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  1. And you know how much I love you - so much it HURTS, just above the elbow.
  2. I had some Chinese stuff on the Yamaha when I bought it - OKish in the dry, but in the wet or even mildly damp both back and front had bog all grip.£120 later and I now have Dunlops on which are a LOT better and mean I can corner again in the wet. The 'lops are a softer compound, so probbaly wont last as long.I have Michelins on the rear of the Bling and Tigar on the front and its OK in the wet & dry - though being as aerodynamical as a chicken coop top speed is nothing to write home about!
  3. 'Kin shed loads if its a 1.9TD, Citroen never made 'em, or about £300 - £400 if its a 1.7TD in TZD or DTR trim
  4. The only time (excepting that cut and shut accident I was in when I was 16) I have been scared sh*tless in a car was in my mates RS. They are seriously silly motors. I cant wait till an elderly rich relative pegs it and then I can buy one. [now all i need is an elderly rich relative]
  5. Camper Commer Shite Payable in Instalments!
  6. Same with Nursing, If I had wanted to earn mega bucks and drive a nice car i would have got off my arse and made more of an effort with my engineering study, then maybe I would have been working for AMD designing microprocessors like my mate John. I dont want to strike, I think the pay deal is OK and like I said - you can live on what you earn.
  7. Depends on the type of fuel pump - Bosch is OK, Lucas Roto is a bit iffy and SVO / WVO will eat at the seals - that said I ran one for 40K miles with the Lucas system on a DERV/SVO mix with no problems.Window switch may just need a clean, or may be wires in door / A panel feed (these get squidged then break)EDIT - BXC Account active.EDIT 2 - just noticed the 7 seater edit to your original post - rarer than rocking horse dung - photos needed.
  8. Yup, nurses are the same, I have just voted on my 4 year pay deal - 2.75% for year one, 2.3% for year two, 2% for year three and another 2% for year four. Not the best wage in the world, but you can live on it (unless you live in London then its utter shit and even the London weighting of £2K makes bog all difference). It has got slightly better, 10 years ago I was earning 10K as a staff nurse, That really was pants.The b'stards revamped the pay structure a couple of years ago and effectively gave everyone a pay rise, but got rid of overtime payments and unsociable hours payments - so you earn the same now if you work a bank holiday or night shift as you would if you work a standard shift - practically everyone I know, except management (who don't do the nights or bank holidays) is worse off as a result.
  9. Presumably in TZD trim - an excellent choice young man. Get yourself over to: For some user friendly advice. These can be a serious hoot at anything over 2K revs - they shift a bit.
  10. OhhhhhKayyyyy Which I believe to be the bastard love child of: + +
  11. Ummm? Its special because......... Doesnt float my boat at all, so I would say save your pennies
  12. Is it me, or does the roof line look higher than the original. Looks very similar to something my mate Daz knocked up using the rear windows from one van and the rest of another
  13. Marty

    Ebay tat

    FFS - use a spell checker in Word or something before copy & pasting into fleebay if you are either 1) Dyslexic 2) Learned ITA in the 60's & 70's 3) An ignorant chav who has no concept of the Queens English and should be locked in a cage, doused in cold saline and prodded with a cattle prod untill you speak and write correctly. Or is it just me? MZ & Sidecar type shite
  14. So short of moving to the Moon we are all knackered then Duck oil sprayed on anything vaguely rust prone always kept my Viarago chrome work looking OK for the summer.
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