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Found 183 results

  1. So after introducing myself last week I thought I should put some info up of my project ‘Salvo’. He’s a 1993 Fiat Tipo 2.0 16V Sedicivalvole with the option of ABS and Recarro seats fitted and is a late registered 5 door version Having been brought up with Fiats in the family from a baby (my Dad worked for a Fiat dealer in Warwick) I always had a want for a Tipo Sedici. I remember Dad having one as a company demo when I was 12ish. So after moving on an X1/9 that myself and a friend had rebuilt the gearbox amongst many other jobs I found ‘Salvo’ on the dreaded eBay. He needs a lot of work, I knew this when buying him, but it proved a good idea to have him transported home as a brake pipe burst unloading it from the lorry... So to the subject of ‘rust’. Yes it’s a Fiat but by the 90s I don’t think they were any worse than their equivalents from Ford or Vauxhall etc. While the Tipo was famously galvanised from new (as the adverts made a lot of effort to tell) they seem to have forgotten the rear arches on mine (and a lot of others...). I’ll hopefully do a series of posts showing what’s been done so far plus the ongoing hunt for solid metal but will start with some pictures of Salvo as he first arrived. One of the first jobs was finding a set of correct wheels for a 5 door Sedici rather than the later 3 door style and to lose the ones it came on. Then the investigation into the rear arch rot began... plus what the plastic side skirts were hiding. Oh and the exhaust falling off, clutch release bearing very noisy, no brakes, no idea of when the timing belt was done and a very sticky inside!
  2. Good morning. I've been on here for 3 years, and finally it's my turn to do this. Best be getting up.
  3. So i have been between employment since June after telling the Rac where to stick their job. Trouble is after 17 years of having a orange van outside my front door i now need a means of commuting (unless i get a job that supplies wheels). Still my situation means that although i have various vehicles scattered on my drive a dedicated work ride was a must. I plan on working local to home so a cheap fuel efficient old ride would do me fine. I fancied a diesel Bx and came close to buying a cheap one in south London that was gassing into it's coolant but thought better of it. Looking through ebay i spotted a genuine giffer owned Daihatsu YRV turbo that had sprung a fluid leak and lost drive for a reasonable £400. Trouble was it was banana yellow flavour. But the thought of a small jap automatic car with a turbo and 130bhp did seem like the perfect to and from work car solution so i started looking around for one in a more subtle colour. After a quick scan of the usual sites i found a cheap broken Daihatsu in the wastelands near Walsall.
  4. The first MGF is from on here via Urban_Paranoia. The second - there is a tale to tell. I got wind of it as a spares car listed on Facebook, hasn't moved in years, they only want £100 for it. Then various people posted and said "omg those rimz". Apparently they're rare. The seller got wind of this and put the price up to £250. Fuck! Not worth it. I hatched a plan though; I decided to list the rims for sale for £200, and if I got a bite, I would buy the car. Nothing happened for a couple of months, then out of the blue I got a message asking if I still had the wheels. I messaged the seller of the car to see if it was still available? Yes. Would they take £150? Yes. Ooooh man maths result. I popped round that night, removed the rims and put some of my own on, paid the £150. Went home, put some air in the tyres of the fancy rims. Within about 20 minutes the guy was there to pick up the rims - £200 - excellent, I'm £50 in the black!!!! After a while I got to thinking that I really should get it back to my house rather than let it sit on the seller's drive any longer. I went round and put a battery on it just to see what happened. It only bloody started first turn of the key, having been sat there for four years!!! Unfortunately the clutch was seized or something funny was going on, so it wasn't mobile, but it was good to know that it ran. I turned it off again because I didn't want to set fire to the sizeable bramble that was growing through and out of the engine bay. Anyway, this morning I got a man from Shiply to recover it to my house, so this car has cost me the princely sum of £2 including the transport. I did actually manage to start it again, and move it under its own power - not very far, and the clutch smelled very burny, but I went far enough backwards and forwards to a) un-seize the brakes, and angle it towards the truck a bit. Then I stalled it and it decided not to start again. Hey ho. It's got lacquer peel everybloodywhere. The interior is nice(ish) though. The bramble: Free plant life! Free fungus! Plans are to swap the bumpers off this one onto the other one, maybe the seats and wheel and gearknob if they clean up well. Then sell it (will be for sale on here first obviously) and decide whether to try and salvage this new one. It's only going to be good for track car use I suspect, but I have some bits to make quite a convincing cheap track car out of it.
