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  1. I am in Jan about to sell my old CLK. It's not perfect but I am dreading the 'best price for cash' mongs who will no doubt pick through every minor fault to try and convince me its scrap and they are doing me a favour. I am not looking forward to it at fucking all... Twats.......
  2. That's a great looking tourer and cheap with LPG ?
  3. I had a lush 159 TI estate, beautiful to look at but by god it was uncomfortable to drive distance
  4. Just get a good quality battery, yuasa or similar, not a cheap one. Trickle chargers are shite. The quick release fuel connectors should have been replaced u der warranty for metal ones, easy enuf to check tho. If you fit a race can, you can get free fuelling maps from tune ecu, made a big difference to low end fuelling on mine with a factory triumph race can ?
  5. Keep you receipt, the zips are shite
  6. Nah, just run by hipster vegans I would think looking at the 'vdub'
  7. Elefant and mitos are all water cooled lumps with 7 speed gearboxes, this is a much older tech engine in newer clothes in military spec (ie rugged and simple - unlike the water cooled ones!)
  8. But its had 1000's spent on it.... Well technically the owner spent thousands on drugs whilst fannying around with box section, a cheap welder and a big angle grinder....
  9. Wowzer, that 'was' kwiksave Prestatyn. I used to work nightshifts there till I got caught racing mopeds up the main aisle on nightshifts... Absolutely true....
  10. Let's hope the gearbox and headgasket are good too, looks well except for the cheap ass danmoto can
  11. Not sure who they use for their valuations but I would think they had a drink problem.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1998-Ford-Mondeo-2-5-Ghia-X-V6-Leather-Very-Rar-Collectors-Mk2-Values-Up/232966295579?hash=item363ddf901b:g:ntoAAOSw8MJbwlkV:rk:6:pf:0
  12. A wheeltrim thread, what an excellent idea...
  13. 2.0L Petrol engine so no nasty diesel fumes in the cab - No, just petrol fumes instead Purchased at the end of the summer with a view to convert into a camper, but have just taken a job in Europe and unfortunately i have no where to store him. - Wife refused to have this pile of shit on the drive... Spent absolutely ages searching for this LT making sure i got the perfect base for a conversion making sure i got one that was mechanically and structurally sound. - Could not find one so ended up with this crap...
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