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Found 183 results

  1. Right... We've had a huge amount of lovely cars and many excellent write-ups on here lately. I find this completely unacceptable and I've decided to do something about it ! I therefore welcome you all to a blog dedicated to my "private scrapyard", as Mrs.Fraud affectionately* calls my collection of... erm... not-so-mainstream classics*. If you don't like awful cars, please move on - there's nothing to see here. But if you do, I'm sure that you'll find my struggle with poverty, hoarding and mechanical incompetence truly fascinating. So let's start... ​ ​ ​
  2. Few weeks ago I realised that I haven't done anything completely and utterly daft of late. Subconsciously I decided to act before I forget how to do stupid things. The thing arrived yesterday evening. As standard, when you get a project car from PBK, it comes with some surface rust and at least one panel prepared or in need of painting. Few things are missing still need sourcing and the whole thing recommissioning (I never thought I would use this word again in my life) Don't worry people, this project will never get finished so expect no further updates until it's back looking for new owner.
  3. After several years here I'll fully admit I am not a seasoned chod-veteran like many, but here's my tosh. I'll begin with my dad and American chod. During my teenage years this was the toy barn: My first adventure in rebuilding began with my dad's 1952 GMC truck. Started like this. Freshly imported from a dry state with a solid body. Rear axle had been dragged around for a while and the drums were worn half away. 228 cubic inches of straight six with knackered rings. Rebuild commenced. Spent a year rebuilding the engine with all fresh bits imported from the states. Neglected to acid dip it, and turned out one of the splash oil bores was clogged with crud. 500 miles later the big ends melted and fused. Much swearing, much vehicle aimed violence. Out comes that lump. This prime piece of chod donated it's heart. 350ci of v8 muscle*. Actually originated in a smog tune Camaro, so about as shite a v8 as you can pick. Truck now owned by a family friend looking like this: My own first motor was this. 1972 VW Beetle 1302s Lasted 500 miles. Failed on rust. Got it on the ramp and it had rusted right across the rear end. Engine was about to damn fall out. Whole thing needed a new floor plan. Got broken for parts. That got replaced with this: Golf 1.4i cl In around 2006. 72,000 miles on it at the time. One old lady owner from new, giffer driven, full VW service history. Bargain at £1k. Much work was done Now at 156,000. Syncromesh dead in 2nd and 3rd. Very noisy tappets. Engine mounts shot. Rotten jacking points. Bugger won't die. MOT runs out next week, and I feel really bad at the idea of breaking it. Going to stick it in and see if it will pass an MOT, but I'm getting fed up of having squeaky bumhole journeys that it will drop a valve. 18 months ago, added this to the fleet: Scirocco 1.8 8v carb £1k on ebay, advertised with one line of information. 67,000 miles, FSH, 3 owners from new, mainly giffer driven, but owned by a young guy for a year before I bought it. Solid body, decent engine. Mk2 Golf GTD gearbox with a massively tall 5th gear (2k RPM = 80mph). Saving the pennies while commuting yo! Issues have been that it has not had it's perishables repaired in a long time, so since I've had it it's had: New hard brake lines New braided soft brake lines De-rusted and waxoyled fuel lines. New timing belt and aux belt. New temp sensor. A new CV Carb rebuild. In between I briefly flirted with a a Renault 4 van and a BMC FG350 Ambulance (converted to a camper). No photos of these. There's also been this 1987 Scirocco GTX 150,000 I bought locally as a cat C write off with the intention of repairing. Then found out the A-pillar, the B-pillar and rear chassis were buckled. Would never have been right again. Broke her for parts. Finally Jaguar S-Type 3.0 v6. Recently bought this for a charity rally. T-reg 1999, so think it still counts as chod. Plus it cost £750 and has done 165,000 miles.
