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  1. I wonder if the four speed auto would fit better? I don't have one yet but have been intending to do the swap at some point for fuel economy reasons. I found the above pictures after a quick Google, the four speed is the top one in both pictures and the sump is further back as the overdrive is between the bell housing and the rest of the box.
  2. Possibly, Sean from Zstory has suggested maybe grinding the flange to angle it away from the sump. My initial thought of modifying the sump is based on it being thinnish steel and easier to cut and weld etc. Also after spending £561 (including shipping from France) on the manifold I am reluctant to start cutting or bashing on it if I can avoid it. I have not modified anything yet though so if a better suggestion comes along I will certainly consider it I will be able to get it running as is without the 2-1 collector so it won't be stuck on the ramp.
  3. Yeah the sound potential is what's motivating me to make it work, it should pretty much sound like a 260Z
  4. I started trying to fit my new exhaust manifold today, above was the starting position. I started by removing the 02 sensor a step which probably doesn't apply to many 50 year old Datsuns I soon had the inlet manifold complete with carbs off as one assembly. I cut through the old exhaust for easier removal. Then the old manifold was off and you can clearly see why it needs to be replaced. Then the "fun" started, I knew it wasn't to be a cake walk when I had to remove the thermostat housing which the old exhaust had cleared easily when being removed. And then it wouldn't clear past some bolts which were holding on a what I think is called an idler arm, something to do with the steering anyway so I undid the nuts and pulled the bolts part way out to get it past. I will be able to get the nuts back on afterwards. Then the corner of the transmission was in the way of the 2-1 collector pipe fitting but this bit seemed superfluous..... So I cut it off. Finally I was at a point where it was basically fitting, well the manifold at least but there was still a clearance issue with the 2-1 collector pipe and the transmission oil pan. Welcome to the inside of my transmission, I removed the pan to make sure the 2-1 collector would fit if the pan were modified and as far as I can tell it will. That's where I got to today. My plan of action now is to get the inlet manifold back on and get the engine side of things all back together and also reinstall the transmission oil pan for now and treat it as a partial ATF change. Then I will need to modify the oil pan before I can install the 2-1 collector. I have a few concerns/thoughts I need to mull over. So maybe some transmissions "gurus" (@PhilA) could give some input please. Number one is the depth of a transmission oil pan critical? I will have to make it deeper in another area so I don't lose any volume. Number two, will it matter if the exhaust is close to the pan once modified? I am worried about the extra heat although it does an ATF cooler as part of the radiator. Number three, would anyone near Tamworth be prepared to modify the pan for me? I have a welder which works and has gas but I am not really confident using it. I will have a go if I need to but would rather trust someone else if they were confident of doing it. I know oil pans get modified all the time when people do engine swaps so I am pretty sure it's doable. I maybe should have bought a different manifold but I am determined to make this work now so here's hoping
  5. This is the most exciting part I have purchased for Cedric so far Anyone who has seen it recently would have heard how rorty it sounds due to a huge hole in the exhaust manifold. Hopefully this new one will fit, I had a message exchange with Sean at Zstory who makes them primarily for S30 chassis Z cars and sent a load of pictures and measurements, obviously it will bolt up to the engine fine but it's the clearance with gearbox and chassis rails that may be an issue. I will be getting the whole rest of the exhaust redone in stainless too once I have the manifold on. I am itching to get it fited and see how it sounds
  6. Good luck with your lessons, it's a shame Invacars are single seaters as turning up in one to take your driving test would be hilarious. Edit Just checked out of curiosity and it must have four wheels so would be a no goer anyway
  7. Nearly...... Boom Insert Volvo cliche about just being run in.
  8. The 940 hit 200K today although I personally did less than a 1000 of them.
  9. I guess those valve covers are off a P76 if from down under? I would do them in black crackle if it were mine but I dislike silver in most cases.
  10. Reading stuff like this highlights to me that I wouldn't have the patience to fix something like this so hats off to you MR B. Anything more complicated than an early 90's car is outside of my comfort zone.
  11. Would helicoils not have been an option? You know what you are doing so I imagine there is a good reason. Actually you still have to have to tap a hole for helicoils anyway so ignore me lol.
  12. How does that work on cars with twin exhausts?
  13. Yup, I was planning on leaving Saabnuts at midnight on Saturday and doing it in one hit and arriving at JCS by 10:00 for opening.
  14. With the long reach hoses it doesn't really matter what side the filler is on as long as you don't mind dragging the hose over your car.
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