  5. I was in scrap metal yard a while back and they had a Rialto saloon near the gate. One of the lads working there tried selling it to me and mentioned they had another tucked away. I didn't have the cash for the Rialto at the time but this month HMRC are paying me back a nice tax rebate so what better to do than splurge it on a car right? I went back to the yard a few days ago and asked about the two cars. The Rialto at this point has had the engine sold from it, is in many pieces and the bodywork isn't in great condition with cracks all over. The other was this 1990 Robin LX. The owner of the yard, a former Reliant salesman, went to the Isle of Arran with a trailer for it. Technically it wasn't for sale but I think his son (that works in the yard) convinced him to let it go on the grounds that it had just been sitting. It had been sat untouched for 18 months looking like this. 1990 Reliant Robin LX by Matt S, on Flickr 19902 Reliant Robin LX (Rear) by Matt S, on Flickr Misery spec, no rear wiper! After some fettling and finding that the fuel tank was totally dry we managed to get it running, and running well! It wouldn't move under it's own power as it was on that rough ground with two flat tyres and seized brakes. The yard owner said he would free the brakes off and move it onto the more solid ground later that day. I went back today and swapped one of back the wheels for one off of the Rialto saloon and remarkably managed to get the utterly ruined front tyre to hold air. A minor mishap occurred when taking the front wheel off because my jack isn't low enough to get under the centre of the chassis where the front suspension bolts on and as it turns out my axle stands are juuuuust tall enough to find the tipping point... A little mishap... by Matt S, on Flickr It happened in total slow motion. The good thing however is that it's light to the point that I was able to push it back up with one hand and get my jack under with the other. Robin moved from it's resting place by Matt S, on Flickr At this point I could just about push it by myself however one of the brakes was just grabbing enough at a certain point that I couldn't push and steer it at the same time. Happily the yard owner is allowing me to keep it on the property for a bit while I get it ready for an MOT but there was the small issue of the nearest solid ground being 200 meters (650+ feet) away... LDV to the rescue! LDV To The Rescue! by Matt S, on Flickr And onto solid ground for the first time in a long time. Hard ground at last by Matt S, on Flickr The wheels are a favorite of mine, tiny slot mags! I don't know who made them and I've only been able to find one photo of a Robin with these wheels. Check out the ancient (2003)145 x 10" Camac BN313 still holding air after 16 years! I can't wait to get these polished up with the slots painted body colour. My new car... by Matt S, on Flickr That's where we stand now. My plan is to get it MOT'd and just drive it around and enter some shows. The job list for MOT time looks like: Replace all three tyres Replace O/S headlight Replace N/S seatbelt (the reel end has rusted and broken out of the floor!) Replace brakes Refit rear seat and belts (I haven't even seen belts back there so I don't know for a fact if it even has rear belts) Other jobs: Refit the engine covers Sort the door hinges as both doors have sagged Get the boot open as it's stuck partially latched Any Reliant fanciers able to tell me anything about this dealer? Edit: The car was registered new in Ayr so I'm not sure how this tag ended up on the keys. Anyone know who the dealer around Ayr would have been? Oldham Reliants by Matt S, on Flickr
  6. This morning I drove to Kings Lyn to collect some " mint" refurbished Bottle Top alloys with new matching tyres. That No.1 daughter wanted for the 316 that we're putting back on the road this week( hopefully) After a terrible 2.5 hour journey ( A1 shut) we discovered they had the wrong size tyres and the powder coating used by the refurber appears to be grey Hammerite. I was so pissed off I couldn't trust myself to speak to the kid selling them and just got back in the car... Anyway it seems any 4x100 BMW wheels are getting scarce and expensive, anybody got anything suitable in either 14 or 15 inch ? With or without tyres and any condition as long as priced accordingly . About £200 seems to be average price for presentable 14" with tyres- I expect an MoT'd 325 to be bolted to them for that, apparentlly that's because I'm an old fart.
