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  1. Same for me please - keen to take part but don't do Paypal, cheers
  2. I went as far north as Cambridge once. Is this much further?
  3. I have a couple of big cardboard boxes full of car mags, mostly Practical Classics going back to the 80s. Anyone interested?
  4. Wanted: wheel (preferably with tyre) for a Vauxhall Meriva mk1 I bought said car a couple of weeks ago as a winter beater, my second attempt as I rolled the Focus I bought initially. Yesterday I wanted to go out in the Meriva... flat tyre. That was when I discovered that the spare under the boot floor is a Ford wheel and it doesn't fit. So the Meriva is still sitting outside my gaff and I am in need of a spare for it. Thanks in advance
  5. That can't be too hard for a decent fabricator to make up surely?
  6. What, someone beeps at you during your driving test and you automatically fail? I know 17/18 year olds who would probably think it was a proper laugh to follow their mates round during their test, beeping for troll lolz
  7. I live quite near Buckfastleigh, and I have never seen anyone actually drinking the stuff. Nor, thinking about it, have I ever seen any for sale except in the abbey, so if it's sold in off licences presumably it isn't very prominent. Apparently it's actually a really popular drink hundreds of miles away. There seems to be a stash of Scotch whisky in every house round here though. I've never been to Scotland but I assume the Scots drink whisky as well as Buckfast tonic wine? It would be odd to discover that Scottish people never drink Laphroaig and Devonians never drink Buckfast
  8. That one I gave you is still going strong? Excellent
  9. Sorry but I'm not convinced that you're as far behind the crowd as you think... I know plenty of people who don't have email access in their pocket, self included. No smartphone for me.
  10. I may have accidentally rolled a 52 reg Focus Ghia estate (1.8 petrol, 3 pedals) the other day. Anyone need Focus bits? Engine and box good, 85k miles iirc.
  11. Jalopy magazines. I have the full set in pretty good condition, any shiters interested? Would love to give them away but as I am broke I have to ask for payment. So I might eBay them but before I do, I'd like to give you lot first refusal. I can post them or they can be collected from Devon. Hit me up for more info or to express interest; I find money talk embarrassing and vulgar so am happy to take an offer of what you think they're worth to you. Edit: oh yeah and also shitloads of Practical Classics mags going back to the 80s
  12. Wow! I know a homeless disabled person... bet he'd love this!
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