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  1. Hi Michiel, 

    There seem to be quite a number of SSS in Portugal but so far that's the only place in Europe where they seem to have been sold in any numbers. There must be one or two still in existence in the Netherlands, no? I'm not sure if there are others in France. 


    I have a ferry booked to come over to JCS this year. Are you going to that? I'll be taking my Cherry Europe though rather than the 510, even though it should be registered and road legal by then (it will still be looking rather ugly I'd imagine).

    I couldn't find any references to Dutch SSS survivors, but who knows! Haven't been to JCS in years, but I'll try, even if I don't have a JC at the moment... 


    Some Dutch 510s I saw yesterday*







  2. Bit bored at work so I scanned the manual: Daihatsu Compagno 1000 F40 / F402 Owner's Manual


    Some fine googletranslaterish nonsense like 'In case the trouble is left alone without necessary repairs the engine may be seized' and 'don't neglect oiling in good time'.


    I don't own and probably never will own a Daihatsu Compagno, but I do own an owner's manual as of this week. Never expected to find one in Holland, previous owner didn't know how or where he found it though.

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