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  1. It's a VM image I got from a friend of a friend who works for Ford I.T. Up to 2011 IIRC. Works with your silly English registration numbers, and VINs. IF you need anything, give me a shout.
  2. OK, now bear in mind that this is quite possibly a bum steer. Anyway, some E46s with the N42 engine rated as EU3 have a secondary air pump that can make a whirring noise. Your car might be too old, though. I can post the bulletin. You just pull the relay to disable it, and it causes no OMGEMISSIONSCHAOS. Makes you wonder why it's there. Since I don't really know what I'm looking for, if you'd like an ISO of this Workshop Info System (it goes to 2008) let me know and I'll send you a private torrent link, and leave the torrent up for a while.
  3. Bear with me - can't remember how to use this!
  4. What year is your car? I have the BMW TIS on the server. Might be something on there.
  5. I know you've discounted the blower, however there's loads of stuff on Autodata about A/C issues. One of them states that there's a small movement of the flaps (fnarr!) every time you switch the ignition on/off, and are operated by wee motors. I wonder is one of them sticking on? That said, they're probably not in the engine bay, mind. Other stuff relates to failure of the AC control module. I haven't owned an E46 for a long time, so I don't remember where said module is.
  6. I enjoyed that one. I do so wish they'd sack off Eddie Jordan, though.
  7. saucedoctor


    IS that a Fiat IDEA Siena? Can't remember. Think the last one, the grey car, is a version of a Suzuki Alto, like the one Trigger had.
  8. My girlfriend has just arrived home from her shift change at 22:00. Her senior officer has just said "By the way, before you go, I have news for you. Congratulations Sergeant, you are now an Inspector. See me tomorrow evening, here's the paperwork. Well done, Ruth." I have a lump in my throat, she's in the shower and I'm trying not to burn her dinner.
  9. Tam Paddy Crawford's place in Raloo was like that back in about 1990. Long gone now though, and a grim story. Great pics, Faker.
  10. Has a similar thing with a late R8. As said above, drown that sucker in WD40.
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