  7. I had a heartfelt and detailed thread about this that was lost in one the great forum outages of nineteen-oatcake. Anyway, here we go again.. I set my heart upon an X1/9 back in 2011 when I decided that a better value for money mid engined useable Italian exotic(!) did not exist.. I was in Glasgow at the time, I looked at a couple of ropey examples within Scotland that were nasty but not nasty enough to put me off. You know what it's like when you want something, you refresh carandclassic every 5 minutes hoping that the dream example turns up, when BLAM! It did! Here's the old car and classic add and pictures: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C220495 I think he had it advertised for 1500 or so, and he sounded like an entirely genuine and trustworthy character, so I booked a Glasgow- Gatwick flight 10 minutes later. I was in my twenties at the time, and in my naivety had booked my flight for a Saturday morning. Only problem was I got hammered on Friday night and missed my flight.. A swift re-book and I was back on my way to Gatwick that afternoon. It was indeed a bloody lovely example owned by them since it was a demonstrator. They'd in fact been over the San Bernardino pass in it for their honeymoon. Legends. It's rear calliper was binding a bit, so he knocked it down to 1000 and sent me on my way a happy happy man! Only problem was that it was now too late to drive back to Glasgow, so I had to drive into central London to stay with friends. It was then that the hot running issues surfaced.. It tended to cut out and lights and not re-start until it had cooled down. Not fun in London! Anyway, here I am the next day having made it to London. Bonus Merc background chod. That house always had that tasty but scruffy merc, I used to see it regularly when I moved to London. Anyway, the next day I set off super early for Glasgow which it did without hitch.. He it is with my previous car, a really nice w123. Bought that for 800, sold for 1400. Fuck they've gone up! I solved the running issues with and electric fuel pump and carb base gaskets. I taught myself all sorts of things through doing the timing belt, replacing the clutch and brake masters etc.. Every sunny free day I would hoon like a bastard through Scotlands enviable countryside, teaching myslef how to heel-toe and various drifting techniques. For anyone who has never driven one of these, they are an incredible amount of fun. My mk1 Mx5 was thoroughly bland by comparison. I drove it from Glasgow to Turin for the 40th anniversary of the X1/9. Took in Elba and some of France on the way back. It performed admirably, though did cook it's brakes down some hefty mountain passes so I upgraded the brakes to Vented Uno Turbo, which replaces the rubbish sliding wedges with proper sliding pins. I ragged it everywhere which it seemed to lap up. I used to regularly hill climb in it, which was amazing fun. I converted the bumpers to the prettier 1300 style. I MOVED TO LONDON IN IT! Here it is next to my girlfriend's spitfire. Crazy that only 2 years separated the manufacture of these cars. They look, and drove, worlds apart. Here's a fleet highlight from when I bought my BX, later Barret's. My old commuter, the 6v C90 nestled in there. I love this car. I'll never sell it. I used it as a daily for ages FFS! Anyway, after 7 happy years and 50,000 miles or so, I put it in Storage in Scotland cos I was skint. I then became even skinter and had to take it out of storage, so it's been outside for about 18 months now. PBK has kindly let me store it in his Essex barn so that's the next step. It actually sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night, thinking of it rusting! It'll definitely need some welding now, which I'm tempted to get done, but frightened to even ask how much it'd cost. I'll get some fresh pics over Christmas and try and arrange some transport, so watch this space.. Here it was before last winter...
  8. Going to collect a new automobile. Unfortunately it involves travelling to that godforsaken place, The South. GGG assistance requested and offered - mobilise the chod!
