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  1. I made it to work safely guys 😊. I wish I could have stayed longer but duty calls. Apologies again for briefly unleashing my inner hooligan in the "M3", I am a child.
  2. I was going to start my own topic on this but I searched first and it wasn't an original thought. Anyway my current Lexus LS430 cost me a grand but when new in 2003 had a minimum list price of £49,795 so that's quite a saving
  3. Auto doesn't bother me especially not in a daily driver, in my experience a slushbox combined with cruise control makes a great commuter car. Good shout, boring but competent. That reminds me of the Chrysler 300C which I definitely would have. I do like Stagea's and it would be nice paired with the Cedric but I don't know if they are available for shite money, I should have mentioned my budget in my original post as ideally I want to spend £1000 but could stretch it for something special.
  4. No exciting updates to report I am afraid ☹️ Lockdown combined with a mild case of mojo loss has put paid to that. However I have started to think about what my next estate will be so I thought I would crowd source some suggestions. After driving the Lexus for the past few months and getting used to it's "modernness" (it's the first car I have owned without a suffix or prefix plate) I've decided my next wagon should be a late 90's to early 2000's model and my short list is currently BMW E39, Vauxhall Omega, Subaru Legacy, a Mercedes from that period etc. My preference is for big petrol engined RWD executive barges though after the Impreza I would like to try it's bigger brother which is why the Legacy is on the list. So does anyone have opinions positive or negative on the cars on my shortlist or have any suggestions for cars I may have overlooked? Over to you
  5. I think it's Gene Hackman but I can't work out what film it's from. Edit it's The Conversation from 1974, not seen that one.
  6. I would have a ticket, number 21 to be specific.
  7. No it isn't a Mitsukoa Motors abomination but an actual factory car, the Subaru Impreza Casa Blanca. A posh rally car, JDM only and apparently 5000 made.
  8. "The combination of the styling and the car’s Austin A55 underpinnings meant changing the rear tyres became such an event. It wasn’t a case of jacking the car up and taking the wheel off. No, you had to drop the whole rear axle to gain access to the wheels. " Wow that is a pretty serious design flaw!
  9. That's a small car with a small engine.
  10. I would put that into the modified car category as they only made one with a V8 so it's not really a production car.
  11. Sunbeam Tiger springs to mind, oh and AC Cobra obviously in big block form with it's 427 cubic inches (a smidgen under 7 litres) of V8 goodness.
  12. Starting to regret this now with the whole Covid-19 situation. Hotel and Eurotunnel booking is none refundable but if the borders are closed I will hopefully be able to postpone or get a refund for the Eurotunnel. From what I have been reading July is likely to be the peak of it https://www.lemans.org/en/news/coronavirus-update/53502 No Le Mans events have been cancelled yet but is it just a matter of time?
  13. It's been your dream to own a BX? There are a lot of cars that fall into the gap between a Yaris and a BX in terms of reliable cheap transport. I get that you don't like taking advice and feel people are criticising your choices but I am sure the vast majority are just trying to help. Sorry for giving my 2 pence.
  14. That's frustrating I really dislike that furry kind of corrosion, just something about it. It doesn't help you now (power of hindsight) but I have heard a few people mention ACF-50 as a good product to prevent corrosion but I imagine you had the impression that the cover would be beneficial rather counter productive. It definitely reinforces my intention of never using a cover on Cedric, I know how it holds up in the unit without a cover and don't want to take the risk of having a similar situation.
  15. Wowsers! If they had removed the lead completely do you think that would have prevented it?
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