  4. So an extension, Capri and general life just isn’t busy enough so a new arrival is (relatively) imminent from the superb Strangeangel of this Parish. The fail sheet is fairly extensive but nothing too scary. Once it has been delivered (by a Northern bloke called Ron) I will do a full inspection and see what it needs to get it ready for some summer fun. Parts wise it will need at least discs and pads, possibly calipers and possible some rear end attention as handbrake is marginal according to Sir MoT man. It needs a lower suspension arm as the ball joint is fubar. Does anyone know if there were any/ many differences across the 205 range? ECP are asking £95 but list one for £27 on eBay for a 1.4 205 but the fitment range doesn’t include the convertible. Then comes the joy of fault finding electrical issues and French fuel injection. I am truly excited! As I don’t have a pic of my own, have one from the for sale thread:
  5. Right then, time to have a go at a thread on my latest acquisition, methinks. Back on January 30th, I made the mighty voyage ooop north (relatively speaking) to meet Hooli, a top shitter who'd agreed to sell me his navy blue XJ8 Sovereign. Exhibit A: My best attempt at Woollarding The journey was, surprisingly it being a jag, entirely uneventful, it simply wafted its way all the way back to my workshop where it now resides. So far all I've done is a service, but the to do list so far is: - Sort out driver's heated seat - Sort out parking sensors (She's a big old barge....) - Investigate the odd knocking noise and slight slipping of the auto 'box - Source appropriate locking wheel nuts - Sort the rust! With regard to rust, the driver's side front wing is a complete write off, with the passenger side heading the same way. Thankfully these are bolt on, so minimal fuss in replacing once the parts have been found. Unfortunately, the rear wings are also beginning to suffer from the Norwegian Chrome somewhat, so they'll need to be replaced at a later date too. I did get it up on the ramp (with my fingers firmly crossed) to inspect the underside, here are the results: Not too bad! It's mostly very solid, the underseal having done its job, which is splendid. That's all for now, but I hope to keep this thread updated, can't promise updates won't be sporadic though! abelw44
  6. Calling all AS MOT testers and real mechanics! Sorry it's not proper Autoshite, but just Autoshit. Just took the 2005 Honda Jazz in for it's annual safety inspection - NCT - because Ireland. The tester has failed it on front suspension top mounts, both sides: 05KE16448_NCT_2016_04_25_001 by E Honda, on Flickr However, came home and in doing a quick Google to see if it was a common problem, I stumbled across the NZ equivalent of "Matters of Testing" and found this: WOF NEWS - 2010-12 - Issue 15 - Honda Jazz GD Front Suspension by E Honda, on Flickr What's the opinion on this? I will go out and check them myself, but I've a feeling that the items have be incorrectly tested and I need to go through the rigmarole of an appeal.
  7. As I mentioned in the Show Us Your 2CV thread, I recently bought a 1988 Citroen 2CV special after spending a few months looking at dozens of them for sale on the Internet. I've started a thread as owning it is going to raise a lot of questions. As an example of how much I know about them, I spent a good couple of minutes pulling at things on the dashboard looking for the bonnet release before working out that it should be opened from the outside. The main two problems I'm going to have to sort out with it are the rust on the sills, front floor and toeboard (I'll get someone who knows what they're going to do this) and the electrics. It has, weirdly, been fitted with a second battery and I've got no idea why so investigating that will be fun. Anyway it's nice to join the list of 2CV owners here and I'm looking forward to taking it out on the road once it's all done.
  8. Hope there is some interest on here for my old Slaaaag Bought it 2 April 1994 and have maintained a love / hate relationship since. Two engine rebuilds 2 and a half body restorations and much shenanigans in between. Story starts 1 April 1994 towards the end of an evening of light refreshments, consisting mainly of 20 Marboro Red and about 12 or so pints of Flowers Bitter, down at the Hogsmill Tavern in Ewell where I used to live. One of the lads was whinging about getting married and buying houses and raising money. He mentioned he had a Stag part restored which he didn’t really want to sell and I kind of said “yep i’ll have itâ€. To be honest I don’t actually recall saying that I would have it but he called me next morning in the midst of a thumping hangover to arrange a visit. I walked round to his house and he had it outside his garage. I checked it over and the body was sound but the mechanicals and interior had been loose fitted together. Here are some of his piccies of it as he bought it and then some of his body restoration stuff For some reason it ended up being test driven back to Ma and Pa thestags house, Ma was out but Pa looked over the car and nodded. He agreed it could be stored in his garage on two conditions; He be "allowed" to stump up half of the £4k asking price (complex financial support story for my Siblings) All mechanical oily work be done by a mechanic – the drive and garage were at this point littered with bits of Moggie Minors, 105E Anglias and P6 Rovers. How could I refuse, hands shook and Lloyd walked home happy while I wandered what the fuck had just happened. Here it is on that very day Note not only the complete lack of cars parked on the road but also the quality of mid 90s chod
  9. Having fetched this French delight from deepest, darkest Norfolk (well Norwich actually) in an underwhelming collection, for no other reason than the van was scooped up onto a trailer for its journey home, it was time to see what was needed. I knew a RH side load door was needed, luckily an item was procured for £20 from a guy breaking a Scudo. I drove across to Swadlincote in the van and it proved to drive well, as expected from wuvvum’s write up. On the way home it started surging when the fuel level dropped below quarter on the gauge, again as expected. Door was fitted and adjusted on return, it was even the same colour! During the week I looked at the rear doors and fettled and adjusted the locks / latches. Today I dropped the fuel tank and found a loose baffle, along with crud in the fuel pick up / tank unit. A road test will be the proof of this repair. I also achieved a working temperature gauge today and changed the power steering fluid out. The to do list includes a coolant flush, new tyres (cracked side walls), new discs and pads, LH door slider and lock handle, a deep interior clean and removal of the ladder rack. In the meantime have some photos.
