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  1. Require some advice in regards to Car Warranties, please. Basically the story goes like this: I bought a V70 (second hand) from an ex Volvo Dealership, which came with a 3 month warranty. The dealership has had the car a number of times, and although been pretty slow (took over a month to fit a rear wiper motor), with piss poor customer service - The faults in the end have been rectified, all apart from one. This being a reoccurring fault "Engine Service Required" , which has popped its head back up. Now the interesting part ! I took the car back (again) on Friday the 13th and they popped in the diagnostics and showed me a fault Boost Pressure Solenoid / Valve, when previously they have said "No faults stored". So they clear the fault and have a fiddle with things, and tell me to go on my way and book it in if it happens again, which it does. So in it goes on Wednesday and they clean out the problem item, and apparently check some stuff. Now me being a bit of a nosey b*stard, i chat to the 'technician' in charge, rather than the annoying parts / servicing guy, and he mutters words about not changing the part because it is expensive and may not actually be the fault. Anyway i am fobbed off again and told to bring it back if it happens again, so in it is going tomorrow, now here is my fear .... The warranty expires next week, and I’m pretty close to hitting the mileage limit of the warranty too, but my understanding is that the problem has been acknowledged by the shoddy garage BEFORE the warranty has expired. So do they have to adhere to any rule / regulation and repair it until 'fit for purpose' , or can they legally fob me off again and tell me how the warranty has expired etc etc ? All advice gratefully received (all modern cars are shit etc)
  2. Hi all, I'm currently reassembling my Allegro 1500 which has been in bits for the last 6 years or so. The clutch was slipping due to a leaking crank seal, it's otherwise in good condition apart from being soaked in oil. Is there a way of recovering it? I've tried heating it up with a hot air gun, the oil contamination sort of "sweated" out of the lining and evaporated in a big cloud of smoke. Eventually the smoke stopped. I've put it all back together but I'm unsure as to wether it will work or not. I'm too tight to fork out for a new clutch plate!
  3. Hi, does anyone have any experience of the Vauxhall Carlton 2.3 diesel. I've been to see one and have provisionally bought it for 300 quid. I had a quick search online for mpg figures and if it'll run on veg etc but haven't found anything yet...
  4. These guys are hiring, I gather from a thread elsewhere. http://www.jlmotorengineering.co.uk/index.html "would prefer someone with an engineering background or a modern vehicle technician with a serious interest in Classic Vehicles who is prepared to burn his code reader. "
  5. Might be selling this as I'm not using it & it's time for a clearout. It's a 1999 Xantia V6 Exclusive Automatic,I've had it nearly 2 years & it's always been a second car.The MOT ran out in January,but it's taxed until the end of the month. Good points, Mileage just over 100,000 Good engine,very quiet & smooth Beige leather interior with heated electric seats,no rips or tears Electrics nearly all work,cruise control doesn't 2 sets of keys Quite a lot of history from the previous owner Suspension goes up & down properly,although the rear seems slightly hard Citroen stereo with 6 cd player in the boot Electric sunroof Aircon works,but isn't ice cold Citroen boot liner 4 Alloys No warning lights on.The brake wear light flashes on occasionally,but the pads aren't worn out. Bad points, Gearbox has a clunk going from 1st to 2nd if you accelerate hard.I'ts done this since I got it,& hasn't got any worse.If you pull away gently,it doesn't do it. Bodywork has a few dents & scrapes,the worst is a dent in the n/s sill. Might need a tyre or two There's no battery with it.The original died,so I borrowed a new one from my Dad which he wants back.It's still on the car at the moment though,so it can be started. £175.00 sound OK?,it would probably break for more but I've got nowhere to do it.I'll get some pictures if anyone's interested. I'm located in Fleet,Hampshire.
  6. Heads up for those that may want to go. It's usually the annual autoshite chodfest first meet but I don't think Billy sorted anything this year.
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