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  1. sens-cybil. see you next year mate
  2. Stay safe eddy, there's always next year.......
  3. Well done. I don't think Ive ever considered others reactions (family excepted) when buying/ running/ selling. why should I?
  4. Glad you used him. Paul’s one of the good ones. Encylopaedic Renault knowledge too
  5. That is nice. Whilst I think an mot is a good idea, I don’t believe you need to have one to register an exempt vehicle.
  6. That’s south of Redhill Surrey, just a mile from the Hospital., an area called Woodhatch The arrow indicates Partridge Road. I know that part of the country well but my health currently precludes the hour long journey up. Are there any Shiters nearer, Reigate, Redhill, Harley, Crowley?
  7. Oops. I just looked at the mot history That really ain’t good. 12 years ago, too. Think hard before you spend much cash on it. I do hope it was just an over- enthusiastic tester trying to get a 10 yr old off the road...
  8. It’ll be the fuel pump Ritchie, located in the tank, accessed thru the boot. Take out the sender- it’s on the bottom. Hot wire a generic. High pressure pump in, feeding it from a length of pipe into the tank, or a can. it’ll fire straight up. Might check & clean the rotor arm/ disc cap on r/h side of the engine for a better spark. They oxidize when out of use. That’ll be a nice car once cleaned up.
  9. Aranos - in Spain. Damn spell check!
  10. Richie - I have 5 (2 autos, 3 manuals) To wake up attach battery, turn key . Assuming it was running when laid up, it’ll fire up. Parts aren’t difficult, plenty on EBay (Espero in UK, Armani’s in Spain) & service items are available everywhere. Competent but a little bland it will be a reliable runner. I can leave mine for months, simply parked up -& a know they will go. PM if you need help.
  11. Nice one Wuz. Look forward to the write ups
  12. You really need to speak to Paul Cunningham, down in Worthing.. He is an absolute encyclopedia on things 80-90’s Renault, and knows these like the back of his hand. He has broken loads and has immense knowledge on cross compatibility. He is a jobbing early Renault mechanic too, if you get stuck. A damn good one!
  13. kinda hidden by the tow car Richie. Safe n dry with my 313.
  14. I own one, albeit the bigger 1430. Bought in a Belgium & A framed to the uk a few years back - it’s “ time to shine “ has finally arrived... Actually, my eldest is currently working on it, at home, currently. He freeing off a very stiff engine, sadly neglected since acquisition. its an interesting mix of Fiat 128 3 p & Seat inept enthusiasm. Stuff that should be simple, isn’t -& vice versa. Just like the Ronda, frankly. its likely the screen will be coming out in the next few weeks, for adjacent rust repairs - so I can update then - if interested.
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