  10. Ok so I thought Id better get a thread on this car due to purchasing it from a member on here HMC. I wasnt looking for a car but I saw it and it was much cheapness and after a little procrastination decided to purchase it. HMC very gratiously drove the car to my house and I gave him a lift back. He had been very honest about the car( I wish more people were) The first thing was getting a cambelt kit due to the thermostat not working properly( running cool). So heres a list of things bought so far Timing belt kit air filter car battery oil filter oil spark plugs thermostat waterpump drive belt Front brake discs Front brake pads Rocker cover gasket crankshaft seal sump plug sump gasket. Me working nights has stopped me doing anything due to very long hours at work. My dad woke me up and said you had better come and have a look at your car. He showed me the cambelt and said you were very lucky that it didnt go due to it not having hardly any teeth left. (its a non interferance engine) The car is now in bits and he has taken friday off from work to get it all sorted for me. We had a look underneath the car and its very rusty( which we knew) There are a couple of big holes in the inner rear arches and alot of underpaint peeling so we have got some stonechip and after rubbing down will paint. Im very happy with this purchase as normally I want my cars to look as good as possible but its nice to have something I am not afraid of leaving in a carpark. Also I can fit my sinclair C5 in once i complete that. I hope HMC doesnt mind me using his pictures. Thanks Thomas.
  11. I have had that hankering for something new for a while. I lost out on a few bits and bobs on eBay after being a tight wad. Then this popped up on here the other day and I thought it would do me that. I am a massive fan of trims and amber indicators on these old boats. I have had two before and I am just a fan of there wallowing, leisurely ride. Also it’s brown inside!!!! I roped my normal car collecting victim, my dad, into driving it back for me. Thanks to theorganist aka Peter who was a gent and let me come and view it early sat morn. It drove back fine and luckily for my old man it was a warm dry morning as one of the rear windows was stuck down. He loved piloting it back and wants it off me already. Have a few pics. Not cleaned or anything just plonked in the workshop at work. Gonna order a vacuum pump for the central locking and have a look at the electrical issue that’s stopping all the windows working and also the heater blower is a gonna. Also going to give it a major service and renew a lot of the ignition bits. It looks like it will come up pretty ace with a going over with the polisher. It’s pretty amazingly solid, with only a few tiny little spots of rust coming through at the front of the front wings and a dent on a rear corner. I am looking forward to getting stuck in and do something, not had any mojo for working on cars for a while and have been sending everything off to be sorted. Not sure what to do with it after that, might keep it and just bomb around in it, I also fancy taking it on a nice European road trip. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I am in massive need of another big Merc. Panel van, or minibus conversion would be acceptable, as long as there's no fibreglass to be seen on the coachbuilding. Rust is always a problem with these, so im aware of that issue and willing to weld one. What have you seen?
  13. Back in 2002 I bought this for £600: At some point it's been thru land rover centre Huddersfield, thus the crappy "county" stripes and big side windows. It didn't take long to realise it was fairly fucked so it went in the garage for a bit of fixing. It's still in the garage. It has to come out soon 'cos garage is in danger of collapse. It's got a series 2a chassis plate, so could be a ring a ding ding series 3 for tax exempt. I like to think it's a genuine Trigger's broom series 2. It has bitsa traits like not having any matching glass triplex codes, the rear panels are showing blue paint under the grey & a military surplus 2 1/4 petrol instead of the diesel the chassis number suggests. I prefer the series 2 look so have binned off the series 3 wings / bonnet / front panel for series 2 parts. Going to keep the series 3 bulkhead, it's in better nick than the series 2 one I've got. The chassis is shot to shit. So I've replaced every outrigger and liberally applied 3mm plate. It's a bit more sturdy now. I had the gearbox out so I could replace the cross member with a removable one, and patch up the chassis in the general area. Trouble is I lost the holes for the hand brake pivot, and then lost my template for drilling new ones. Plan b: stick the gearbox back in, connect up hand brake, put the pivot where it feels right. Fail! I can't drill the holes on the inside of the chassis without taking the gearbox back out. Sod it, weld it on (bonus Y tho?): Also been doing gearbox archaeology. Had the usual 1/4" thick layer of mud / oil combo, which I've traced to someone put one of the selector seals inside the gearbox instead of in the retaining groove so oil could come out freely. Found this: Very helpful to grind off the gearbox number. Also this: M21-7 ? Yes, boring myself silly with this too. Please put up with this crappy project, if I update it it may motivate me enough to finish it. Ta.
