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  1. I got a £60 parking fee plop into the postbox to cheer me up today. I left the 205 in the unlit bombsite of a carpark behind the old Odeon Peterborough last Sunday night, and paid for 2 hours. From time of entry til departure was exactly 2 hours and 35 minutes. I'm now aware you have to pay for the time spent actually parking, locating the machine, fumbling about for money, going back to get the reg. number etc., so on those grounds it's a 'fair' cop. I simply don't want to pay these fuckers, indeed they should be paying me to visit their horrible theatre. I tried to contact the venue but their future events have been cancelled so the only consolation is that they appear to have gone tits-up for the 4th time. Anyone considering the forthcoming Queen or Morcombe and Wise tribute shows have had a lucky escape, and I'd like to avoid that extra £60 for what I went to see, any suggestions?
  2. I'd be more than happy to buy this electric vehicle for £100 and collect it this very day should it still be available. Obviously I plan on driving it home being just down the road from you.
  3. Very nice looking car. I bet theres millions of pieces spinning round at 12000 rpm to make them work.
  4. The text mentions that this vehicle can be configured to carry up to 27 people. I'd like to see that.
  5. Hello mate, lots of interesting stuff there, just spotted the Myford.
  6. Seeing the above post prompted me try Alexa on my phone. Couldn't see any point, she knew fuck all. Unless you pay extra for the app that enables her to turn your heating up or scratch your balls I can't see what she's for other than collecting information for Amazon. I'm sure someone will put me right though.
  7. I'm very fortunate in not having close neighbours but from long ago a tactic less likely to rebound on you (council used to come round with decibel meter) was to find the most unpleasant sound on an electronic keyboard and tape down a couple of adjacant keys. No need to be loud, just give it a week while you're away on holiday...
  8. I sold the Seddon earlier this year and miss it, but I just had too many vehicles. Filling up on its final journey.
  9. cros

    Top Deck

    This afternoon the MGB took me 220 miles to fetch a boat from the West Midlands, A46, M69, M6, M5. I just got back. Total time 6 hours. It didnt fuck about, and of the thousands of cars I've seen today there were only 3 that I found remotely interesting. A low spec 205 pulling a trailer near Fort Dunlop, a well used 05 diesel Mondeo parked in the Leicester Forest services. It had new tyres on very non standard alloy wheels, so though I don't know what it was all about the owner must have had his own reasons which sets him apart from the clones. The last, and best for me, was a slightly grubby white 305 estate driven by a woman waiting at the lights near Dudley. I don't go to car shows because there's nothing to say about cars as issued from the factory that hasn't been already said. I come here to read about stuff like the Rover 45 with different injectors that someone's selling. Thats it, just get out there and use the bastards.
  10. cros


    A bit more bashing has been carried out and I've also fitted the headlamps to make the van look more complete as enthusiasm was flagging. The old lamps were tarnished so these are Indian made and come in a box of 5 for £30 including postage. I didnt want that many but maybe thats just a years supply... Originally the roof was canvas on a bed of thin wooden lathes held together with tacks. I'm doing the curved sides in steel and the top in aluminium. It would be a insult to proper panel beaters to regard my methods as good practice, but at least it'll stop anyone with a penknife getting in the through the roof. The panels were curved a bit at a time over a lump of old propshaft clamped in the vice. It looks crude, but I draped a bit of rag over it before making the bend- I'm not a fucking savage. Fine tuning was done on a bit of tree. Ive also started on the brakes, the master cylinder has new seals and is in place. The clutch on these is cable operated, but its not the modern type of cable with an inner and outer, just a length of cable. This means there must be a strut to prevent the engine and gearbox being hauled backwards each time the pedal is depressed. I might make some changes here....
  11. Didn't they only build that one for about a year? Lots of unique bits for so short a run, I can't remember ever clocking those rear lamps. I've got to have a lie-down... Just remembered, these had best fuel filler in the world ever.
  12. And, of course, they did. They just put it under a very tall bonnet, that of the 156. Sadly I can't find much about the car except that the engine was not the same as that fitted to the tractor. Have CLM powered Lorraine-Dietrich instead.
  13. I got this in the post this morning. Its my series 1 speedometer newly recalibrated by Speedograph Richfield in Nottingham. I've put off having it done for years since fitting Range-Rover diffs and managed with numbers stuck on the glass. Then the needle started flopping about a bit so I felt that after 60 years it might need an overhaul and 2 weeks & £72 later here it is.
  14. Jesus, you wouldn't want to get behind that thing towing a Sprite Musketeer. On its own the 0-60 time is quoted as 63 seconds. Still, your encounter suggests they sold at least one. There was a diesel Volga near me in the 60's but I have to discount it as a sale because living near Peterborough it may have been on test- there were quite a few ex-Perkins Hillmans around too. They didn't need the 'square deal all round' badge, the clatter and blue haze told you what was under the bonnet.
  15. ∆∆∆ I proper like that Volga, the seats look especially uninviting. Long ago Car magazine did a look at the factory but were shown only the then new GAZelle production line. I think the guide dismissed the prospect of viewing the car being built with the comment 'such misery'. Earlier, someone attempted to market a Belgium assembled Volga fitted with a 40 bhp Perkins 4.99 in the UK. This may have elicited the comment 'such optimism'.
  16. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223196630652 "This item is only being sold as driving it makes you look like an utter twat."
  17. It takes shiters to make sense of it. I suspect lots of news items get a bit mangled like this.
  18. BBC News item- ":00 18 Oct Shoelace held handbrake in place in seized vehicle A people carrier has been seized by police after officers found the handbrake was being held together by a shoelace. South Yorkshire PoliceCopyright: South Yorkshire Police The Bulgarian-registered Mercedes was found at about midday at Parkgate, Rotherham. South Yorkshire Police said the vehicle had "seen better days" and the driver had been reported" This is one of those frustrating reports that lacks enough detail to make sense. Was the shoelace inadequate for whatever task it was expected to perform? It looks like the pedal is a parking brake and if so the vehicle probably doesn't even have a handbrake.
  19. They missed a trick though, if the passenger had actually calved on the journey they could have shown the Vauxhall's famously versatile seats allowing a comfortable delivery, and the wipe clean 'leather' coming up like new afterwards.
  20. I knew a bloke who worked on the launch ad for the second generation Corsa. He described the moment of despair when the team first clapped eyes on it- I think they sprang the car from a wooden crate, like some ugly reptile hatching out. I suppose that smug 30 mph cruise was the best they could drum up to say about this turgid appliance. The £40 ex-plasterers Marina van I used for a similar mission 34 years ago carried out the job with far more aplomb.
  21. Sorry, I meant the Vauxhall Glandland.
  22. 4 of my vehicles don't have a radio, or even a place to put one in, but I like the look of this thing. If I were to purchase one could the output simply be stuck up the auxhole of a Bluetooth speaker? Those things sound pretty loud, at least the decent ones do, and all from such a tiny box. I'm suspicious that it might be a trick and that loud in the house might not be loud over the wheezing of a 1950's car, but its a very tempting way to save the bother of fitting speakers. What do you reckon?
  23. Fuck my old boots, I've just seen the worst car advert ever, and its for the Poundland. The message is that its capable of running a woman about to sprog to hospital at no more than 30 mph. And the wireless can change channel at the touch of a button. Is that it?
  24. The terms don't seem unduly harsh. Preston Marine Services appear to have had the thing kicking around since it was 'finished' (in all senses of the word) in 2007 and ask that having paid your pound you remove it in its entirety.
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