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  1. I swapped the bar ends, original on the left and new on the right.
  2. Apologies for how much I talked about Cedric last night lol, just excited for him to be back on the road very soon 😀
  3. We do have boating opportunities at Cannock Chase despite being landlocked. I did water skiing there once.
  4. Making batteries has an environmental impact too.....
  5. That does look lovely, big RWD estates are one of my most favourite things!
  6. Is it local? I read £600 at first and thought that seems cheap..... Got any pictures so I can drool over it too? Could get a bank loan maybe? Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!
  7. Haha yeah I will just be going for a Coffee.....😉
  8. Possibly but last time I checked it was doing 16MPG. The bike does 100..... Depends how much spare cash I have at the time and how Cedric is running.
  9. Can I be bothered to ride a 125 bike 172 miles to attend.... Put me down as a maybe lol
  10. Yeah I am planning to get one for my 40th birthday (March 2023) and have my mid life crisis by riding it to Amsterdam 😀
  11. People that make it fucking difficult to buy parts off them boil my piss. No on here thankfully. I am trying to stockpile parts for Cedric that might be difficult to obtain in the future.
  12. I have fallen in love with this, better start saving!
  13. It's probably the Hairnut equivalent of a meh.
  14. They are out there. We pay £500 per month for a three bay wide unit and outside parking. We installed the two post lift ourselves.
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