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  1. Not Conwy (been there, but missed that place - edit: now Lung Wah apparently)
  2. michiel


    LHD just a little more... I might have to fight Ed for it? Have some more yellow:
  3. michiel


    I frigging love Frégates. Not as much as your 411 though...
  4. Wish it want it own it, or just sore feet... by Michiel V, on Flickr
  5. This one peut-être? C35 engine apparently, some 66 chevaux... owned by a family with 4 SMs. Citroen SM diesel by Timo1990NL, on Flickr
  6. POLNUD by Michiel V, on Flickr I guess some people park their 4X4 using the rearmounted spare.... seen in an underground car park.
  7. That's quite the hike. Have fun!
  8. Didn't you buy a Berkeley recently... the one that I want etc.. really. Standard's lovely too. Also v curious about the megatat.
  9. That Hanomag is absurdly kühl - as is the NSU 1200. Fab spots!
  10. I don't 'like' the first bit, but I like that your enthusiasm for oddball vehicles is still as big as it always was. Is the Berkeley back on the road yet so I can buy it for a nice price? (I wonder how long I'll survive without testicles if I really buy another 'old car')
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