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  1. From what I remember from working at a Fiat dealer when these were new, the seat squab that you park your arse on is angled upwards at the front, so to counter that you need to sit bolt upright to be able to see out the middle of the windscreen and not be looking up at the sky. I find them horrifically uncomfortable little cars seating position wise. The height adjuster doesnt lower/raise the height of the whole seat by the frame like most cars, it seems to just lower/raise the back angle of the seat squab you sit on.
  2. Without going into too much detail, had my lawyers earlier regarding access to my baby girl, and my ex has put a proposal in via her lawyer to mine and all shes offering is 12 till 6 every Sunday 'supervised by paternal grandparents' Before my ex stopped contact I was getting her a Sunday lunchtime all day on a stay over through to Monday lunchtime, and from 1 till about 7/8 on both a Tuesday and Thursday. Now it looks like itll need to go to court, and no idea how long thats going to take, and thus how long its going to be before I see my wee princess again. Edit by Moog perhaps not best thing to say in public.
  3. Brake Pad Wear Sensors.......how do they work? I always thought it was a bit of wire which when the pads reached a certain thickness the wire snapped breaking the circuit and putting the warning on, and since the circuit was now broken it was on permanently until bridged or new pads and wear sensor fitted. However on my car I got a 'check brake pads!' warning and an amber (O) type warning light on earlier, however, it didnt come back on after i switched the engine off and back on for another couple of miles, then later when switched off and back on it didnt come on at all the whole journey, then it came on straight away another couple of times when i went out somewhere in the car, then final time it came on about 20miles into a 30mile journey. Pads are getting low but theres still a decent bit of meat on them having checked (and when I had a caliper replaced my mechanic said around 3000 miles left on them, only done 4/500 miles since)
  4. Just so so so fuming today because I havent seen my baby daughter for over 2 weeks. Skinned my knuckles punching a wardrobe door that hard in sheer frustration too! Fuck life, it can just fucking fuck right off, its a cunt!
  5. Wasn’t just RS dealers who did the RS accessories from memory, the dealer my old man got his later mk5 Escort shape Orion from wasn’t an RS Dealer but had a RS wheel stand in the service/parts bit, always liked the 5 spoke ones with the RS inside a hexagonal bit on the centre cap. Brochures and pictures on the walls of cars along with the price lists with RS stuff on them when we went in to get his car serviced. Best one is seeing a standard car, like the doom blue Granada GL you mention, with the RS accessory kit but still with steelies and trims. Shame that although OEM genuine accessory spoilers, skirt kits, bumper extensions etc still exist in the accessories brochures for moderns you hardly see any cars with them fitted compared with back in the day Fords with RS accessories or Vauxhall’s with Irmscher stuff or even Peugeot’s with SP grilles and so on were common. Guess there’s just not the same level of ‘tasteful car customisation’ there used to be sadly. That Orion looks cracking btw!
  6. It will be on that 'car pass' piece of card you had the other day when looking for your radio code. I had a 52 plate mk4 Astra 1.6 16v and it was a Z16XE, so id guess the 1.8 by then was Z18XE too.
  7. Well if it does at least youve got the key number to order a new one.
  8. Beaten to it but was going to say all Vauxhalls of that era have a 'car pass' with all that sort of info, on it, key codes, immobiliser codes etc. That other card with key number on it is probably reduntant now as its the code for the locking wheel nut removal key. Although it doesnt look like it, the radio is din size, I had the Delco CDR500 in an Astra mk4 and swapped it out for an Alpine unit no bother, straight swap with no messing about.
  9. I would say after about 6 months he should be up to speed, however thats if hes been trained properly, my old supervisor told me rather than showed me what to do, then he and I would work on the same car as at that time there were 3 of us and only 2 bays. But within the first week i got left to my own devices and had to learn for myself the best way to tackle particular jobs, by doing it wrong or the hard way, rather than just being told the best way to do things from the get go. Then you learn which corners can be cut, when somethings enough etc. I could go out and spend 5 hours cleaning the inside of my own car and I still wouldnt be happy and I keep mine fairly clean, but car dealerships would be looking at 3 hours per used car id guess, on a not too bad one, maybe an hour on a new car, then filthier ones can add up, if you need to spend time buffing out scratches, spraying kerbed wheel trims, bringing a pogweasled car back to bright red, or removing tree sap, moss, etc. or if the interior has dog hair, has been a smokers car or has stained seats which need shampooing. There are so many variables and unless horrendously bad a manager will be thinking 'not too bad, shouldnt take too long' Ive made the same mistake myself, doesnt look too bad, has had mats in it, seats dont look bad, and it takes you a load of time to get decent, then you look as if youre slacking because you committed to it not being too bad before you started. Sometimes you cannot deal with certain people no matter what you do and have to leave, its what I had to do, no job is worth making yourself miserable over, dreading getting up to go to work in the morning, worrying yourself sick all night after work what you are next going to get pulled up for.
