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  1. Just had lunch and a good blether with a local "legend", Bill Peatman. Motorcycle racer and garage owner. He and his brother Alf had petrol stations and a motorcycle dealership here and competed in races all over the country including the TT. More interesting here is that Alf, who sadly died a few years ago, was also a car nut and had a good few classy motors. His daily driver was an old Alfa, but he kept is Aston DBS and Ferrari Dino tucked away.. The Dino was sold at auction after he died and I was told today it's now in South Africa. He used it regularly for a while, then got chased by the police and parked it up...for 39 years!!



    Here is a pic of the Dino.... Seemingly made well over 100 grand..




    Any local heroes where you are?

    Sorry bit late to the party on this ( new house etc)


    But I know the guy that bought it new !



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  2. Manufacturers measure the light output in lumens for car lights,something I found out recently is that new cars with xenons less than 4000 lumens don’t need headlamp washers or auto levelling , eg the Fiat 500x .



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  3. So it's illegal to have front fogs on in normal conditions but it's fine to have one on going round corners. Someone about five years ago thought that was a good idea and now every one else has to have it just because.


    And as mentioned above, people driving around in twighlight with their drl's on. They are far worse than any fog light.




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