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    500tops reacted to beko1987 in Xsara - I actually did some work on it today!   
    Henry came out to play! Again no pics, I've not cleaned it since I did it at my dad's! Did notice the boot floor carpet not sitting 100% though

    So had the trim off

    And vacuumed all the sand out, laid the carpet down properly and adjusted the side carpet as this peice of trim clamps it down too and

    Boom! Was halfway doing the rear drivers side when the motor in Henry started to splutter. I only fitted new carbons a month ago and it all seemed OK so I need to look at that, but pulled out the Moulinex E59 someone on here gave me a while ago and finished the job! 

    Ran the v11 and it's mini turbo head over the velour too and sand poured out! 

    I've left it with all the windows open atm as there's one more job I want to do. Currently having a cup of tea and starting to feel less light headed, it's got very hot and sunny here all of a sudden 
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    500tops reacted to egg in Egg's 95 Mazda 323 coupé - your views pls on changing the ATF?   
    This is the worst wheel trim on the car.

    It's been scraped a few times by Mrs Egg, not me of course, ahem.
    There was this good one on the bay.

    That's better.

    You know me, focusing on the important stuff
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    500tops reacted to Dick Van Diesel in Egg's 95 Mazda 323 coupé - your views pls on changing the ATF?   
    VBA is still available. I messaged the fella via the ended ebay ad as I was intrigued.
    He was odd... After telling me he'd 'scraped it today' (along what - a wall?) he sent a swift follow-up stating that actually did still have it and wondered why I was asking. 
    So, @egg yeah, it's still for sale. GIB. The only potential issue is keeping a straight face when meeting the seller, who I'd imagine would be wearing a red sponge nose and holding his balls in his hands.
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    500tops reacted to egg in Egg's 95 Mazda 323 coupé - your views pls on changing the ATF?   
    Sadly that one @Mike D spotted has now been scrapped (no longer on DVLA).

    Also, remember that one in Surrey that I was trying to buy with help from others on here - also no longer on the DVLA - so can assume scrapped.

    Two more gone
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    500tops reacted to Steve79 in New V8 Shyte Bought(ed) Coolerection Saturday Coming!   
    Hoping its one of these.... probably not though!

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    500tops reacted to SiC in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Just seen you're reading this thread @eddyramrod. Iirc you like these? At least the cab section admittedly. 

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    500tops reacted to SiC in eBay tat volume 3.   
    I don't think this is such bad value. 

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    500tops reacted to SiC in 1951 Lanchester LD10   
    Please don't wash in oil! It's nasty stuff for little creatures when it rains and washes off. Whether that's bugs, hedgehogs or just the neighbourhood cats, it's not good for them to be drinking anything contaminated by it. Used engine oil is even worse. 
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    500tops reacted to w00dy in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Ford tax no doubt means this is worth big money, but I do like it.
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    500tops reacted to Fumbler in If only you’d worked harder at school...   
    My car is the oldest in my school's carpark by nearly 20 years. The rest of the vehicles there are massive bulbous SUVs promenading up and down to show how successful they are/better than everybody else's. All my classmates wish to have a Mini or Audi or BMW, not even anything sensible or cheap to buy outright like an Aygo! Nobody is interested anymore in the idea of utility and simplicity, it's all about bigger is better. Seems to be a bit of a fad to me, much like people carriers were the family cars of the early 2000s. Where have all the people carriers gone? I'd wager they were replaced by an SUV crossover thing.

