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  1. I think the reason there arent more of these cars about is due to the scrappage scheme.

    Hardly, it's because of rust, big repairs to low value and accidents, same as it always has.


    The scrappage scheme was 7 years ago and took 300k cars.


    1 million cars are scrapped annually in the uk



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  2. Bo'ness central Scotland, lots left, engine box , subframe hubs, Ecu, steering wheel,interior,clocks,gear linkage and front bumper away, all panels , rear bumper etc still there.



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  3. I have borrowed higher spec parts from other skoda's that I have had for lots of my parts.


    Elegance estate provided face lift tail lights, roof bars, under seat storage on passenger seat, dash tray , gear knob.


    Vrs has so far provided, under seat storage on drivers side, seats,with headrests and proper third belt,steering wheel,front bumper, with more to add from it.


    So far all cost negative.



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