  9. UPDATE: As of post #40, the Monte Carlo SS is up and running! For now the project is on hold until May when I get back from college for the summer. Once I get back, I will be continuing work on getting the car road-worthy once more,. This includes getting new tires, cleaning it, getting historic plates, registering it as such, and switching the insurance from "in-Storage". Exciting times lie ahead in the coming months for this classic 80s car Original Post: Hello fellow shitters, The time has finally come for me to take a look at my dad's 1987 Monte Carlo SS. He bought it brand new back in 1987 and has kept it with him since then. The car has been sitting idle in our garage since I'd estimate 2004/2005/2006? I know the last time It received daily usage was 2003 and then was driven every so often until around 2006. Since then, it's been left to decay in the garage. I began to give it a bit of attention back in December of last year, and I've simply been to busy to look at it otherwise. All 4 tires had long since gone flat, so I filled them back up. The two driver's side tires are still inflated now over a year later, but the passenger side deflated within 48 hours of me filling them. If I recall correctly, at least one of them had a hole back when it was left dormant, which is likely the reason as to why it was left dormant. So its possible its just the tires, or there's now axel rot from it sitting for so long which is why they deflated so quickly. Besides the tires, the car is covered in about an inch of dust, so that'll have to be cleaned. The upholstery on the roof of the car has come detached and is currently being held up with thumbtacks, although that happened way back in like 2000, so that's been like that for awhile. The battery is stone dead, so that will need replacement. The rubber seals around the doors might have to be replaced since I'm not sure how they would hold up in the rain. Finally, whatever fluids are left are probably long stale or evaporated, so they'll need to be replaced as well. As for some cosmetic things, the left brake light cover is cracked and has been since again, around 2000. The center console cover is falling apart and probably could use replacement. The car could also use a few touch-ups on the paint as well. Given these are just cosmetic issues, they're not really major issues that I need to address to get it drivable once again. I'm planning to work on this on Tuesday during my spring break from college. My grandfather, who has been a mechanic for the past 30+ years, will be helping me to get it running once more, so it should be a pretty easy job. I plan to take pictures and to film its first start in over 10 years once the time comes. Really excited to get this car going again since its a fantastic 80s car, with it's maroon interior and exterior. I think my dad will be pretty excited too since he loves that car.
  10. It's our 17th anniversary so what better way to spend it than trapsing a most of the way across the country? It's far too early for this...
  11. As promised here is a topic for my 1985 Peugeot 305 van project The van was bought by my grandad in 1986 and used as his main workhorse until his retirement in 2010 In 2012 we moved the van from his house to a friends yard. Here's a photo from that day in 2012: My grandad died in May 2017 and the van was left to me, in August I went to pick up the van which I hadn't seen and hadn't been moved since 2012. Photos from that day: I stripped out the interior and did some poking with a screwdriver which found an ungodly amount of rust. Ive since sent the van away to be stripped fully, blasted, welded, and resprayed. I will update this thread as progress is made. Any questions are welcome Hope you all enjoy! Also thanks to Cavcraft for the help with this post!
  12. Well we are going to pick up Mrs fps runaround today, it's not going to be an action packed thread as it's only about 60 miles away but as I havnt collected anything for a while thought I'd do one all the same, hopefully we will see some interesting things on the way A couple of you may guess what it is
  13. Hello everyone after my brief introduction on the intro thread I think its time I started adding to a project thread, the title refers to what has been said when people have found out what car I have chosen as my classic it is a 1967 Rover 2000 SC Now I have had the car for about 2 months but only just this weekend have I done anything serious I managed to get the car started after god knows how long it has been sat dormant 1 new battery, stripped carb & seals later she roared into life loud enough for my neighbour to come out and say ah thought it was you! Now I am not going for originality rebuilding this rover but I am looking forward to the challenge. Next on the list is the brakes which just don't work then some welding well probably a lot actually but seeing as I am trying to keep myself busy after having a serious mental wobble a few months ago what can go wrong! On another note just before I started the beast up on Saturday my phone took a dive and I am currently awaiting a replacement so photos of the rusty blue Steptomobile are scarce.
  14. Thought it might be useful for me to start it's own project thread. Well, as we know, the MOT was obtained. Since then it's had a wash, interior valeted and carpet vacuumed. There are a few little marks and scratches here and there but nothing truly horrible. I have something that might improve matters on that front. I have a replacement front wing and some nice alloys and tyres to collect. The wing will be repainted once warmer weather happens. I started to look at sorting the non-functioning heater control (it just works on 3 and 4). It's usually the resistor thingy that dies and it is located behind the glove box drawer. Access was obtained and I realised I didn't have the correct tool at home to remove it. Stupid torx fastener. So that will be a visit to the lock up on Monday then. The replacement part is only £6 on eBay so that isn't bad really. I have a rocker cover gasket to fit as the one on the car is leaking. I just need to check the CT fluid level and fit the new coolant cap. The boot lid springs are a little weak but I have no idea as to how to sort them out. Not a biggie in the scheme of things.
