is being a silly sod and not doing what it is meant to. The pull cable that initially opens the bonnet is fine. I may just spray WD40 or some such stuff in there and see what happens. Any other ideas that does not involve smashing the grille to small bits would be gratefully appreciated. Happily charged up battery needs to be fitted but a bit hindered by the above. Otherwise it's all gravy.
  3. I have been on the look out for one of these for a while, spotted one a couple of hours away on ebay so off I go went! One Bus... Nice Train Station! Two Bus... Long Lane... Alpacas! Then I bought it. Seems alright! £650 65k miles, plenty old person who needs to give up driving dings and dents but seems solid enough rust wise. Previous owner left me some presents. Engine looked pretty dirty but no cracks or leaks. Then today, taxed it at 12 and got clamped at 3:30! It drove back the 150 or so miles without a hitch, though the power steering seems to have a leak coming from the cooler or a hose related to it, no big deal! It's pretty uncomfortable compared to my previous car (Volo 740) but I like it's somewhat awkward appearance. Gonna shake it down for a few months and see if it deserves a bit of work!
  4. I've done this so you don't have to..... After a 30+ year history of driving new-ish mundane cars I decided it was appropriate (at the find old age of 50) to indulge in a bit of a mid life crisis and buy myself a weekend vehicle to have a bit of fun with. *Wavy screen transition to flashback mode* About a year ago I gathered my spare change and some folding stuff that I'd managed to save from the pocket money my wife carefully issues me every week and took myself to a dealer at the cheaper end of the scale. Sitting on the forecourt with its top down was a 14 year old Fjord streetkak. My intensive* research led me to believe that this was the car for me. The gent in the suit with shiny elbows wanted £650. He actually got £400 and to be fair he seemed alarmingly happy. Possibly not the best sign. The very next day found me on a bus (I couldn't afford a taxi after finding out how much the insurance and road tax was) and the transaction was complete On the drive home the thermostat housing cracked and it dumped it's coolant all over the tarmac.... The nice RAC man recovered me to my home address as again, my extensive* research (youtube fgs) led me to believe that I'd be able to fix this trifling problem myself in no time at all. I had/have all the mechanical skills of a chimpanzee on meth-amphetamine and the only tools i possessed at this time were two hammers and two screwdrivers. Oh, worth mentioning that my wife was 'very disappointed' with me. More diary excerpts to follow????
  5. Well here we go. Again. This was mine maybe 3 years back? Maybe. Can't really recall as long time ago and I struggle with yesterday's memories. It went very far up North initially and then ended up with Jon (formerly known as dugong). Jon did some worthy bits and bobs to it and then something happened to it and it ended up in a barn on a farm for a while. After a few hiccups the MGF was eventually pushed into the lock up that I rent from the local council and a list of jobs ensued. A good clean was in order as dust and mud happened. The car looks very much as what it did when I had it, just a couple more bumps here and there, the one on the drivers side wing was the worst. Shame as it was a solid wing. Might try and repair or just replace, as bolt on. The front bumper was skillfully repaired (before my time) with a couple of cable ties, however, the spare bumper I bought is still around and will be collected from Peterborough as soon as. Better tyres in the correct size now grace the car which is also a bonus. One alloy is now porous, so will need to be sorted one way or the other. The interior is pretty good still, just a general clean up will suffice. Tunz generator will be fitted along with a new ariel. The car has grown a hard top and whilst some folk enjoy these over the colder months, I find them a bit too claustrophobic and it will be removed and possibly sold on. Haven't looked at the floppy top yet, I hope all is well lol. The car will need the replacement starter motor and a temperature sensor fitting, a mate with a plan will help on that one. The battery is a bit dead, I think I have a suitable spare. Jon mentioned a current drain. I can't remember if this affected the car when I had it or not. The usual culprits are: Chaffed wiring in the loom that goes by the boot lid, or a duff ECU. Will search the loom. If not, then the battery will be disconnected overnight. This is an additional anti-theft device in the making. Am really pleased to get the car back and to have the chance to get her up and running again. She was bloody nippy in the day and hopefully this will put a much needed grin on my chops. Thanks to Jon for being so understanding
