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  1. Sorry to barge in like this, but I cannae message him as the messaging system on here is not sending out anything. Get in touch via my email - darren at reallyloud.co.uk Cheers!
  2. Splendid thread. Those Saabs are superb cars, I briefly had a 99 which I swapped for a 900GLS.
  3. That's a shame, Fiats ham-fisted Chrysler tie up was the final nail in the coffin really. The fact that the styling resemble elephant vaginas don't help neither.
  4. Lurker and occasional contributor here. Here's my selection of shite. This is my daily driver, as good you can expect a one ownered, garaged all its life, well maintained Toyota Carina to be. Its a joy to drive, not in a Lancia/BMW way but its reassurance, ownership and ease of controls kind of way. ...and then I have this which really is a genuinely fun car to throw around. I've had it for years now and still can't bring myself to sell it. Its not worth much so I might as well keep it. ...continuing my Japanese car theme, I have these too. That's a Datsun 1400 aka 510. Its a genuine UK car, one of a couple of thousand imported before Datsun really assaulted the market. This is a first generation carina - currently going through some level of resto. Its a Celica underneath without the pony car styling but it holds it own. This has been in retirement for several years and also going through a light resto. I bought it with 18K on the clock, usual elderly single owner story. I've had this for years I think. No idea who the bird is, but she clearly likes the cable ties. I also have a 4 year old Panda Multijet which is actually fine honest little car. I've kindly donated it to the missus, because every time she moans about the other cars, I threaten to take it away from her.
  5. Both were official imports into the UK, the 262C was special order, and some would have been in RHD. The Skyline is a C110 model, and was imported here only in 4 door saloon form - might be 3 or 4 knocking around. The DVLA records are patchy at best - there are plenty of cars that have been missed by the DVLA, which might explain why they're insisting that one of my cars doesn't exist on the computer and are therefore playing silly buggers with me.
  6. Hello. I've been scanning shit loads of my old snaps. Thought I'd update my thread. More here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/reallyloud
  7. Its achievable to remove some of the blemishes, speckles can be touched up with very light airbrushing, over/under exposures can be fixed by the levels/curves and a bit of the saturation tools. However sometimes the scanner isn't man enough for the job but AX snaps are actually fixable. BTW was it an AX Forte version? I know the Forte had 3 stud wheels - and the slightly deeper steel rims and bodykit made the car look quite swish.
  8. I've found a load of snaps with the same end of reel development marks - its possible to fix up the images, but you would literally have to use a 'donor' car shot with in the same angle in the same colour - a bit a like a virtual resto but with less skinned knuckles. As for that poor AX, thats well beyond help, photoshop or otherwise
  9. I took this snap a few months before they stopped production. Give this snap another 10 years or so and I think this and the other snaps I took will be proper autoshite material. I also bumped into one of those urbex types who managed to get into the place (the security after they shut it down must have been reasonable weak) and they didn't find too much of interest - Peugeot kept the plant fairly up to date, so any rootes type machinery and deco would have long gone.
  10. A little bit of that, I was always keen on 70's cars - even when they were current. I noticed how quickly most of them had rusted away in the early 90's and decided to seek them out. It actually started as an art project - research for drawings and then it got out of hand and almost became an obsession..... I always find these place quite serene and I still get a huge kick out of visiting these places. Here's a few more random scrapyard scans dating from 1992 to 2000. Scary thing is that when I took them it didn't seem like that long ago.... Again, more background info on my flickr photostream.
  11. I took an even spread - obviously concetrating on stuff from Japan, but this is just a random selection - I'll grab and load of British stuff for scanning later this week. I've noticed there's a lack of German cars too, so that will be addressed at some point. I reckon I took in the region of 1000+ cars on 35mm film in scrapyards alone - so I expect the scanning to go on for a while yet......
  12. A few more, slightly more Japanese-centric. I'm starting to have trouble in remember specific years on some shots.... I'll get some more up tonight before bedtime! I have descriptions and a bit more background info on all snaps on flickr too, as dumping them on here and then walking away seems a bit uncharitable. http://www.flickr.com/photos/reallyloud/
  13. Viz Top tips got it right when they suggested that Instead of buying an expensive private plate for your car, why not change your name to your existing plate? I'd be Mr UDM 278M. Besides, I've always recognised people by their cars and plates rather than their faces - much easier to remember.
  14. If I had ever had the cash for a large family I'd happily try and track a 504 estate down - probabily a reverse import from Nigeria. Here's a few more from the past. More tonight!
  15. I've transfered a 6 digit plate from my old M reg volvo to my 3 year old Panda - a bit pointless admittedly but I personally don't like the new style of plates. You don't need to scrap the car to transfer plates - I applied for a replacement plate for the Volvo which cost me £25, the DVLA supplied the old car with a age related plate and job done.
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