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  1. Deal done. Younger bro going for it in a few days. It’s an auto, which may be useful in the near future, and makes a good companion to the Penza
  2. We have enquired after 323. Nige says we want it.....
  3. To get this running Find an old washing up bottle. ( Fairy, or cheaper option) Clean it out Fill it with petrol, enabling you to squirt it where needed. Take top off air filter. Open choke, so you can see down barrels. Give both barrels a good squirt. Ignition on, throttle jammed to the floor. Do not move the throttle till it runs. Crank it will take a few seconds but once the mixture stabilises, with air, the engine will catch, stutter, then cough into life. As as it does so, feather the throttle to keep it running as long as possible, as gently as possible. As it starts to die, pull out the choke for an extra couple of seconds Repeat process twice. if the fuel pump hasn’t caught, and primed by your engine by then, it isn’t going too-& will need investigation. You’ve a 50/50 that it will catch,, assuming you have at least 7 litres in the tank. 2 litres won’t cut it, allowing air into a tired system. If it needs further inv3stigation, most will aim for the fuel pump. I’d disconnect the inlet pipe on pump, and lay on floor. see if it dribbles. If it does, disconnect the carb inlet, reconnect pump pipe, suck hard to prime it. Will take effort. Alternately, disconnect carb inlet pipe, and back fill from fairy bottle. About1/4 bottle.Leave 10 mins, then try again More likely the fuel pipe has an air leak, nearly always the tank to metal pipe around rear axle. Disconnect at tank. Tape length of new, ethanol friendly replacement. Crawl under, ( raise on wheel ramp ( one) by cranking in reverse on starter. Chock. Disconnect flexi just in front of axle and pull through. Connect new pipe st both ends. Jobbed No? Check other flexi’s. One or more will have a pin hole, allowing air in. Prob all need changing. Really unlucky? Tanks gummed. Remove fuel sender and clean out pipe. Foul job, rare to need. Nigel dictated this to me, to pass on. Hope it makes sense. Stu
  4. I’ve got one of those sitting in the barn! Lucknfella.
  5. Sorry to miss it guys, esp when local to me. i was doing this & didn’t get back till early evening. Will try harder next time.. Promise
  6. Nice Croma buy.... i took Nige to look at this Croma a couple of weeks ago . £200 ( would drop to £175) with several months MOT. He turned it down, as he couldn’t see a use for it! Ridiculously cheap, with very little wrong with it.
  7. M25, , Friday afternoon I’m Yup, damned hot High priority, say AA. Really dangerous position.. So, a 5.5 hr wait, to move us to a “ place of safety”- then another 2 hr wait? Useless, just sodding useless
  8. Keep your eyes open for a bright yellow Octavia- cos we must be fairly local! I’m in Belgium , heading for ‘ Manche’!
  9. Nice enough car. Get it sorted. Find a knowledgeable mechanic. Best guess is borked head gasket ( as you’ll discover when you fit the rad) & a goosed alternator. Hardly anything major..... Or flog it here, for pennies.
  10. S2000 is a high mileage rebuild, having covered @220,000. It had got to the stage that it was burning prodigious quantities of 10-60, thickest I could get. It sounded tired and my Mrss was losing faith. Long discussion on the route forward - she elected to rebuild. Im not good enough/ well enough/ knowledgeable enough s o we stuck it into the acknowledged s2000 expert in Fleet, with an open cheque book engine resto. It’s been there since Xmas... We’ve still got 3 yellow Fiat Coops, but only one in Uk, so that doesn’t count... Didnt matter too much during winter, the Octavia vRS sorted that - but the damn car is interminably hot inside, even with air on..Hence the SLK
  11. Well done, filters a def too. You’d be surprised how crackly it will become. You ou May find cold starts difficult, because the old fuel has broken down. I carry an old fairy liquid bottle, filled with new petrol, and squirt that into the carb mouth. Full throttle the pedal till it kicks then ease it into life. You may need to do this twice if the old fuels grim ,but once warm it should run ok. The 14? When I can find a use for it..
  12. What happened there? Whole piece has been turned on it’s head! They are the engine components from my s2000 Oh well. Apologies for the nonsense. Not retyping.
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