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  1. The flashing brake lamp was particularly dumb and not limited to the Minor- several others including Landrover had it . The relay that makes it happen costs lots more than a pair of ambers lenses, but concours merchants still persist with them.
  2. cros

    Cars in Songs.

    Rolls Royce, mentioned at the end of Alberto y los Trios Paranois beautiful song "Jesus Wept".
  3. Would he take a bit more for it?
  4. Second roughest, needs cosmetics.
  5. Very interesting picture- the Massey-Ferguson 500 has long been a favourite of mine.
  6. I didn't know Mulliner Park Ward were still in business. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTE5NVgxNjAw/z/mrUAAOSwm8VU0oX8/$_57.JPG
  7. Free tax, burns anything, its the future.
  8. cros


    Ideas don't get much simpler than the wire that Citroen provided to hook the bonnet to the top of the windscreen on their H van. Did Mr Perodua use such cunning to get his Nippa down to that magic £4999?
  9. Have enjoyed most of Mr Rolts non-fiction books, nicely written and all that. This one has some cars and describes road testing one of the first British diesel engined lorries- a bit smokey.
  10. Very nice van, can only go up in value.
  11. I've now got an o series engine, thanks for all the help.
  12. Disappointingly not a mention of the small yellow and red convertible
  13. Good for you. Their bahns are less than perfect.
  14. Brace myself for a good bollocking.
  15. Have to say mine hasn't been very smart either- seems to cut out and need the re-start proceedure from time to time. I've never been unkind to it either.
  16. Alfasuds actually had expanding foam factory fitted into box sections just to be sure.
  17. Any 2 litre O series would be fine, V8's and L series a lovely thought but its got to fit in with no messing. I think Ital and ambassador 2l engines would do, so any leads gratefully received.
  18. My 2.0 petrol sherpa engine is very broken, so if you've got one or even a complete vehicle I'd be pleased to hear from you.
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