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  1. Cheers dude, yeah I had it at Chumley one year, even drove it into the judging ring and promptly got ignored by PA wanker haha. Cheers dude, yeah I think that was Shitefest 2016 the super muddy one and I ripped the chin spoiler off while exiting the field. That's how muddy it was still by the time I got home lol.
  2. A thread bump due to sad circumstances😢 Some of you may remember me having this Corrado VR6 a while back, well I have inherited it now as my brother passed away recently. He had owned it since 2003 so it's been in the family a long time and I will never sell it. Unfortunately it's not very healthy at the moment, it has a nasty top end noise above 3000RPM. Now as I don't have to care about resale value this may be the perfect opportunity to rebuild it stronger and better than ever. Do we have anyone with dubber knowledge that knows how involved a 3.6 VR6 swap is? Rather than spending
  3. I would be interested to see how the extra 6BHP feels on the 200, I would prefer that version as the ultimate iteration of a Van Van but it's obviously not learner legal and they are much rarer as they only did the bigger engine for two years. Yeah that's partly why I was attracted to it, all the sports bike 125's are all mouth no trousers in my opinion. I have disconnected the battery to see if that clears the Fuel Injection warning light and will investigate further if it doesn't. I also removed the rear foot pegs as I can't legally have a pillion passenger on L plates and when
  4. Would be this one...… Page 10 onwards if it doesn't take you to the right post. Clicking on the arrow top right should link to the first relevant post though. I don't know about transporting though sorry as I elected to drive mine home.
  5. On the way home from York I saw a bike meeting so I popped in, didn't speak to anyone though as I wasn't feeling very sociable but I have been nodding at the vast majority of fellow bikers as I guess I am one now! I stopped off at my mom's on the way home to show off my new steed and even gave it a quick wash which is a sign of how much I like it. The above image is a clear indication that I live on my own haha, the carpet was already knackered from having dogs and stuff so meh, it's great having it in my living room as I can glance over at while watching telly. And
  6. Don't tempt me haha, I have not even drifted the field bikes yet.....
  7. Apologies for the indulgence as I could probably put this in the Bikeshite thread but would rather have my own sporadically updated thread to document my adventures with my first bike and most likely other bikes down the line. So my first bike! It's a 2016 Suzuki RV125 Van Van ( so good they named it twice) and when I collected it from Penrith Motorcycles it had just 173 miles on it! The first owner was apparently an 80 year old guy who did 7 miles on it by its first MOT then the second owner carried it around on the back of a motorhome so it's as close to a new one of these that I could
  8. I made it the first 50 miles to Scotch Corner okay! @SgtWilson who lives in the Penrith area kindly accompanied me cross the Pennines, bike is running fine but the fuel injection warning light is on for some reason, maybe because it's been sitting for so long.
  9. Yeah I have done that before too, I now set an alarm on my phone ten minutes before my stop so I can't doze off and miss it. I got on the wrong train because I was on the right platform but an earlier train was running late so when it pulled in I assumed it was mine but nope, going to pay more attention this time.
  10. Just got on the wrong train like a moron on my way to collect the Van Van. Not the end of the world but rather annoying, this is why I generally don't do public transport.
  11. Yup that's right I had this HC Viva with a 2 litre pinto at the time but it's long gone and yes it did have a dodgy starter and required bump starting occasionally. I think the October thing is in Wales.
  12. Pity Chumley has been cancelled as it would have been a good reunion! Am I right in thinking you are the same reanimation that also used to be on Retro Rides? If so I was Jammzr on there and you may or may not remember hanging out at Santa Pod once at what I guess must have been the Retro Cars show.
  13. Sad but that first picture of it being lifted by the JCB is calendar worthy for sure!
  14. Cheers for the offer dude but I have a very loose itinerary planned which may be subject to change at the drop of a hat so will have to decline. The jacket I just purchased has a space to record my blood type......Not exactly confidence inspiring haha.
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