    This is a good one

    When Father Fumbler was a sales rep, one of his colleagues plonked this photo down on his desk. The one-upmanship battle with the reps' company cars has shifted to the general public and their big SUV status symbols. In fact, it's summed up brilliantly in the episode's introduction:
    "The thing about your company car is it's a very specific sign to everybody to what level you've reached within the company."
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    500tops reacted to sierraman in If only you’d worked harder at school...   
    Link? 🤣🤣🤣
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    500tops reacted to sgtberbatov in If only you’d worked harder at school...   
    I've had this discussion, several times, with the wife and the cars I get. All her friends (or their partners) are driving around in fairly new (if not new) Audi's, Fiat 500's, etc. While she's pootling about in my near-10 year old Peugeot 107. Why can't I get one of these new flashy cars? Why do I always buy shit? Fact is my 107 was on finance, it's the only new car I've ever owned, and I wouldn't do it again. There's literally no point in buying newer cars that either don't trust you to drive them, or are so fecking heavy they cost the earth in brake pad changes and new tyres. 
    I'd go further than just the British preoccupation with class and snobbery. I'd go as far to say it goes back to school with all the bullying etc. You don't have the latest pair of trainers, your mom's so poor she shops at Aldi. That's from my own experience anyway. I was never poor, just had parents who didn't see the point in spending loads of money on something that can be had for less.
    I know as far as I'm concerned, I'm in my own race. No one, other than Gordon Murrary with that gorgeous T.50 of his, has anything I really want. I don't feel the need to compete, I simply don't have to compete. I see those people who do feel the need to compete and I feel sorry for them. They're financed to hell, meaning most of their wage is going on the object rather than living their lives. Often, especially now actually, with uncertainty with jobs can they even afford to live? A friend of mine works on the line at JLR, and they're all on 70% at the moment. He's alright as he's not an idiot with money. But he tells me of a girl who does his job and has a brand new Range Rover Velar on finance. The proper 5 litre supercharged small penis massager. She can barely afford to stick £20 very few days in it to get it to work. Doesn't go out, and if she does she's pre-loading with drink and relying on equally daft men to buy her drinks.
    People today lack fulfillment in their own lives. They see things on Instagram and they want what the other person has. They forget that the photo they see was probably the best one out of a hundred taken that week and filtered to hell. The person, again, is probably either borrowing the car or house, or is beyond the eye balls in debt to sustain this. And they only do it for the attention, which they're getting. The wife has someone on her instagram, who's a friend of a friend, and I see her looking at the posts and the girl is always there in her big massive house with her big fake boobs out. And the wife gets a bit down about it, because the wife thinks she's good looking and wishes we could have that. The house is straight out of an Ikea catalog, and her tits are fake. I lost my rag with her the once about her and I showed her all the other posts. Every, single, post, is of her with her tits out, in front of something expensive. She has all the warmth and charm of a sodden teddy bear on a toddler's grave. There's nothing in her life, when you look at it, that is actually meaningful.
    There's also the fact that, in my area, it's full of fancy expensive cars. Here's the thing: if everyone is driving luxury cars, the car is no longer a luxury. It's a commodity. It's common as muck so you're paying a Waitrose premium for driving a Tesco Finest cars. Arguably an older car, with only 10 left in the UK, is far more of a luxury by the virtue of it's rarity than a £100,000 Merc. Yes, I am calling my Lada a luxury car. Get over it.
    People who participate in this bullshit of perpetual car finance deals just can't handle the fact of standing out on their own on their own two feet. And this is why I think school has something to do with it. I was bullied I think nearly every day until I left, because I never had any interest in what other kids liked. I was rocking a walkman tape deck when they were using CD players. I was wearing Hi-Tecs when they were in Nikes. And I suffered for it really. I think I tried once to fit in, and I wasn't happy. So from then on to now, I live by the mantra of "Paddle your own canoe". So yeah, I might rock around in a crayoned Corolla, I don't care. I don't have the threat of the PCP man coming to reposses it. 
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    500tops reacted to chadders in If only you’d worked harder at school...   
    The people I know who would be considered well off buy their cars and usually keep them for about a decade or so. They have enough self confidence to not give a flying fuck as to what others think of them.
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    500tops reacted to SmokinWaffle in If only you’d worked harder at school...   
    This is very, very true.  It's almost upsetting to see.
    I live in/near lower income areas, and people I know for a fact are skint as fuck mostly drive brand new financed cars and are stuck in a cycle of debt because of it - it seems to be the way now. Especially around ages 21 - 28 it seems that everyone needs to keep up with their mates new purchase of a 68 plate Focus ST by getting an RS - that will most likely either be gone in 3 years, crashed, or modified without the bank knowing.
    Best bit is the look on their faces when I outrun them in a 30 year old MX5 - but that's by the by....
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    500tops reacted to warch in If only you’d worked harder at school...   
    If you'll permit me, this is a result of the British preoccupation with class and snobbery about anything regarded as pauperish. Weirdly this has nothing to actual posh people, lots of upper class types drive ancient dilapidated cars because they won't waste money replacing something merely because it is old.
    I think it is a modern upwardly mobile working class thing, where conspicuous consumption is equated with social status. How better to let everyone know how well you are doing than to have a 20plate SUV on your drive? The housing association estate at the far end of my village is an exercise in oneupmanship, everyone has newish or late plate crossovers and pickups. Someone even had a 993 911 for about a week (until it shat it's gearbox).   
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    500tops reacted to dave j in Further adventures of Bob the Renault 6 - it's turned into a full engine rebuild O NOES   
    It's great to see some new enthusiasm for this one, keep at it! 
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    500tops reacted to djoptix in Further adventures of Bob the Renault 6 - it's turned into a full engine rebuild O NOES   
    Yes, right, positive thinking time.
    This engine is still definitely in better shape than the original one that @Slowsilver removed. Cylinders 1, 3 and 4 are dry above and below the piston. Head still on so I can use a bit of force on the underside of the pistons without knocking the liners out. Coffee, and then I'll need to go and buy some diesel.
    But first: feed the guinea pig.