  15. About two weeks ago this vehicle was inadvertently advertised by stinkwheel on here. Having recognised this vehicle from my time as moderator on the 2cvgb forum, and having seen it change hands then, I was interested. A flurry of pm's saw a seed planted in my mind. We've got some building work to do at home - so what better way to help this than to buy a van that hadn't been on the road for 8 years? Amazingly, my wife thought it a good idea too, and we discussed the proposition with our children. A family fun bus? Why not! My 5 year old son was keen, my 9 year old daughter much less so. Anyway - wingz123 delivered the mucky beast to my drive this afternoon. Thank you very much sir, lovely to meet you! So here we are, project acadiane after a quick jetwash. Sent from my SGP621 using Tapatalk
  16. As you may know I have had this GT6 for several years now. It was my daily driver for a couple of years as was my GT6 before it. They really are one of my favourite cars. I prefer Imps in almost every way except the GT6s are nearly always more reliable. I had owned this GT6 for several years in my mid 20's after a rough break up with my missus and felt the need to be a flash bastard. Fantastic car in every way. I owned it for a couple of years but I moved up to Leeds and it did not have a garage so I punted it on and always regretted it. Several years and several cars later I noticed that the cost of GT6s were creeping up. Panicking slightly I went online to see if there were any I could buy quickly before they became too expensive for me. Most were going for about £3-4k but there was one in Lincolnshite going for £2,700. I kept trying to talk myself out of it (well, I say that) but a lass at work said 'ooh, thats nice' and as she is pretty fit, I thought fuck it, YOLO etc. I drove down to Lincs in the Scirocco that several of you will have seen last week at Shitefest as its now owned by Barefoot and had a look. It was tidy enough. It was pretty ropey compared to my old one TBH but was still worth the money considering the current prices. I took it for a spin and it drove okay. As I said in Moogs thread, the sills looked very suspect but they did not worry me too much as its on a chassis. So I paid a deposit and (think) I got the train down a few days later to pick it up - It was a while ago now. On the way back the car was GR12 except for the bonnet keeping coming up at speed. Every now and then the releases on the side would just let it pop up and the whole of the front of the car would start to raise up. This was simply sorted with some pliers on the catches to make the grip more tightly but caused a couple of scary moments. When I got home this is what I had: Anyhow, I had it for a year or so and it did me proud in good weather and in bad: Here is is with the rest of the cars I had at the time. Oddly, Volksy was round my house one day whilst I was welding his Volvo and he commented on the fact my car had been on Autoshite. I had obviously posted photos of it but he explained that someone else had randomly posted a pic of it and it was a different colour. A little investigation came up with this photo: HOW HOT IS THAT! Why would anyone change that colour to what it is now? The must be mad I thought. Anyhow, it was soon after this that my problems started and I started understanding how money worked and why someone would choose a cheaper colour to paint it. Firstly, as the longer serving members here know I did this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx22_M8Cym4&feature=kp Whoops! The damage was not too bad. The exhaust was ripped off and had to be reattached with the electric wire from the fence I had just gone through backwards, the rear bumper was bent, there was a dent in the backside, my seat had been ripped from its guides and I had ended up 3ft back with the fuel tank. All were pretty easily sorted. This however is not the reason its been off the road so long. The reason for that is that I bought a house. Basically I borrowed £36k for a deposit and the got a mortgage. Not all of it needed to be repaid (thanks Dad) but enough of it was to result in me being brassic. So I popped the GT6 in the garage at my new place: Not without a fight though. The ramp up the the garage was so steep, the GT6 grounded out getting in. Simple obstacle to sort though, I just leathered it up the drive breaking the bottom of the garage door frame with the exhaust as you will probably be able to see in the picture. From there the car just languished for several years pretty much acting as a shelf for all the shite I could fit on it whilst I sorted out the Sera, Daf & Lancia (amongst other cars I owned but they actually took some actual work): Interim shite: Here is a pic of a depressed looking GT6 locked away in the garage looking out at my other shite. last year I dragged the GT6 out to properly sort it and get it back on the road. Here it is on a short drive to the pub with the Lancia: The sills and strengtheners were pretty rotten: I had proper sills but was not forking money out on the inside so just used a few slices of metal: I then popped the sill on. (I wish I had taken more photos before I started this there are SO many gaps). I had to also weld up te rear NS arch and the rear OS floor and several other bits. There are still several bits to weld up on the car but there are not test fails (I don't think). Structurally its pretty good. I have since let out my house and moved in with the missus and work has recommenced on the GT6 in the last few weeks. Since it was laid up it developed some electrical problems. For the first time in about 10 years I took a car of mine to a garage to sort out rather than trying to lash it together with chewing gum and foil from fag packets etc. Sadly when I got it back its blowing fuses here there and everywhere. I rang them today and they said they will sort it so I wont name and shame them unless they do me over. They have a good rep though so think it will be okay. The overdrive also does not work anymore. Last time I used it, the overdrive was getting slower and slower to engage. Having never owned a car with overdrive before, I have no idea what this means. Do I need to replace it or is it something else? Is it an easy fix? Fook knows. However, getting it on the road is the priority so that I can then take it straight back off the road to do the cosmetic welding. I think I will update this thread as I go along.
