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  1. Can anyone identify this?
  2. Getting back to nature πŸ˜€
  3. I got all these for Β£20. Don't know if that's good or not. 50p per small loose car.
  4. The Sportcross has more miles on it than my 1991 Volvo 940 but it drives like a new car, how the do the Japanese do it? πŸ˜€
  5. Cedric parts assemble πŸ˜€ He is visiting DFTR Automotive tomorrow to be assessed for accident damage repair.
  6. I am not able to meet my commitment of paying for Biggles by the end of the week so I am being charged storage fees 😞 Of £1 per day 🀣How will I afford it haha? Nick is a great guy, honestly if you want any military vehicle I can recommend Tank's a Lot as the man is a delight to do business with. Have a random Stolly picture
  7. Picked up the Sportcross πŸ˜€ I love it πŸ˜€ It's much better than my old one no offence @sims00 @tom13 Black has black interior, new battery, double din stereo with screen, starter button, short shifter, and saving the best for last it's got rocking horse shit because yes it has the towbar πŸ˜€It's pictured with my LS430 which will in January next year be donating it's lovely 3UZ to go in the Sportcross! About the short shifter, Ricky casually mentioned it just as I was about to drive off..... OM fucking G it's only the best gear change I have ever experienced in any car I have ever driven bar none, standard six speed which will take the 300BHP of the V8 no problem. That's now relevant again πŸ˜€ I love Japanese cars. Worked out earlier I have had at least one Suzuki (It all started with a white 1983 Suzuki SJ410 soft top reg A343 FLX, my first ever car) Nissan/Datsun, Subaru (Impreza) Honda* (Triumph Acclaim but it's really a Honda Ballade so it counts) Mitsubishi* (Proton Saga but that's close enough right? Toyota/Lexus, Mazda (323 RWD estate) I think the only one I am missing is Isuzu (would love a Piazza) I do have a secret purchase that I haven't collected yet which is Japanese and 1960's and not from a brand I have owned previously πŸ˜€ It's not an estate though so when it gets revealed it will be elsewhere.....
  8. Decided I am going to keep the 940 after all πŸ˜€I paid Β£300 for it so it owes me nothing and I am loving smoking around in it, it will probably end up with forced induction eventually though as the only thing better than one turbo brick is a pair of turbo bricks πŸ˜€
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