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  1. Baines make extrusions for bulk sale - although they will sell individual lengths. But they have no clue what it’s being fitted too. I used a catalogue to match, or sent a small sample for matching. They had no clue what is was being used for. At one time I was buying so much their Sales rep came to see me- somewhat bemused that I wasn’t commercial. ive had no call to use them for several years, but expect they are still there. Good stuff, too - always solved the problems mentioned., and pliable years on.
  2. C O H Baines are rubber extrusion suppliers. Still in biz last time I checked. Damn good, too!
  3. Immerse it completely in. a trough of diesel for around a week That’ll free it off - without further damage. Or it’s borked . Either way, youll know where you stand. Total outlay.? 10 litres of derv, that can go thru a motor later
  4. I was “ lucky” enough to drive one of these, when nearly new. Several were purchased by the Electricity Council, of which I was a ‘ valued’ employee. I used to motorcycle in from Surrey everyday, Sumer or Winter, so was asked if I wanted to take one home for the weekend -& detail my experiences. Guess they felt I was hardy/ street wise enough! The A3, on a Friday afternoon - was not a pleasant experience. It was dangerously slow, rattled & banged like a kit car, ventilation was dire and I was properly concerned for my safety, several times. It’s instrumentation was vague, or not working , and the overall interior was thin, or tatty, already. It had covered less than 1,000 miles but was looking tired. Battery condition could not be accurately established -& I was warned of ‘ dire consequences’ if it ran out of charge ( as happened subsequently to my Boss!) I did use it, at the weekend, to visit my local - but bottled out & drove it home before it got dark! The return journey, on Monday, was little better ( despite a VERY early start). At least this tine I was ‘ prepared’. Hazards on- from Tolworth to Roehsmpton.! I made my report - which wasn’t favourable. I wasn’t asked again. Just too far ahead of its time, I guess.
  5. Old trucks can be shit, Boll. I had similar problems with my Zuk pickup - eventually sorted slowly by my kids (under tuition); terrifying at times. We built a scaffold platform for ease of access|| I doubt most screen fitters skills, frankly. I know that a national chain has broken 3 out 4 Espero screens whilst fitting. Each time a different fella, all promising easy job etc. 2 tried to tell me the car must be asccident damaged \(it isn't) Hateful process.
  6. Fun. I have a shed full of useles shit for my Sana - so if I’ve something you need- you’re welcome. Switches, hoses, brakes hubcaps etc etc etc. No tailgates, mind - think you’ll need to find someone in Serbia for that.
  7. I've several 1.4's in Bravas, Bravo's, Tipo's etc. They all seem fine to me Prefer the 2.0 (hgt) though, unsurprisingly...
  8. Just need adjusting mate. Loosen the screw- they will snap together (springy steel) . Stick a bit of cardboard in the gap -to space them (its a Ford -the gap isn't critical) then tighten down. remove cardboard. Jobbed 2 mins
  9. New points are often shite. Cheap patterns that cause more issues than they solve, Yours were fine, when laid up. So, I’d prefer the originals. You’ll find ‘ adjustment’ in the screw- loosening it will allow you to adjust them to more open or closed. Make the gap a little wide if in doubt, rather than a little closed.
  10. it’s the points, mate. Run a bit of sandpaper between them a few times. That’ll sort it. No need to go to big expense.
  11. Yup, quirky is a good description. Yet surprisingly bland & unlovable too. It’s difficult to spend time/ money on it, yet alluring like beaten dog . it’s a strange mix.
  12. Good memory Dan! I do indeed own a late model Rapier ( B plate) with similar issues. I fitted a set of larger (15”) Alfa rims, ( I considered the original 13” alloys a bit under- wheeled, these days). Also replaced the starter motor ( twice, the smaller 1300 4 spd one doesn’t ‘ quite’ fit) , serviced the engine ( helicoiled a dodgy plug thread in situ -& got away with it!) and stripped the exterior door handles off. An absolutely splendid design- the pin rusts in its plastic housing,seizing the handle in the open position - curiously locking the car! I had to lever, wrestle & strip all 4 doors down to get them off, and they’ve been sitting in diesel f r a few weeks.. Two currently shown signs of partial recovery......One on EBay £40. Fat chance.... Mirrors- I rebuilt the originals. I’m a bit “ meh” about it, frankly. It’s in reasonably nick ( prima facile- I haven’t dug hard) But I can’t enthuse. Perhaps I will, eventually. Parts Aren’t especially difficult. Speedy Spares near Brighton ( the boss is Sarah, really knowledgeable o things Talbot) or the usual sources Hope it sells ok, don’t really want another. Do I?
  13. Yugo Florida. I have enquired........
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