  14. Thought I’d started a thread about this but hadn’t. So here goes. I was looking for an engine for my red hatchback when Fordperv called the bat phone and told me about a car for sale in some arsehole end of stoke in a garden. I’ve lost a lot of early photos but we went over with my Mondeo, an A frame and a couple of spare wheels. Prized £80 out of my wallet and pulled it out of the guys garden. Or was it £60? I can’t remember. But it only needed 1 tyre swapping. The 1600 engine and 4 spd box was missing, haha, ironic, so it was hooked up and hauled away. I’ve had it since 2008. Started welding it myself in 2009 then came into some money and payed someone to finish it off.... well the main stuff. New rear panel, inner and outer sills, front nose, battery try, rear lower quarters, front foot wells plus other bits n bobs. Then it sat it in my unit for ever. Over the last ten years I’ve been collecting parts ready to rebuild it and I recon I’ve got 90% of bits to finish, just need time to do it. This first pic is of it in the shed where some guys did the welding. Then it came home back to my unit, where it still is. WHY SO SIDEWAYS? Bloody uploads them right then flips them over! Grrr. More incoming.
  15. Meet Tonton tête de bite. He's my brother in law, and obviously uncle to my kids. Here he is on the front page of the Daily Mail, performing an act which got him the sack from PC World: No, not him, this one: That's right, he was walking past Charlie Gilmour, minding his own business on a day he just happened to have phoned in sick in the West Midlands, and his boss saw his face the next day: Anyway, as noted in the News 24 thread, he passed his test in France, where he lives, just shy of two years ago, and since then has been running around in a diesel Felicia. He hadn't driven a RHD car until last week, when I insured him on the Leaf so he can go and visit his mother. And he's never driven a manual petrol car. But, he needs to see a couple of mates near Manchester, and heard that I might be offering an all expenses paid day trip for one to Chez Sporty-Shite. So this morning I dropped him at the station, then came home to start this thread work from home. To be continued....
  16. I've owned 100 cars since 1999. On 1st April I will be collecting number 101. It is an economical car, that has 11 months MOT. It is pre 2001 and is the higher tax bracket. No more clues until tomorrow evening...
  17. Decided its about time to lump all my vehicles in one post, so i have a diary of progress, or more likely disasters! First one on the fleet is Shonky, a bx 17tgd. My favourite out the lot, and has taken me to France numerous times. All time best I've managed on a run is 65mpg taking it easy. He was a bit of a mess when I bought him, hence the name. However he was remarkable solid, just needing the usual inner wing repairs doing. He also had cambelt, new rear arm bearings, alloys and new tyres, replacement drivers seat, and next year I'll be replacing his rear quarter panel as its been bashed numerous times in the past. Next came the Xsara enterprise van, nicely run in at 278k now with a massive history file. It had one company owner from new until I bought it two years ago. Cambelt just changed and now showing an engine management light, something to do with the maf sensor. I've just bought a Lexia and trying to get my head round it so diagnostics might become easier. really need a better laptop on Xp than the one I'm using to install it on. Then there's the bargain Xm I bought for £200 which came with a full tank of petrol! Known as the Gaffer due to his reg plate, he had a full exhaust and flew through his Mot. Did about 2000 miles in him but then he blotted his copy book by bursting a main hydraulic pipe. Currently sat on the drive awaiting repairs. He's pretty solid underneath but suffering laquer peel on the roof and a few other little places. Gaffer is a 2 litre 16v petrol automatic so likes a drink. A little c2 was bought as i needed to put my car no claims on something before I lost them. Somehow got the nickname of Project Pinky, mainly due to his manly colour. Just finished giving him a full service, cambelt, front shocks, strut mounts and bearings, brake discs and pads, and bottom ball joints. Changed his rotten aftermarket replacement front wing for a temporary black one to I can either find a replacement in the correct colur or get rattle can a panel up. Also got a replacement interior in the original funky orange colour of Ebay for 10p, yes 10p. This has been fitted to replace the ones which had some nasty fag burns. Aircon even works too, a bonus in the summer. Finally theres is Bleriot, my problem child. Purchased for the sum of £215, he's a 1.7d, so epic ally slow, and suffers really loud intake noise. He