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  1. Find a crashed Fiat/Alfa/Lancia and give it a twin air etc (or a Saxo VTS drivetrain like eh, was it Andy Saunders?)!
  2. The spitting (mirror) image of mine, except for the alloys. I like mine a lot (and paid a lot more than 42 quid 4 years ago...).
  3. Saw a Rover 75 saturday. Sorry about the shit pic, but it made me grin.
  4. Fab. Love the styling, somewhere between pretty and awkard.
  5. Cheers! Maybe it's the angle, but I wasn't sure whether it was something pre- or postwar. This is one of many worth repeating to brighten up this fresh page:
  6. Super update! Any idea what ^that^ is?
  7. michiel


    Wow. Great spot, fab piece of music.
  8. That is very cool. I love it even more now. You need these pants now: Honda Civic 10 by Michiel V, on Flickr Honda Civic 03 by Michiel V, on Flickr
  9. A response to a 1963 photo I posted on flickr of a similar Opel included this wonderful Olympia, apparently still in use - by a professor in automotive engineering! The professor's ride by mompl, on Flickr
  10. Nice purchase Trigger, never seen one with that big a sunroof. Lovely and well jealous.
  11. Conwy - smallest house in Great Britain by Michiel V, on Flickr Might be the thinnest detached house though... Is that a Heckflosse Benz on the trailer?
  12. Mr_Bollox in my street. Should have said hello, sorry. Bollox. by Michiel V, on Flickr
  13. Sorry to hear about your wife, hope she really is on the mend. Other than that, nice update, always good to hear about the Bellel, even if the news is a bit mixed...
  14. The 'best' one I've got: Simca 1100 (28-50-SL) by Michiel V, on Flickr I recently found out both this and my 1969 Corolla have ended their lives as cars. Made me a bit sad.
  15. Zoinks! That Bristol is fab, Aprilia might be my favourite car ever (for the next 5 minutes), the unknown could be a Lagonda 2.6? GR8 UPD8.
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