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  1. Three Across. by tokyo scooter stuff, on Flickr
  2. Ah, another well-translatored advertisingment brochure. There's a 1289, 1397 and 1600 'cmc' engine, so let's call this elegantly architectured carriage the 1325...
  3. Whoa, nice find! That Liberta ad is almost too good to be true...
  4. Low Ladas... needing help to get over the bumps: http://www.zie.nl/video/opmerkelijk/Auto-kan-niet-over-vluchtheuvel/m1nzf8bfc64a (40 seconds in)
  5. Someone snapped one of those Lincolns over here, odd choice for a hearse in Holland (although we are all getting heavier and heavier):
  6. Eeek! Someone´s still paying their bills then...
  7. Love this (and the rest). I imagine these houses are unbelievably smelly...
  8. That Aronde coupé is gorgeous.
  9. michiel

    Car Trek

    Blazin' cherries, good work.
  10. Nice Celica & love the black cab pic.
  11. Daf 44 in Japan. Makes me grin. The same set features a BX Break as well. DAF type44 by 48PRODUCT, on Flickr Edit: the same photo features the BX... I was blinded by the Daf.
  12. It was, until his mates flew off with my wallet.
  13. I went to Llandudno in september and all I saw was this. Gull by Michiel V, on Flickr
  14. ^ ^ This is errr... a Biagini. http://www.autotrader.nl/klassieker/volkswagen/wierden/56nau/volkswagen-golf-biagini-18-4x4-cabriolet/fotos/#foto-3
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