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Found 1 result

  1. I got back from a 3500km tour of the south island of New Zealand a week or so ago, so thought you might appreciate some images of road litter I saw. As a bit of background info, the north and south islands combined are roughly the same land mass as the UK but with a population of 4 million or thereabouts. Each island is about equally sized, though the south island has a total population of 1 million - or less than the population of Auckland. Let this be known that what you are about to witness is a mere taster to what we actually saw - perhaps 10% at best. In the interests of camera preservation, I set a limit of the mid-80's as a cut-off point for photos, though one or two did slip through. First off, we had to make our way down to Wellington in the Hiace to catch the ferry. I'll update my fleet thread at some point with the details of the van. Time to catch in a couple of spots on the way. A fantastic second hand shop (sadly shut when passing) run by a fella who obviously likes collecting old dross. Very reasonable prices too, I reckon. However, this stole the show. I pretty much should have given up spotting from then on, netting this so early in the game. No price though, sadly but it was roadworthy. After a breakfast stop, there was a convoy of commercials just about to head off but Mrs_Jon put the kibosh on taking many photos, as we'd have got stuck behind them all. Imagine items of this calibre x 30: The ferry journey from Wellington to Picton offers amazing scenic views and is spectacular - the first time you take it. We'd done it before, so opted to grab some seats and watch the in-ferry film, Captain Phillips. Good choice for a boat journey. Anyway, here's where the proper stuff begins: A pleasing amount of un-wankered Minis still exist. Most vans have windows instead of side panels, so this was a pleasant surprise and worthy of two photos. Could give or take the tints, mind. A pleasingly red scene. Properly old Holdens were sadly thin on the ground, so enjoy. What did I say about panle vans? Don't listen to me. Purloined this bad boy courtesy of a slow driveby with Mrs_Jon clicking away. Nice effort. OK, coffee time. Many, many more to come. Be warned that if old British and Japanese chod isn't your bag, this probably isn't a thread to follow.....
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