will never be a show car, he's had some poor quality repairs in the past but he's fun to drive with no pas and a very short first gear. Currently just gone round the back to start replacement of the front to rear hydraulic pipes, as one burst. Pipes are a bit rusty! After a clean up with the pressure washer. surprisingly all the usual rot points at the back are solid. I'll rust treat any little bits and wax oil before he goes back on the road. Found a little more welding needed on the sill. He needs all his front inner wings doing too, but i'm trying to ignore this lol Oh and yes, this little beauty is getting delivered tomorrow, care of WorldofCeri. Its a 1,4 petrol St tropez. Needs some welding doing, a good valet, and service before a mot. Its completely poverty spec, with no central locking and keep fit windows. It does however have a factory fitted glass tilt sunroof and funky seats. I'll try my best to remember to keep this thread updated with fleet updates and repairs.
  18. Car : y reg Omega 3.2 MV6 196K Rocker Gaskets replaced last summer at about 183K with genuine parts. Proper cleaned out breather tubes on top of engine. . Oil changed at 193K with genuine GM Fully Syth and Filter. (Cast Housing) No leaks until 3 weeks ago. Started small, I always check the oil before a long journey (and I do a lot of them) and I've been adding a bit more often but now on Thursday I had to top up after 100 miles into a Journey, and Then again 80 Miles later (on Sunday) and again this morning at 70 miles into a Journey, AND then another 70 miles this afternoon, and now 70 miles on it needs more. I calculate about 6 litres for about 450 miles. That's a lot of rust proofing on the exhaust and lots of it on the floor. I've not had it up on the ramps, (as Snow and rain and doesn't fit in my garage) but had it running and had a look at the filter housing area, and seems to be pouring down the back of the engine. At first I wondered if the little wiring plug next to the Oil Filter Housing is likely to leak? but seems to be above that. (Car is too low to see without ramps) When the Rocker gaskets were leaking before it was all very slow. Yes there was an advisory on the MOT, but nothing like this. And it hasn't been leaking in at least 12K since I did them. So what are we thinking ? I blame JohnK !!!!! There is oil on the rocker cover because Spillage
  19. I have had my 1 Series BMW on Scumtree this last week, it's been a difficult sell due to the mileage I think. It's got nearly 250k and no one seems to be up for a car with that mileage showing, even though it has extensive history and has been serviced every 10k in the last 6 years. I have a guy coming over to look at it tomorrow but he has a 2003 Cooper Bini. This might be a good little thing for Mrs T, what to look for and what goes wrong though. Any experience anyone? Thanks in advance!
  20. So, as any good autoshiter knows - if you have a hankering for an estate (insert other car here) you of course make sure you have all bases covered and end up with 3 of them...... I (we) decided the weekend was the perfect (only) time to get over and collect the motor of much cheapness (other estate is cheapness of tin foil variety so this was second placed). Minime has collection-eered before and loves it, so no worries there. Up at crack of Dawn - she's a game girl - and a decently healthyish breakfast was had...... and out the door with munchkin with suitable cards, wallets, foliage and other important paper type shite... to utilise the Choo Choo number1 which saw successful crossing of much water without a drop on us.....thankfully - we were happy about that. To celebrate - we spent the day whiling away the hours before we avoided a well respected shiter..... so we saw a lot of things like this and enjoyed sunshine.... as it got dark - we headed to that battlefield memorial that is a struggle of even greater forces even to this day..... Waterloo. Got on this - which then stood fucking still for an eternity..... while WhatsApp messages were pinged back n forth to keep vendor and gf informed we were royally fucked by the Rail that is SouthWestern...... as vendor works for them - I couldn't say too much. He's a nice chap. Rocked up at almost 22 of those daily hours..... gf was nice goth rock lady that munchkin liked a lot. Papers were thrown at each other..... key turned - trundled off into the darkness. It was at this point I realised I hadn't watched as taxi man got us to the address..... so had no clue as to the way out. 30mins later..... a main road. 5mins after that - motorway. Navigator had given up and I was on my own....... HS2 nightmare that is blockage - meant hotel was achieved at midnight with sleeping navigator over my shoulder. 5hrs sleep and a day of rest beckoned......