  17. So, I've had this about a year now, it replaced the Talbot Express based camper now owned by Cobblers. That had for me a great layout and well thought out storage, but as my two girls are getting older, (11 this month), I felt I needed more sleeping space. I've run the Convoy for a year and although it's working out well I've noted shortcomings as they've appeared with the intention of addressing them 'soon'. Here's the beast in question...
  18. Its valentine's weekend, love is all around so to celebrate two shiters are taking an international collection mission. It is a famously* reliable* car that currently needs putting back together. WCPGW. It will also include a visit to other shiters for gearbox shenanigans. Should be fun*
  19. Now, after thinking long and hard I have decided to try and part with this thing. The Great* BMW 635CSi. I bought this car from some dark shady place in Hackney and everything told me to walk away but in true shitter style I handed over the cash and drove it home. That was about 6 years ago. The plan was for it to be a rolling project but behind the scenes it was far worse than it looked and the bridge was looming. I took some weeks off work and tore it to pieces after taking it to fail an MOT. This showed me what I needed to do to get it legal after about 20 years of fudging it's way through life on bent tickets. Work done and it was used pretty much daily but it was a ticking time bomb waiting for all those 1980's parts to expire. Most of them did and were replaced accordingly. It's broke down twice. Once was a loose earth to the battery which was probably my fault and was so obvious that no one found it and the second time the main relay gave out. This car was my pride and joy and nothing would keep it from moving. ^ In it's prime* It's got plenty of character. It has a mind boggling electrical problem to do with the interior electrics which when I bought it involved having to remove the interior fuse under the bonnet to shut the engine down, and likewise the opposite to start it... not handy when refulling so I bunged a switch inside. It's now a safety feature. It's got a little knock when selecting reverse, it's always done it which tells me it's working. The bonnet, I removed no less than 12 coats of paint as it was chipping like a china plate. It is now in grey epoxy but the air flow meter blowing up dented it a little bit. Thanks. No BMW alarm anymore. The previous owner had this removed as it was thought to be causing the starting issues. The BMW wiring expert* consequently buggered up the cars electrics resulting in the above. ABS is disconnected as it was working at random. Never used ABS, don't know what it's for so it's left disconnected Heater valve has always been knackered. Blows fast hot only so that's never been looked at as it is considered to be working. I can live with these problems but then it developed more sinister issues: 1) The rear half shaft undone itself but not completely 2) the boot lock failed to work and had to be drilled out 3) ignition issues resulting in 3 distributor caps. 4) Air flow meter exploded one fine morning resulting in a total Motronic system check and overhaul where needed. 5) The starter motor stopped starting the motor which was an absolute A hole to change. 6) The most recent, the brakes all lock on when the engine gets hot. 7) The fuel pressure regulator needs to be replaced. The car runs great on it but it can be improved. It causes a minor on/ off surge on fast straights in the summer. Problems I've caused. 1) The ride height is too low Due to a complete career shift I had to give up my unit which was where miracles took place and weekly inspections and repairs could be done. The car was pressed into daily service, 100 miles a day for a few months or so until the brake problem became apparent, on the A14, in heavy traffic. Terribly embarrassing. My career is very demanding and since May last year this car has been sat. I have no time usually and I hate seeing the thing stuck outside and it hates me for leaving it there. I have managed to get some time to do bits and have started to replace stuff on the master cylinder, pressure sphere ect but I don't know if this is the cure... which will just give me the arsehole if it isn't. I have also detected that the bulkhead seals and possibly the windscreen is letting water by. I removed the carpets and hey presto... I have some welding to do. So what's the future for it? I don't like it anymore... it's beaten me down and without my unit, working on it is hard work (I also own a Land rover...) I have come to realise after a year or so that I can't afford the time and aggro with it anymore and I think that it's best to move it on. BUT I DON'T WANT TO! So, I'm am continuing to repair the mysterious brake issue in a bid to fix it and I'm going to weld er up and continue to try seek some enjoyment out of it like the good old days but in the meantime it's like having an anchor around my neck so if it sells, it sells. The good bits... 1) The car is fast. Hit that sport switch and boot it. Nothing falls off and you stay in the same lane. Gives plenty of modernz a run for their money. That engine will gowan and on, it's been serviced when it's been due with only the best oil and proper plugs, compression tested too. I put a pipercross in it but thought it was shit so reverted to the standard filter. 