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    500tops reacted to egg in '93 Mondy thread - MOT pass & more K-reg's identified   
    I did the essential prep, i.e. gave it a two bucket job and then remembered I needed to wax the tailgate where the paint is thinning

    I sent it to my normal tester, with some OEM bits;

    So an oil change and a good result:

    Pair of ditchfinders on the front already wearing, maybe because I think the alignment is set toe-in to avoid the pulling to the left issue. I think. Was going to get new rear tyres anyway, so looks like it will be all four at some point.
    Should take it through to its 28th birthday in March now. That's its 5th MOT on my watch.
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    500tops reacted to outlaw118 in Further adventures of Bob the Renault 6 - it's turned into a full engine rebuild O NOES   
    I've been following The Tales Of Bob with interest for a number of reasons - my name is Bob, I was brought home from hospital aged 2 days in a K Plate 6, the first car I ever worked on was my dad's 845cc 4TL RHK595K, my first car was a red 845 4TL JLE627V, and the first "second" car I bought was a 4GTL A32KLL.
    Lookig forward to seeing you crack into this - bodywork doesn't need much, it's MoT exempt anyway, and if it was too well sorted it wouldn't bethe same.
    But hey, your car now, it's your choice, it'll me TOP SMART tosee him alive again, in whatever state.
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    500tops reacted to Jds1 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    500tops reacted to djoptix in 320Touring - Back in the game with a Berlingo..   
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    500tops reacted to 320touring in 320Touring - Back in the game with a Berlingo..   
    The 23rd of October. That was the last time I bought a car for myself.
    And some would say "why would you buy more cars? You have an elephants sufficiency already".
    They would be right.
    9 long months I studiously avoided vehicular transactions, Concentration was focused on the current fleet, and progress made.
    Then, @Lacquer Peel casually mentioned a desire to get rid of his Berlingo, and that was me off the wagon again.
    1. Who doesn't Ike a new car?
    2. Have you met me before?
    3. It's MOT'D til March 21
    4. It had a new rear axle in March this year
    5. 4 new tyres
    6. I need an estate/van for lugging some shit about
    Anyway, enough natter. 
    2005 2.0HDI. 207K
    It's the Desire* spec 
    Remote central locking which works
    Electric front windays
    Opening rear side Windows
    Rear wash wipe
    It's also the #multispace so has hunnerts of cubbyholes
    Fuck knows what I'mma do with it..
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    500tops reacted to LightBulbFun in Invacar Model 70 Acquired! & general ramble thread, index on page 1, Model 70 survivors list on page 24, pre Model 70 AC and Invacar survivors lists added on page 135 :)   
    im back, and sadly its a fail
    I got a good way through the test 28 minutes if I had made it 10 more id of passed apparently! ah well
    failed because there was a car (Jaguar E type of all things!) that had parked on a junction, I was turning right at and I pulled up behind him as I thought he was just waiting to go, but no he had actually stopped (I think to either pick someone up or drop em off at the train station it was next to) and by the time I realised he was not moving it was too late and I had clogged up the junction etc
    annoying thing is just as I went to back up and go around, he moved off! (but Im pretty sure I had already failed at that point)
    I thought he had just stopped and was waiting to go through the junction as per any other car because he still had his engine running and lights on etc, but I should have noticed how close he was to the kerb and the line of correctly parked cars further up the road!
    heres the test marks I got, only 6 minors at least which im told was pretty good given how far into the test I was (serious faults is what I failed on, and driving faults is my minors)

    it seems like it was just an unfortunate set of circumstances that made me come unstuck, im glad at least it was not something like me pulling out on someone or something such, for next time I need to make sure I pay better attention in regards to how close a car is to the kerb and if theres normally parked cars ahead of it!
    (and im happy I managed to get through most of the test without fluffing it up, rather then failing 5 minutes in LOL)
    also pleased that what I did fail on was none of things I was actually worried about that I might fail on LOL
    currently thinking what to do/I should do will discuss it with mum of course when she is available later today
    suggestions etc are welcome if anyone has any good ideas
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    500tops reacted to barrett in 1951 Lanchester LD10   
    Under no circumstances can you replace the leather. That is literally 100 per cent of the appeal of an old car - new upholstery is always (with about 1 in 100,000,000 exceptions) horrible, and it will never age the same way as old upholstery. I cannot stress this enough - if you put new leather in, the car will be ruined forever.
    It is, of course, possible to make a good fist of new upholstery, but conservatively it's going to cost £10k to do it anywhere near as well as original. 99 per cent of new old car leather is pre-coloured hides, which always look wrong, for example. Ditto the stuffing, stitching, anything else - only a tiny handful of people actually have the skills, or the attention to detail, to do a proper job.
    Again, just in case you didn't hear me: DO NOT RETRIM
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    500tops reacted to Angrydicky in 1951 Lanchester LD10   
    What a beautiful old crock, I absolutely adore it and am insanely jealous! I'll have to come and visit it/you (in the Somerset, naturally) when this is all over! 
    I'm firmly in the 'do not paint' camp and those front seats don't look bad at all for 70 odd years old. Loads of leather cream to soften them up and some sympathetic repairs are all that are required.
    Nice Coventry numberplate too and original plates as well. Another big bonus in my eyes as so many of these have had their plates nicked.
    Jeremy Clarkson once described his co-presenter's Lanchester as "like driving around in a radiogram". I think he was right!
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