  21. Anyone fancy a day in North London fettling a small 1300 Dolomite? Needs a service, choke cable fitting, rad filling and rear brakes taking apart and cleaning. Good kebabs available locally! Fluids provided! Fuzzy head preventing actual doing of things. Plus additional Toledo fettling if desired. Needs a 12v socket fitting and rerouting the overdrive switch so it fits under the dash, need advice on a switch and a tell tale light. Anyone fancy it who is electrically savvy?
  22. Coalnotdole's Scimitar GTE: Fuel Injecting The Ford Essex I've spent the last two weeks working on the Scimitar, ok I'll be specific: The red GTE (as I do own three of the sodding things.) I've been considering starting a thread about it for a while but I'm no longer sure it really qualifies as autoshite enough...? After all Scimitars are sort of a bit desirable now... well ok, they are not as worthless as they used to be. I've never actually done a thread on the GTE as I had sort of thought it was mainstream and classic car like for the forum, Though it did make an appearance at shitefest 2015 and does feature occasionally in the news thread and has even made it into the calendar! So it is maybe at least a bit AS? Anyway I'll let the forum decide, If no ones interested I'll stick to posting about Rebels and SS1's. I can promise though that this thread will feature the following key elements: A Plastic Shooting brake form the early 70's. Spending far in excess of the value of the car on fixing / modifying it. A reckless disregard for the sensible use of money. The worst paint job in history* An engine tuned up by former Williams F1 engineer, Complicated Electronics that I don't fully understand, Fibreglass work and Welding, A daily diver that only a total masochist would bother with, An opportunity for it all to go spectacularly wrong... I should probably take the opportunity at this point to fill in some background history on the car. I bought it in 2010 as a non running project. I'd never owned an old* car before instead I generally drove end of life modern bangers all of which I'd driven into the ground (some of them literally.) I'd admired the Scimitar since I saw one decaying in a yard where my dad went to get his cars serviced, They slipped from my mind until one day I was in an abandoned foundry in Ipswich and came across a discarded book on cars ( I think it was Clarksons top 100 cars or something like that,) In amongst all the exotica was a Scimitar and suddenly I was reminded of that car I'd seen years before. A few months later my mk4 Astra terminally shit its gearbox and fuel pump in the space of a month, Pissed off with the disposable nature of modern cars I got thinking about the Scimitar. Surely a fibreglass bodied car with a solid chassis and an over engineered British V6 should be the Ideal car? It won't rot, should be reliable and any problems should be fixable with a piece of chewing gum and a bit of string... Naturally at this point I went on eBay and because I didnt know what I was doing (or looking at for that matter) I inevitably bought the worst Scimitar project available. The engine bay had been on fire and badly repaired with steel, the wiring loom was missing, The chassis needed a total overhaul, the suspension was fucked and the brakes only existed as parts in a bucket! Somehow with my mate Dave's assistance we managed to put it back together and against all the odds in 2011 It went back on the road and did become my everyday car. The GTE in 2011 It benefitted from rolling improvements and as an when I had spare cash bits were steadily enhanced to improve reliability. Generally, it was pretty good and fail to proceed incidents were rare enough, certainly rare enough for me to keep my job in any case. By Spring 2016 and suddenly there were a few clouds on the horizon the engine felt tired, it was down on power and had an unfortunate tendency to run hot. It was rough at Idle and Recently the oil pressure has seemed a bit low. In short I sort of suspected it was a bit fucked. (though it was still good enough to get me done for speeding on the M4 eariler in the year...) Here's a recent-ish picture of the car: The engine was the one that came with car when I bought it 6 years ago. Its not original to the car and I haven't done a huge amount to it in that time, save for fitting a set of unleaded heads with roller rockers (as the push fit studs kept pulling out.) and fit a steel timing gear. Its done quite a few miles since then. hard to put a figure on it as the odometer is a bit erratic, certainly more than 60,000 though. Not too bad for a random second hand engine. I'd always known the engine was going to need attention before long and I'd horded a decent amount of tuning bits, as well as 2 complete 3.1 Essex's. I had intended to put together a decent fast road oriented 3.1 but as a project it had more or less come to a halt at the parts acquisition stage. As I started getting the parts together to build up a new engine I found my focus creeping towards trying to get a touch more power out of the Essex. the figure of 185ish ft lb of torque with around 200hp appealed. This is a reasonable enough figure but to get there your probably going to have to change to either a Holley carb or a triple weber setup. My GTE's an everyday car rather than a weekend / track car so the concept of mid teens on the MPG was enough to get me to think twice about going down that route. A few years back I became