2) Decent HT leads 3) Auto box had some work years ago totaling £1500! What? 4) Most (about 85%) of the bushes are polybushes. Trailing arms need doing although there is no play with the current rubbery ones. 5) Most 'messed about and lashed up by previous owner' stuff has been changed out. 6) Rear tyres (cooper) are recent but I'm not happy with their performance in the wet pulling away as they can smoke and lose it like fcuk. The car suits dunlop sports well but I kept getting irrepairable punctures which gets expensive. The fronts are sports but are worn. Spare is original rim and tyre (good luck using that). 7) Leather is in good nik with no rips. Drivers bolster is worn obviously but tarts up ok. Underside is well alright. I have pictures of all the bits that I done to it. 9) Body paint is totally and utterly fucked because patina (shit paint job, laquer peel and fading). Ideally needs some panel rust dealing with and a blow over. I like it as it is... Looks street Yo. 10) Heaps of paperwork, receipts, MOT'S, plans of action and diag test results all in a lever arch binder. Can get pictures on file too. The bits it'll ideally need soon: 1) New suspension. You'll get the hump with the lowness. Working on it sucks. 2) The sills have only another couple of years in them at a push. 3) Brake backing plates. I've repaired them. The backs are holding out ok but the fronts are gonna vanish 4) doors seals, sunroof seal 5) back light seals and chrome. It's all fucked and can't be fixed. 6) I'm putting on new front brakes as they got fried 7) Probably a power steering pump as it whines sometimes when cold To make it ACE: 1) All of the above but decent parts are becoming an absolute joke to get hold of. Walloth are catering more for these now but the 635 has been largely left out of the club. Here are some pictures took today after pushing it out of hibernation... So there... I've been honest, buy it for £NOT FORCED STALE and put me out of my misery. However, as I do want to sell it don't want to sell it, as I fix the thing and get it back on the road, the price will reflect that and probably will end up not being for sale. Location: Cambs
  20. Once upon a time, I owned a Morris Minor: It was a wretched little car. This was in no small part due to its Austin A30 running gear, foisted upon Morris on account of the BMC inception. A weedy 803cc engine which ate big end bearings (actually the first A Series but the later versions were completely different), terrible gearbox with a gear stick 3 feet long (which at least had some novelty value) and the A30 rear axle ratio; in other words, very low. It was gutless and slow. I vowed never to have another again, unless it was the right model. By the 'right model', I mean what the biscuit and tea Minor lot call a 'transitional' car. These were built from late 1962 to 1964 and incorporate the earlier features of separate starter control, opposing arc wipers, gold faced speedometer and duotone upholstery, with the benefit of the later engine which made the Minor into the car everybody knows and loves. All this was years ago; I hadn't had one for ages as I realised there were better, more interesting cars out there for the same or less money, and in any case, they would hardly ever be in short supply. In short, apart from the desire to own another being at the back of my mind, I wasn't too bothered. Enter an old friend I knew from my split-screen owning days, who asked if I still had a Minor, to which I answered no, but would have another of the aforesaid type. "I'm selling one!", my mate said. "Great!" quoth I, and promptly went to see it. Cosmetically challenged but solid with evidence of recent, good welding, I was suitably impressed. The next step was to get it running, which it did after cleaning the points and filling the SU with a fresh charge of bang water. Turning it on the handle first to gently free up the engine, for it had been standing a few years, the ignition was subsequently switched on and, heavens above, it fired straight up! Sounded sweet, too. Needless to say I had already agreed to buy it. Here it is: There is much to be done in the way of little jobs before it returns to the road, and it is a 1962 car so will need an MoT. Junkman and Conrad kindly offered to help out and begin work, but the car is here, and indeed the moral support of the GGG is second to none. This new arrival means the Shite Station Wagon will be up for sale, as I don't have room for them all.
