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    Macdroitwich is also home to the MG Rexton photographic evidence scoop... "Macdroitwich, it's the future, so post YOU BASTARDS!"
  2. The earlier closed deck K series are much stronger than the later open deck block engines which were modified to increase capacity. The 1800cc engines are prone to suffering from thermal shock in the TF due to the long runs of coolant pipes, also in general the liners are too close together making boiling of coolant a real possibility (not a good thing!). Coupled with small coolant capacities and nasty plastic manifolds which leak, you have to actually look at these engines once a week to keep problems in check. The K series was really never inteneded for expansion in quite the same way as Rover did it, but then again B** pretty much Lugered the company in the head by insisting the K was the engine to go rather than use 1600, 1800 and 2 litre versions of the almost bullit proof T series, which could be turbocharged to produce 330 killing perform... Oh yes, that's why B** used the far more fragile K series. If the liner heights are within tolerance, I'd suggest that your heads are both suffering from the effects of anealing, brought on by very high engine temperture, suggesting perhaps that your replacement head is from a HGF engine. Also if you have fitted the multi layered shim gasket kit (MLS) you need to check that the liner heights are bang on as the MLS kit will not work if they are out of true.
  3. I use my 214 for work, almost like a van to be honest. It has advantages over a van, it's not a target by tool theives, it returns almost 50mpg on a run, tax is cheap, its comfortable to drive and no van I know has leather seats and apart from tyres and driveshafts I've not had to spend much on it over the past year. Plus it was given to me for gratis, so my current tax return showing that the government owes me a nice bundle of cash is almost entirely down to it. Thanks Mr Brown!
  4. Those wheels make that car look like a drug dealers wagon.Get some standard rims on it!
  5. Having seen this car in the flesh I can vouch that it certainly needs a magazine feature as it is simply stunning. It's rapid too, and everything works!
  6. That's a bad'n. Late spec Septic Tank version too, with the emissions gubbins to limit the top speed to around 60mph.
  7. Excellent news that the Rover is still going strong!These cars really are under rated, the early K series units give less trouble than the later units, mine is testiment to that and is currently sitting on 172k with the original engine and gearbox.I say gearbox because these PSA derived units were the early cars only real weakness. Does it have the early type of reverse gear selector (lift handle on the gear stick) because if it does then that is a rare little thing indeed.
  8. That is the most appealing thing in the entire showroom.
  9. The trick here is to own a fast piece of shite, but one so scarce few know of its capabilities until you are looking at them two miles ahead in your rear view mirror.Renault 21 Turbo and is a perfect example, even a standard car would blow the doors off most of the dull dross people seem content on driving about in. The trick is even funnier if they are attempting to undertake you when the right foot is put to the floor.
  10. Ebay should give sellers a 10% or so buffer before their rating goes down. Means you can leave negative feedback if they are bad, plus if they have a high rating, the odd neg here and there will not knock their status down.Plus with powersellers, I guess HM Customs suddenly takes notice when such a status is achieved.
  11. marinast

    I just paid...

    That's what happens when you cross people with lots of money and bugger all intelligence.
  12. 21 Turbos are serious tools. Go for it!
  13. I remember the Texaco Sierra days, very exciting racing before they were banned.I can also (just) remember the SD1 era, BBC featured loads more motorsport during the 80s than they do now.
  14. Cars in the pre 2001 bracket with an engine less than 1400cc have been overlooked in all this and will see no road tax increases for the next three/four years. A result for those like me who drive an old Rover 214.As ever, the answer is not to fight against the rules but fight around them.
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