  10. I dont really remember seeing any Arctic ones in nautilus blue, however there were 2 Arctic models, Arctic I and Arctic II. If my memory serves me right Arctic I didnt have electric front windows whereas Arctic II did. And the Arctic I was the 1.6 8v SPI engine, not the 1.6 16v like yours. I dont know that you could choose from all the colours the rest of the Astra range came in, i can only remember them in polar sea blue, flame red, champagne as you said, and some silver ones too. Do you mean eGa? Glasgow registered. what was your reg? I remember a guy up here in the Glasgow area who around 10-12years ago who had a red 5 door which had started out as a 1.6 but had been a 2litre redtop conversion, black wheels if I remember right, but possibly not the same car.
  11. Yes it was me mate. Sounds like either his face doesnt fit, which in big dealer groups or franchised dealerships can be a problem, they do tend to be quite cliquey, and a lot of motor trade guys despise working for franchised dealerships due to the internal politics. Could also be because of his age they think they can get away with treating him like shit and he wont do anything about it for fear of being seen to be ratting on people and cant be trusted. A lot of main dealer general managers, service managers and salesmen are arseholes tbh. It really depends how anal he is, and how quickly he's turning cars around. I would get constantly pulled up for doing less cars in a day than the others, but I was getting hit with filthy cars constantly because I had an eye for detail and could do a good job on them, there was another valeter who was good but he always got tidy cars because he could work very fast so he would knock 4/5 easy valets out per day, me id manage 2 filthy ones, but this other lad was in with the supervisor so always got the easy ones, another valeter was a bit older, had done the job for years but wasnt great, ok but not great, and was slow too, he usually got middling ones cleanliness wise, but when his cars sold you knew youd have a bit of work to do tidying up before handover. Another guy was a cut corners type, worked very fast, but mainly so he could arse about having a carry on, and always got away with it, and our supervisor started doing less and less cars because he was doing other shit, he was good too but started going downhill, my main problem was when I started my eye for detail was ok but not brilliant, so I could turn cars around quickly, but as time went on I started noticing more and more, and I thought if I can see that so will the sales manager and I'll get pulled up for it, and so will the punters buying the cars, and if they see stuff and point it out and it puts them off the car (used car buyers in a franchised dealership quite often expect cars in brand new condition because theres a big name and a manufacturer sign above the door) then we would get carpeted. Its hard to find a balance between doing a good enough job without being too picky, being quick enough but yet not spending ages on every wee bit and being too slow. Valeting cars is a cunt of a job, its a lot more high pressure than you think, and generally the valeters are the hardest working folk in a dealership, I thought yeah I can clean a car properly, I like cleaning my own car, this job would be ideal but its not a job id ever go back to or do again. If you go on detailing world and look for topics on them cleaning utterly filthy cars inside, some of the stuff we did was even worse than that. Cleaning dirty cars constantly does also slow you down when you do clean a reasonably tidy car too.
  12. Your Arctic definitely isn’t Nautilus Blue mate, my mk3 was that colour and it looked emerald green. Colour code Z283 14L Possibly it’s polar sea blue. This is Nautilus blue (my old one): bb8e2b5c by Greg Hendry, on Flickr
  13. Think its an X16XEL, I had a late 8v 1.6 mk3 with the 75bhp SPI X16SZR lump and they didnt get the Ecotec engine cover. At least finding a donor engine for this should be no bother as these were fitted to loads of Vauxhalls, and the later Z16XE isnt much different, Id recommend doing the piston rings and valve stem oil seals on any 1.6 16v engine as they are bad for those going and burning oil.
  14. Oh yes we are on the Corsa E! Sadly! Have been for about 3 years now, I had one of the first and while not a bad looking thing it was an utter hateful, uncomfortable, slow, unrefined, thirsty heap of shoddily built nonsense which was in the dealers near enough every fortnight with things going wrong that dont tend to go wrong on 10 year old 100,000 mile cars. Mine was a 1.4 and was still a lethargic, underpowered slow piece of crap. I fail to understand how anyone could actually live with a 1.0 n/a Corsa D, clearly Vauxhall sussed this out as the only 1.0 engine in the Corsa E is a Turbo unit.
  15. I kinda agree, I remember a 7 year old me all excited because my dad came home one day in a 3 and a half year old 1991 H reg Ford Orion, being amazed by the dolby digital cassette player in it, the torch key, how the central locking worked, that it had a sunroof. I cant see any 7 year old boys being excited because their father comes home one day in a 15 plate Focus 1.6 Zetec, however I dont really remember many other kids being into cars the way I was either, knowing the reg's of all my friends' parents cars, which dealer they had came from, etc. A couple of them were into cars a bit but thats about it. There were cars I wanted when I was younger and had to settle for less, for example buying an 04 Clio 1.2 Dynamique and wishing it was a Renaultsport 182, or buying an 05 Astra H 1.8 Design and wishing it was the VXR, but I could go out and find those cheaply enough now, easily afford them but I wouldnt because I dont see them as 'special' anymore. I think most people, whether into cars or not, will have a car that holds a special place in their heart due to parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles having one when they were kids, or has happy memories, the difference is most wont go out and buy one of those cars to relive that.
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