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  1. It’s a strong towcar, the same engine as my hot Bravo but a completely different power output- torquey yet not fast! i have a diesel weekend too, the big one, but rarely used right now ( although it is legal). This is diesel has covered2-3k now with family, seems to be a frugal,sipper @60 mpg, but a little underpowered. Does feel as if the filters need attention, and the injector light is on now, apparently, so it’s probanly a bit down on power. mModern 17’s bring it more up to date, and a de badge has the majority head scratching - which is fine by me.
  2. Effin’ Ell, there are some anoraks here! You gladden an old farts heart. i do have a few’ rare’ cars, so this fits nicely. Aiming to get the Florian back out next month..
  3. I would expect so, can’t be that many dealers out there! Makes sense for it to be the base model Mazda alternate. How’s yours coming?
  4. Last Penza? Probably not, but find another....
  5. Wobbler has a long memory, and is referring to the ex Sam Glover Sana, which I also own....
  6. I think the head has to come off now, to see if the bores are saveable?f If it’s that seized the rings are going to be nadgered the moment it moves, so it’s going to need to come apart, hopefully in situ This clearly isn’t going to be an easy free off, but sympathetic stripping and gentle malleting might yet save it, With just a hone , rings & shells being the order of the day. Me, I’d be starting the search for a low cost swop out if you want this on the road in the near future, with a long term intention to rebuild the original ( or not, as funds,/ be arsed, permit!
  7. It could hang loose, but the tab on the end is to secure it to any adjacent hole. Doesn’t have to be earthed though, so you don’t have to tighten too much, or scrape paint away. im back in a week or so, might pop by to have a gander? By arrangement& subject to agreement natch!
  8. Well, I never expected this kind of reaction.. Thanks all, for the info/ offers of help. Initial appraisal and a few service items suggest it’s simply Mazda, & pretty easy. It wasn’t me that found it - although I did a fair amount of detective work to narrow the area. I just picked it up when those who chased it, decided it wasn’t for them. I think it’s future looked pretty bleak at that moment. It wasn’t on my bucket list, but it’s obscurity persuaded me. Lord knows what I’m going to do with it! i have sneaked a few more miles in, on private roads (natch as I’ve not taxed it yet). It’s loosening already, the tyres are improving from thrupenny bits, the tick overs climbing and it’s a lot easier to start, warm. Cold, it’s still a bitch. its a nice thing. A little sterile, quite small, but likeable - like a young puppy. But, if it wasn’t rare - it wouldn’t get a second look.
  9. Towed back with your old Marea!
  10. nigel bickle

    Sao Penza

    Those of you who know me/ my family know we favour oddities. Rare vehicles, not necessarily valuable, but in limited or non existent numbers. Circumstances mean that if such a vehicle appears, I will try to get someone else to save it, but if that fails, we’ll step in. That is what happened here. Some of you may know of young Jude Currie, from Surrey who has an interest in similar, predominantly Asiatic, motors. He had been hunting this car for some considerable time, and a bit of joint sleuthing narrowed the area, little by little. We knew it existed, or had done until recently, someplace in Poole or possibly Bournemouth. A little luck was had, when it was spotted on a street hunt. I helped Jude approach the Owner, who was surprised at the interest. Youthful exuberance raised the asking - but we all need to learn, eh! At least it stopped it being scrapped, which had seemed probable. The initial finder had first dibs, but turned it down. Jude went down, and spent some considerable time looking at it, but decided it was too much work for him. Although it was running well when he started, it now wouldn’t run evenly or tick over, and didn’t sound well. I had warned him about the pitfalls of running a long term layup, but - again youthful exuberance! So, I contacted the vendor, who was a little pissed off now. A Property Developer,( it came free with Bereavement purchase.)He drove it back to his, taken with the clean condition & low mileage (22,000) but unaware of its rarity. We chatted - I bought it unseen, based on Jude’s pics. A week or so later we headed down with the A frame, By now, it wouldn’t run, at all. We tried the usual, but it barely hiccupped. . But look at it! Funds changed hands, and the car was hitched up, returning to my barn without event. A few hours fettling had it running reasonably well. It’s principal problem was / is cold starts. Neat fuel dribbled into the carb gets it running, and gentle feathering gets it warm at which point it’ll drive,nreasonably. So, an MOT was booked as it’s first road trip -( we weren’t prepared to risk DVLA shenanigans for an unlicensed 25 yr gap) with no real idea how good the brakes were. Straight pass, first time. It’s near immaculate, aside from a few small blemishes on the bottom of the drivers door, exacerbated by by being taped over by the previous owner. I drove it home, parked up The next day I tried to start it - the cam belt failed! Instantly. Research said it’s non interference, so we stripped it off, replacing the water pump at the same time. Fingers crossed, it fired up fine-& that’s really the story to date. I’ve not taxed it, as I’m not up to using it right now, but it is dry/ safe-& and ready to go. Family concern for those irreplaceable wheel trims means they’re coming off. We’ve tracked a set of turbovecs which we’ll get tyres up & trial fit, for now - although this is one car I’d prefer to keep standard, where possible. It needs snagging. About 2 tankfuls, or 5-600 miles should sort the fuel system and settle the car down.Then the door bottom, and that’s it We’ll update, infrequently, when We’ve something to add.
  11. Sorry. I’ll but the Penza out. Your thread
  12. Not down to me really, but a young aficionado who hunted it down - then decdied he didn’t want it! Too much work Anyway, it’s roadworthy now, and I might tax it when next back home. Heres the badges... as found:-
  13. Yes, they’re coming off soon, as I’m unlikely ever to find a replacement “ Sao” wheeltrim! Too rare to risk!
  14. We’re going thru something similar with this A Sao Penza - basically the same car. Laid up since the 90’s, it’s still running like poo, although it’s gently easing back to life. straight after its MOT it shat it’s cam belt, but it is non interference, so other than a nuisance- no harm done. despite a full tank flush, it still needs new fuel squirting into the carb for a cold start, and it’s power is quite low. I’m guessing varnish etc, which will clear with proper use. Good luck with yours, be interested to hear.
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