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  1. Wow I didn't expect so much BX love. Puts the Sierra to shame really. Then again this is Autoshite
  2. I took my 4-year old to a Star Wars gathering like this last year or the year before. That R2D2 was there, along with the midget who went inside him. The guy was charging 20 quid a pop for an autograph... And the queue was a mile long. Star Wars nerds - go figure. Fucks sake like. Was he signing "All the best from R2D2" or "From your mate, Brian Smith (or whatever the fuck his name is)"???
  3. Max load width is 5'8" on a jumbo Transit from what I remember. Hire one and take a few days off work.
  4. Would it fit inside a jumbo Transit?
  5. I had a BX GTi 4x4 which was a rusty shitbox, and the worst of all worlds: fuck all power and a shite 4x4 system. An insult to the letters G, T and i... Citroen BX GTi 4x4 by Ross.K, on Flickr Citroen BX GTi 4x4 by Ross.K, on Flickr I will have another BX someday, but I fear it'll be a trip to France and a week trawling leboncoin to find a half decent one... The BX Police by Ross.K, on Flickr
  6. The money's resting in their account, in a Father Ted-esque way. Phone the cunts and give them a bollocking.
  7. The rubber separates from the metal on the mount. When you drive on a rough road you get a noise like a bloke in the boot banging on the parcel shelf. <- applies to the 306 too. Not sure about the Xsara but it's probably the same scenario.
  8. Nah, you can't do anything bad - the car just won't start... But yes I should have mentioned that you do it with the engine running. Also, seeing that fob again reminds me how shit the infrared plip is. How are the rear subframe mounts?
  9. Great little motor. I've done a lot of miles in them. Those seats are mega comfy. Handling's great. Stereo's shit - replace the tape deck and speakers ASAP. I'd also recommend disconnecting the pinpad.
  10. Towbar looks home-made. Somebody unscrewed the ball?
  11. 129bhp from a 2.4 engine? Shurely shome mishtake? And why the fuck would a person go to the trouble of shipping one of those things all the way from Oz? And the Nissan Almera is the dullest car in the world IMHO.
  12. Perhaps because random morons do shit like this??
  13. Speaking of Lancias... Anybody got €3k or a Transit tipper? This Gamma could be yours. http://cars.donedeal.ie/for-sale/vintagecars/3826312
  14. '93 Mazda Scrum. Why you'd put a dildo shifter on one of these is a mystery... http://www.tradecarview.com/used_car/ja ... /10878498/ Toyota something-wagon. Nice faux-leather stitching on the dash. http://www.tradecarview.com/used_car/ja ... /11019326/
  15. Renault had a sense of humour calling the Laguna a "Sport". Airbag fault on the 607's probably the COM2000. Headlights and indicators working properly?
  16. Ross_K


    The first Beetle made outside Germany was made in Ireland. It's in the VW corporate museum in Germany. And no, it doesn't have a roof rack.
  17. Ross_K


    Never knew they made KE20's in Ireland - cool. I remember when I was a kid my cousin was a Toyota mechanic and used to bring home all kinds of Toyotas. His own ride was a KE20. I remember my 5-year-old mind thinking the light over the radio was the coolest thing ever. Green light, but flip down the thingamajig and it was some kind of map reading light...
  18. Christ, some people like to talk themselves out of a sale don't they? What's wrong with "XM for sale. 2.0 turbo. Registered in NI. No papers. Starts and drives. Bring a trailer."? That or sell the engine to someone on 205gtidrivers.com and weigh in the rest.
  19. They sell for crazy money, even in Japan. Ditto the Pao and the Figaro.
  20. Ross_K


    Sorry, my numbers were WAY out. Have a read of this sometime: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Are-You-Still-B ... 1905172494 In 1984 Dagenham was knocking out 1000 Sierras a day, while Cork was managing 80... Genk was doing 1400-1500 a day. I'd say the place would have been shitcanned years before only for the fact that the area had ties to the Ford family.
  21. Anyway, a joke... A wife treats hubby by taking him to a Strip Club for his birthday...At The Club, The Doorman Says, "Hey Jim, How are You?" The wife asks, "How does he know you? Jim says, "Oh dear, I play football with him." Inside the Bartender Says, "The Usual, Jim?" Jim says to Wife, "Before you say anything, He's on the Darts Team." ... Next a stripper Says, "Hi Jim! Do you want the special again??" The Wife storms out dragging Jim with her & jumps into a taxi... The Taxi driver Says, "Hey Jimmy Boy! You picked up an ugly one this time...." Jim's funeral is on Sunday!!!!
  22. If that was me, I'd get the tatoo re-worked to read JEDWARD, JEWZ or AIDZ.
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