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  1. Yes you're quite right.....I also see them holding people up on country roads. Not quite as badly as the tractors but not far off! Actually to be fair, I have seen 1 or 2 Micras being driven quickly on motorways but it's definitely the exception rather than the norm. Plenty of other cars do get driven selfishly in the middle lane or unnecessarily slowly on other roads, but a Micra to me seems to be a typical culprit which springs to mind, especially in K11 flavour, in the same way that the back bumper kissers always seem to be black TDI Volkswagens or Audis! Complete generalisations, but that's how all assumptions are made - just ask the insurance companies!
  2. and oblivious dawdlers in Nissan Micras. http://news.sky.com/story/1099507/middle-lane-hogs-face-100-on-the-spot-fines In fact this amusing scenario could see two stereotypical drivers fined in one fell swoop; the Micra driver for hogging the middle lane without good reason and the black A4 driver (that's the car not the driver) for sitting on his back bumper!
  3. My latest daily driver is a 2002 Saab 9-3 2.0t SE which I bought back in July. I would be interested in getting the performance uprated, there is a Hirsch perfomance upgrade done through Saab specialists, is this the best way to do it or is there a cheaper route to getting the performance improved? (which maintains reliability etc) Also, do insurance companies take a dim view of performance upgrades? For instance will they sting you more for modifying a car from 150bhp to 200bhp as opposed to just going out and buying a car that has 200bhp as standard?
  4. (and some Geordie lass....) Enjoy http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2179369/Cheryl-Coles-new-retro-video-portrays-sex-siren.html
  5. As a spectator, yes and it's free entry but donations are encouraged. They give you a little sticker to wear which prevents you being hassled by collection buckets more than once and you can move freely between the sections safe in the knowledge that you've chipped into it. If you want to take a car there to display, you need to apply a while beforehand as with the Bromley Pageant and you may have a deadline of at least a couple of weeks before the event unless there is still space at a late stage which is unlikely. It's reasonable though, only about 6 quid I think. Great show, not been before, spotted Seth and his beige estate, met EL by a shiteworthy R6 and saw all variety of interesting vehicles. It has all the variety you would expect at Bromley but on a smaller scale and less regimented. Still took me about 5 hours to see everything as by being there early on, I had to keep returning to the same sections later to see new arrivals. Took over 800 pics Would definitely go again next year!
  6. You should have done, there were only a couple of Cortinas there from memory, 1 MkIV and 1 MkIII ! Unlike Escorts and Capris, of which there were very many....
  7. I've been using a 97 900 S convertible since last summer & apart from being quite sluggish (you really have to drive it which I'm not accustomed to doing) & using a fair amount of fuel without giving too much back, I have to say it's been very reliable! Only problem I've had (touchwood) was a broken clutch cable last October but then I seem to be prone to getting those no matter what car I'm driving!
  8. Having spent quite a lot of time in Borehamwood the past few months due to my o/h living there, there isn't a lot of tat to be found but 1 or 2 of the most exciting happen to be a very mouldy looking C plate Maestro in a driveway looking like it hasn't moved for about 15yrs, it looks like it's welded to the spot by moss & grime! The other, running along the same theme is a pristine looking bright yellow series 3 Allegro, W plate & being piloted by what appears to be a young girl. A very encouraging sight indeed! I speculated that she'd probably got lumped with it by inheriting it from a grandparent but my girlfriend actually protested that she could actually like it & have chosen it! To be fair, it isn't the first time I've spotted a young female driving an Allegro, maybe they have an affinity for characterful cars young or old!
  9. I don't know how some people sleep at night, they must get off on being anti-social, sadistic yobs.....just for kicks, y'know!
  10. Pleasantly surprised by that article, you would never get that kind of thoughtful consideration of opinion (inaccuracies excepted) for something like that on the TV show, heck they wouldn't even bother giving it the time of day! It's bordering on TG doing what it used to do & was set up to do, informing us about & reviewing different cars for our delectation. It's obvious they are saving being sensible for the website & possibly the magazine, because it's not as 'entertaining' I expected to see some kind of modern day take on the original concept as they had tried to do with other Lada models, but it appears very much as it left us! I always thought the Niva had a very surprised look about it!
  11. Was there a similar thing with Bull-bars? I believed that there was a blanket ban on them but I still see older 4x4s with them so I guess it's the same ruling as per the pop-ups!
  12. Pedestrian safety. They can't have been outlawed if existing cars are still allowed them? (such as my mum's Supra)
  13. Ta, I still lurk every so often! Just find it harder to while away an hour or two on here these days. Must do better.....
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