  6. I originally posted this a while back on the blue forum, but since I've found here to be more of a home, I hope you guys don't mind me posting it here too. Its a project that took up around 2 and a half years of my best mate, Mark's, time to build. I'd been driving a year or so when I ended up buying a complete lemon of an axgt, it wouldn't do because at the time, I was covering 50 miles a day, the ax had cost me a lot of money, but I knew I couldn't sell it for anywhere near what I'd paid. Long story short, I got a loan and a newer car, and I gave the gt to my mate for the price of the alloys it stood on. He spent a bit of cash on getting it a fresh mot, and that started the ball rolling. The one that started it all (shown right); Opv a tragically crap mk gt, Next to it, my mk2 gt that Mark would buy later. After running around in the gt for a bit and spending some time lurking the axownersclub forum, Mark and I bought another gt between us, sight unseen for parts, we turned a good profit on the car and Mark would catologue everything we sold and how much for. Mark prepares to remove the tailgate from the gt (he's facing the car, his brother is to the left) The gt was so rotten we ended up cutting the car up completley, we had a policy of not selling on anything that was as crap as the grey one had been. Garage envy, I has it. Mark's workshop with the halfcar and hydrualic lift. After the success of the white gt, we moved along to another gt, this red one, we worked for around 6 months on dechaving the car and making it saleable, after all the work, it was still basically crap, and we spent over an hour trying to explain this to the guy buying it, but he bought it anyway for £250. Before and after, GMX, an ex-max power feature car. Whilst the work on red shed took place, ebay and beers bought us this from 12 miles away. Our friend Chinese Gav towed us home in it at 60, not what you want in an engineless pile of rust! Bought for £20.50, the darkness suited it, but the wheels were decent enough! We bought and scrapped several others over the next year or so, but Mark had decided what he wanted, we set out to find a decent forte/mk2 gt/gti shell for him, which is where the story of BTW starts. The ebay advert read: "Ax Forte, engine knackered, body knackered, wiring knackered. Spares or Repair, west Essex." I dropped an email to the owner and found that she'd had the car from new and bought it from the garage that my company had just bought. This was BTW as she was found: The bodywork knackered related only to the pink paint, this was and still is the most rust free ax I've ever seen! I did a deal on Mark's behalf and secured the car for £50, it then cost around £200 to have it transported to Lincolnshire, and later in that month, I moved to Lincolnshire too. When the car arrived at the farm, Mark wasted no time in getting to work with the sad looking forte. Initally the engine was pulled and replaced with that from an Ax Gti we broke, this for Mark was just an exercise to see if he could do it, needless to say, with what he'd learnt from the other cars, it worked fine. Engine out, BTW looked this way twice, once after binning the original 1.1 unit and once after the trial fitment of the Gti engine. By the time the gti lump had been fitted, Chinese Gav had brought Mark a Saxo Vts engine, and it's new home would be BTW. This in turn meant that a brake and suspension upgrade would be necessary. Halfway through a back axle replacement, a photoshy Mark hides behind his car Axle replacement meant finding a lot of crap under the back seats A shot of the original melted engine I'll update some more later, Mark never took the car to any shows or told anyone about it, so nobody really knows about it. He died late 2007, something I'll never really come to terms with. The Car was such an achievement and I am proud of how well he finished the conversion. He learnt everything from messing about in the garage, but his eye for detail sets this one apart from most other conversions. His parents have talked to me recently about the future for the car, it hasn't been used on the road since I replaced the broken clutch cable, and just gets shunted around their yard occasionally, sadly it's faded to a similar state as to when it was first bought.
  7. Hello friends, I've been lurking here for a fair while now, but haven't really had anything to contribute.. until my dad (henceforth known as captain_tel) came home last week with THIS: IT'S A V8, M8. And what's more, it seems to be a pretty posh one. All electric everything (and all working!) and sunroofs galore. I think a 3dr V8 with a manual box is a bit of a rarity too. I think it checks all the boxes for this place, it's: OLD. Ish.BRITISH. Check.RUSTY. Yessir.And as a bonus, it does 8mpg. But the noise makes me tingle. Hope you like it!
  8. I have had a bit of a hankering for van or pick up for a while. It started off with small and harmless stuff like an A35 van and progressed to more hardcore trucks like the A60 pick ups. The idea of a scruffy looking commercial that I could actually use for tip runs and just running around seemed fun. The idea didn’t really take hold until a few weeks ago when I was left home alone when Mrs Alf went away for a while to help our daughter with her new born baby. So there I was home alone with Ebay and alcohol. I know many others have been there.....the trouble I like way too many vehicles. If I ever get rich I will soon be poor. Mrs Alf kept in touch by phone and during one of these calls i mentioned i had bit on a truck and it didn’t seem to go down too badly. Well.........no swearing anyway so I took that as agreement So now the search started properly. I quite liked the 1946 to 52 Chevy half tonners and actually found one via Rods’n’ Sods but the fella was a bit greedy. From there it was a short (virtual trip) to ebay.com. It was here I got my first sight of the AK series from Chevy and I was smitten. I bid on a nice tatty one that was mechanically well sorted but it went for too much. And then I found this.......... A few emails were exchanged and shipping quotes checked –a very quick check with Junkman to get an idea of what to pay and the deed was done. Scarily easy......well so far anyway.It is due here about 5th November. Seems miles away right now and I can't bloody wait.
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