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  1. Welcome back, looking forward to the updates. What the deal with the Legend, was it impossible to sell or is it a keeper? I have a bit of a mild perversion for big Hondas and I keep looking at one to replace my Lexus RX.
  2. Use a good quality solvent resistant Epoxy or MMA adhesive to bond the lid on, combined with the mechanical fixings and if done properly it will be as strong as the steel anyway. You can get some adhesives with 50 micron glass beads mixed in, this makes sure you have the correct bond depth for optimal strength.
  3. 18.5 mpg for my RX300, almost all round the town. Should I buy a LS to save money?
  4. Excellent job in bringing the spare set of RX wheels I need closer to the cultural mecca that is Wellingborough.
  5. Don't bother with Waxoyl, it's a crappy outdated product and if you need to bugger about thinning it or heating it before use it's probably best being filed with the Vectrex and VHS2000 as things that were good in 1979 but now only really have a use to remind us how much things have moved on. If it's an old shitter thats only going to scrape another mot or two then use Waxoyl, if it's something you want to last then then the Bilt Hambler Dynax is pretty unbeatable in terms of flow and coverage.
  6. Honda Accord Coupe, sold to Twosmoke on here. It always put a grin on my face every time I drove it, in many ways a much worse car than the Lexus that replaced it but it just had that indefinable "it" factor for me.
  7. Wera Yellow handle Chisel tips are awsome, I batter the shit out of them on a regular basis at work. They have a hard handle with soft inserts, haven't had a problem with the occasional dunking in oily solvents and light oils, the Wera nutrunners are quite good as well. https://www-de.wera.de/en/great-tools/wera-chiseldriver/
  8. Lexus RX fits the bill to be fair, seven grand will get you a tidy late 350 with fair milage, go for the SE and you avoid the air suspension and the 3.5 V6 is the most "economical" petrol engine, hybrid is better on fuel but they tend to be more expensive. It has all wheel drive though I wouldn't be taking it down any lanes. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201908231458062?model=RX 350&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=nn84sl&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&make=LEXUS&sort=distance&price-from=500&radius=1500&page=2
  9. S60 and S90 are good looking cars, our S90 is going back soon and it's going to be replaced by a Mazda 3 saloon, which I think is even better looking.
  10. Sc430 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-SC430-2002-in-the-most-beautiful-colour-of-Indigo-Pearl-cream-leather-int/293160885541?hash=item4441c01d25:g:XI0AAOSwdiFdJ3cA
  11. What's going on with the S2000 Nigel, is broken or is it just a high milage rebuild? How many yellow cars on he fleet now then?
  12. No it's not rust trap, there is just a cool little detail on the underside of the spoiler that gets missed by a lot of people. The only mod I made to my car was to fit a Magnafine inline filter to the transmission return line as Honda buried the ATF filter in the gearbox and you have to split the transmission case to service it, which nobody does.
  13. Well brought Mr 450, she looks to wear her miles well. Plenty of info on what gearbox fluid to use on the owners forum, the guy who runs it specialises in working on coupes so it might be worth booking in with him for a gearbox flush, he did a grand job on my gearbox when I had it. https://honda6.ipbhost.com/ I like the way mine rode as well, and it can be hustled along if you feel like it. Have you looked at the underside of the spoiler yet?
  14. Aye it does, mine was V791FLE, I don't know if @twosmoke300 still has it? Mine was a V6 and to be honest I loved it, the Lexus I have now is a nice car but I still miss my coupe. You see a lot of coupes with FLE reg, they must have been pre registration cars by Honda? Mine was sold from a Glasgow dealer is there any info where yours was registered? Looking forward to hearing about it in your thread.
  15. IS300 sportcross, not quite as big as the other two but it will have all the bells and whistles you need and the lovely Toyota six pot engine, you could go for the 2.0 six pot if you want a smaller engine, though the gain in mpg is minimal. Rover 75s are like a reverse TARDIS, look big from the out side but the interior is cramped, claustrophobic and a bit twee, it wasn't a nice place to be. The 406 2.0 pez saloon I had was a lovely car and used to eat the miles up on the motorway with ease but I was glad it was a company car as it was constantly being fixed for a range of niggles
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