aware of the Samcor EFI Essex and that begged the question was it possible to squeeze extra performance out of the Essex with fuel injection, with the additional benefits of modern electric control and reliability.... I did consider going down the alternate engine route but ruled it out in the end. Mainly because an alterative engine would have meant having the car off the road for too long while it was fitted. I've noticed that scimitar engine conversions appear to rumble on for years and very few actually result in a car thats actually in regular use. There are exceptions to that but It was enough to put me off an engine swap. Added to that I actually quite like the Essex... controversial I know! in my opinion it suits the car, the torque and power are usefully delivered and the gearing is pretty good. With the engine a long way back the weight distribution is not bad either. Reliant came up with neat enough arrangement in the engine bay, even finding room for the spare wheel. This tidy packaging solution is something that is often compromised once you start swapping engines. Add to this I much prefer the idea of enhancing the original concept rather than binning it off. So as well as acquiring spares for an engine rebuild I'd started planning an EFI conversion, I put out feelers to try and locate a Samcor EFI setup but, given how rare they are the chances of finding one of those seemed remote, so I'd decided to use a triple weber inlet manifold and triple Jenvy throttle bodies. These were to be fitted to a balanced 3.1 with a fast road cam. I even got as far as buying a megasquirt ECU and starting to think about trigger wheels when I came across an engine for sale which was very similar to the engine I was about to build. The engine for sale was a 3.2L Stage 4 Essex, which had done less than 2,000 miles since it was rebuilt. The seller had bought it from Specialised engines and was about to have it installed in his Capri, when he realised it was difficult to turn over. He sent it to another specialist who then rebuilt it a second time This time round The top end was sent to John Hoad , former Chief Technician at Williams F1. He reworked the heads and inlet manifold before the whole engine was put together and fitted to a Capri. The engine was installed and went in to Northampton motorsport for tuning its Triple Carbs. They suggested to the owner that It would run better on fuel injection and so they Fitted triple Jenvy throttle bodies with pico injectors running of a Omex 710 ECU at the end of last year. The entire setup was available complete which was important as on paper at least it should be a bolt on setup. Saving a vast amount of development time compared to building a new engine from scratch to a similar spec. Hence I found myself talking to the seller and was able to put a deal together to by the engine. In the process recklessly blowing the entire respray budget (and a bit more) on engine, fuel pumps, ECU, Loom, coil packs etc....! Here it is on the way home: Heres a few pictures once it was home on the stand… A rough outline of the work to fit this engine looks like this: Fuel Tank modifications, Fuel Pipe replacement, Installation of Fuel Pumps & filtering, Swap the engine to use a front bowl sump & timing gear, Baffle a front bowl sump, Fit the new engine, Installation of a stand alone wiring loom to connect engine / ECU / Coil packs and injectors, Find room in the engine bay for a fuel pressure regulator, coil packs, etc Connect it up and get it working!
  23. An update on the 405 and a general look round Interior pics soon. The front bumper came off its mountings because no one had bothered to fit the bottom three screws in so it caught on the kerb when I reversed off and pulled it off. I have bodged it back on for now as I have a new bumper ready to fit. Initial impressions are that mechanically it’s good it has new tyres new cam belt and it drives well. One rear shock is starting to weep so I will get a new pair. The paint is ok ish for its age, the drivers side being rough where the door edge protectors were and under the fuel filler where the petrol spills have ruined the lacquer. The new front bumper rear bumper and spoiler will be painted as they are poor and the correct colour coded mirrors will be fitted as the passenger side is not working anyway. I haven’t done much inside yet just cleaned up the plastics and fixed the many blown bulbs. I am hoping to sort the bumper out early April. The underside is good and has even been waxoyled.
  24. Well, this will either be greeted with deafening silence, or will be taken under our wings. I've got use of the unloved and now unwanted works Escort van. I've been using it for a few weeks now, but didn't know if it would have any interest on here. Well, now the M.O.T is due and work doesn't want to spend any money on it, but I can fix it myself, and keep using it, if I want. It needs for its ticket, new tyres, a windscreen, a rear wheel bearing, a front spring, discs and pads and the load compensating valve freeing/ replacing. It needs loads of other bits as well, but not as urgently. The upside is that there is another van to strip bits off. I really shouldn't bother doing it, but that's not the shiters way. I have to spend an inordernately large amount of time to fix up a vehicle that is teetering on the bridge,apparently. So, today's job is to go and collect the van to be raided for bits. Bonus finger shot. Its beautiful, isnt it?