  21. Hi all, Thought I'd start a Chodject (Chod Project) for my latest acquisition, a Venetian Pink 1988 Citroen BX 16RS. After being sat for 13 years unused on a drive and then garden, I (and Mr Schwifty of this parish) saved it from being sent to the scrappy, which i'm glad I did as it's FAR too clean to scrap! Been looking for a BX for a little while, but almost completely opposite spec to this, really was looking for a high spec late turbo diesel estate, buuuutttt this one was 3 miles from my house and needed rescuing so it's the BX I have! 1 owner from new (fastidious nuclear physicist), 98000 miles on the clock, as straight and honest a car as you could ever ask for! So, this how we found it: Very leafy and full of cobwebs. After a couple of hours we had it up and running, threw a battery on it, a clean up of a few crappy ignition connections and some fuel in it and it fired right up for the first time in about 5 years! The suspension all seems to work as it should, the brakes working fine, even the central locking and electric windows working without fault. In the background is my daily driver 405 estate and my friend Ben's 305 estate. The above happened on a Saturday afternoon, we returned to next day to actually buy the car and get it home, I completely forgot to take any photos of this, but we flat towed it back behind the 405, number board strapped on the back. Back at home and it was time for an immensely satisfying couple of hours with the pressure washer! Before: After: Looked great whilst it was still wet, but it is desperately in need of a polish in the future. It's remarkably free of rust, considering it's been sat on it's belly on grass and under a tree for the last few years, a couple of patches needed in the boot floor corners and maybe a little on the firewall and one of the inner wings, but it's really very rot free. Since that initial weekend I've been mostly parts gathering, large overhaul required in the engine bay having sat for so long, cambelt, oil, filters, plugs, leads, dizzy cap etc etc. This last weekend I finally got my teeth stuck into it, more to follow....
  22. Not sure how much interest there'll be in this on here but Joe reckoned I should stick some photos up. If I don't get told to piss off then I'll post some more. I bought this 52.1/2ft Ex Admiralty Harbour Service Launch back at the beginning of 2006 (I would have been 17 and it was before I'd rebuilt any cars!) What was going to be a cheap source of accommodation rapidly transformed into a financially crippling restoration project which is still ongoing.... As she was when I bought her showing the previous owners Inspired* Shedlike addition: Arriving at my new mooring: For reasons unknown the previous owner had painted 90% of the boat in "International Distress Orange" My mother, presumably asking me about the logic behind my new summer* project: (*also winter, spring & autumn) Showing genuine barnfind* condition: Shortly after getting the boat the garden shed was removed: And in time a new wheelhouse and funnel were built to as close to what the boat would have had originally as I could manage: 6Ltr Supercharged 2 Stroke Diesel (with twin overhead exhaust valves!): Which redlines at 2800rpm! the Gearbox has a 3to1 stepdown reduction so the rpm at the propeller is pretty slow: A photo taken 5.1/2 years ago before I'd really started on the structural stuff: And Finally two taken just last week: Thanks for reading! Dave
  23. The tickets are collected, and a basic toolkit is being assembled. Go time is 7:40am.
  24. I might* have left a deposit on a car, sight unseen & booked train tickets for tomorrow.... Clues are - Not french Junkman approved transmission and fuel Contains an adequate number of cylinders
  25. Hi I am not sure if we have any members in New York. It is a bit of a long shot but I have my eye on a Corvair on Staten Island that I am pretty close to a deal on but if anyone is in the area who could cast an eye over it for me in exchange for beer vouchers that would be great.
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