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  1. Pretty sure this is or was Hirst's. With my old 323 estate at Billing in approx 2007.
  2. Out of interest does anyone know who owns the rights to the Invacar name? Would it be part of Greeves motorcycle limited which I see was reformed in 1999 according to Wikipedia.
  3. Good to see it getting some love I would probably still have it if only it were a bit larger.
  4. The Magician starring Bill Bixby
  5. Good to see the XM getting some love Got to be up there for one of the most awkward alternator changes I think.
  6. Your Cobra is seven litres right? How many horses do you think it has?
  7. I come to Autoshite for car stuff, I may be perceiving it wrong but it often seems like the people who are always bitching and moaning about it apparently being a nanny state don't post much if any car content, thus I couldn't care less if they feel the need to flounce off into the sunset.
  8. https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_11993-Mercury-Marquis-Brougham-1977.html
  9. You are a stingy bastard then, Shite Knight already estimated it was about £600 worth of work.
  10. Now spoken for by Dean36014 Thanks for the offers and positive comments everyone, much appreciated!
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