  25. Warning: picture heavy post Been lurking here for quite a bit, and I assumed there'd be atleast a couple of people here interested in hearing about this old thing. Back in early February, I decided that I had too much money and that I must immediately spend it on some old shite. Naturally, I headed straight to eBay and roughly within the area I found this being advertised as spares or repairs (conveniently with no interior shots): So, I jumped in my now-deceased Rover 25 and went to go and see it. I knew from the photos that it was in a right state, but my god was it worse in person (those of you who are more observant may have already noticed the considerable amount of condensation that had built up in the car). The car had been sat since its MOT expired a few years earlier, and in that time it managed to grow a bit of fur. This was what I was greeted with when I first saw it in person: So all in all, it was a little bit dirty, but I still felt the need to save it. £250 later, I was the not-so-proud owner of a Peugeot 205. The next time I saw it, it had somehow gained a nice big crack in the rear bumper and a nice kink in the boot frame behind said bumper. In their infinite wisdom, the people that I bought it off, who also delivered it to me, managed to roll it into the back of the trailer. I was unfortunately not present when this happened, but you can only care so much when the car looks like this in the first place. I was pretty adamant at first that I could have this thing MOTd within a week. I had a mechanic look at it on a ramp, and he concluded that all it needed for an MOT was a new silencer, a new fuel pipe to replace a leaky bodged one and a new clip on a radiator hose. Naturally, this "week" turned into about 4 months, when it failed its MOT on corrosion on a small part of the floorpan, the boot floor and the rear of the nearside sill. Unfortunately it was mostly well hidden, so I'd have never really known when I bought it (probably wouldn't have put me off buying it either way). I decided that the car was already mostly in too much of a state to warrant proper repairs, so I had the welding done cheaply and quickly. 3 days later, what do you know, it's got an MOT with no advisories for the first time in years! Now that that was out of the way, I decided it was probably time to crack on with cleaning the thing. After a few hours work, many refills of the wet vac and many trips to the bin with the dust pan and brush, it actually started looking fairly decent (though I should add, these photos were pre wet vac: Believe it or not, the car actually came with a full service history up to about 2004 ish, it even has the papers for stuff like its first MOT back in 1993. Conveniently, the last bit of paper I have for it is for the timing belt, which I'm fairly sure hadn't been changed since, so that's been this weeks main expenditure. The old one was very slack, and had probably managed to knock the pump timing off a bit, as it never really did sound right whilst it was idling. Whilst refilling with coolant, it was brought to my attention that there was a rotten metal radiator pipe that needed replacing, evident by the fact that the coolant being put into it was finding its way onto the floor. Surprisingly, I was able to get one from a Peugeot main dealer for the next day, with the man on the other end of the phone remarking that he hadn't been asked for 205 parts for years, but he had been asked for this same part twice today, with the other person owning a CTI. With that part mentioned, that brings us up to date with the car. Unfortunately, I've not even had the pleasure of driving the thing yet. I'm only 18, and I've already spent a lot of money insuring my main car (now on my 3rd in less than a year because I'm a picky sod), so I can't justify the price of over a grand for a years worth of insurance on this thing. I'm hoping that come December time I will be able to get a classic insurance policy on it for cheap, as I will have held my licence for 12 months, which is something they all seem to want before they'll insure me. Nonetheless, I've been thinking about insuring it for a month recently at the cost of 200 or so quid, but I'm currently trying to sell another car and don't have the money to do so, so it will remain sat outside waiting to be driven until then. As a sidenote, I never did actually find out where it was leaking water in from. The water in the rear footwells had dried up and re-filled a couple of times before I finally cleaned it and I did put some sealant stuff in a few different places to try and sort the problem, but it's been covered up since so I've no idea if it still leaks or not, and I don't really want to wait to find out. The key suspects at the moment are rear light clusters, the sunroof (seems unlikely, as it's getting into the rear footwells) and the rear side & tailgate window seals. More investigation required. Nonetheless, here are some deceivingly saturated photos of it after a quick (but careful) spray with the jet washer (pls ignore chav tier exhaust):
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