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  1. Bloke at work had a low mileage Laguna 1.9Dci Sport Tourer at 12 months old back in 2003ish. It was a pretty car but spectacularly unreliable. It still had warranty of course but Renault dragged their feet over almost every failure and in fact rarely fixed any of them: From memory - EGR valve (took the turbo with it), both ECUs (more than once), seized brakes, badly leaking sun roof and a daft “sports clutch†which essentially meant you couldn’t actually tow anything without a smell of burning. Persist and it would recreate the infamous R5 & caravan incident. To be fair there’s a number of current-model diesel Mondeos on lease at work and if anything they’ve been less reliable than the Laguna. The dealer has had one of them 17 times in two years for non-service work. At the age you’re buying I’d imagine the condition of the car in front of you is far more significant than any tales of woe. I’ve no direct experience of them, but C5s don’t half look cheap compared to badge snob oilers.
  2. I've been very happy with the service from here. The radiator and condenser I wanted were not listed in his shop, but my questions were answered in a matter of minutes and the goods arrived the next morning. Very reasonably priced they were too.
  3. Someone deserves the wicker man treatment for this
  4. Our vans are erm “serviced†there. I won’t be taking anything there of my own.
  5. A4, but yes you're quite right - I put a set of brushes in it about a year ago! The clicking was down to a foreign object though - now presumably making its way back down to the motor again. It can stay there for now too!
  6. The mystery of the mildly irritating clicking noise emanating from the B5’s heater motor has been solved. A small unpopulated plastic connector peered out of the facia vents this afternoon, much like a fledgling preparing to leave the nest for the first time. Unfortunately I was too idle to fetch the tweezers and the snipe nose pliers wouldn’t fit down the gap. So I prodded at it like a fat handed twat and it’s now taken up residence in the ducting again. Bollocks.
  7. Looking at the ID history reveals an interesting change of business plan. Are there really that many people out there who want an Alfa seat fastened to second-user castors? Seemed to be doing ok with the bike spares...
  8. The insurance industry’s suggestion that price hikes can be largely attributed to personal injury claims is somewhat disingenuous. Exorbitant credit hire rates and “accident management†anyone? All quite legal and a nice little earner since broker and accident management company are frequently under the same ownership. Even when they’re not this particular scam would appear to be well overdue for some regulation. I recently watched some poor bloke lightly graze the back of a 1985 Corolla when reversing from a designated parking space. Said Corolla was on double yellow lines and a couple of feet from the kerb. Next thing you know he’s completely surrounded by some very unsavoury characters who work for one of these outfits. 20 minutes later the "victim's" piloting an X5. Go figure...
  9. Any preserved railways in the vicinity? Seen similar around engine sheds. Ideal for lifting the odd V12 out of something tasty?
  10. A woman of indeterminate age vigorously mining bogies and eating them whilst waiting for the lights to change at Cellarhead Crossroads this afternoon. All four fingers of the right hand were deployed in strict sequence, before being returned to the presumably sticky steering wheel of her Zafira.
  11. I always find Smithsons to be very helpful. However there’s a proper old school Unipart agent nearby – Jim Fisher Parts, Watkin Street, Fenton, ST4 4PF 01782 844278. If you go early on a weekday morning you can marvel at local teenage mothers walking their kids to school in pink slippers, kicking the dog shit encrusted pavements as they go.
  12. Collect daily from body shop “aâ€Â. Set off fiscally bereft but mildly cheered by the prospect of waxing some nice new paint. Eight or so miles later oil pick up pipe decides now would be the ideal time to block. Again. Break tooth. That’ll be cheap to fix then. Still no answer from the landline and two mobiles of body shop “b†/ MOT station which appears to have permanently closed whilst in possession of my shite. Make enquiries at neighbouring businesses: “There’s been a fall out round there – not seen him in weeksâ€Â. FFS
  13. 3 month old Gumtree add, apparently listed previously This one? There was a Calibre around these parts for years and it always seemed to be well looked after and unmessed with whenever I saw it. Then it suddenly vanished. No idea what became of it.
  14. What used to amuse me about Clifford was the freely available wiring diagrams on their .com No dealer login required, nothing. You may as well just fit a Moss. The power of brand and marketing - it’s amazing how many people fall for that.
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