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  1. Just to clarify as I am a bit dense on these matters ... if I want to post pics I no longer need to have them in a hosting site like Pkotobucket?
  2. Yippee, I am back in - password re-set required. Avatar gone though. Someone remind me how to do a revised one please?
  3. That Humber collection is amazing - one man's work over decades. There has been talk of the local authority acquiring the collection and opening it up as a museum but I suspect that will never happen
  4. pompei


    I read recently that maroon is the worst colour for depreciation, whilst white cars keep their value better. My old Merc is maroon but given its age I doubt that this will have any impact if/when I come to sell. Anyway, does the trade have names for desirable/undesirable hues? The only one I can think of is "doom blue".
  5. "Dixie Flag on the roof" I wonder if this guy understands what the Confederate flag represents?
  6. I'd love to go to that show - it looks absolutely packed though - could you get up close to the cars?
  7. A bloke knocked on my door asking if I wanted to sell my Frontera. I did, as it happened, and we did a deal. (Wish I'd kept it now, of course)
  8. A friend of mine went down as he had his eye on the Punto Cab, but backed off as it went too high. The little 126 went for about £3,500 he said - madness!
  9. That looks like a set from A Gerry Anderson programme
  10. Almost every time I have tried to sell a car, the buyer has shown up and taken it away. In most cases that was a pity as I didn't really want to sell but was bowing to pressure from wife, bank etc
  11. pompei

    Auction today

    https://mathewsons.co.uk/index.php?Itemid=190 Anyone going? The Fiat 850 spider, please.
  12. I'd love to turn up to a business meeting in that! (the 1950's one that is)
  13. Doh! i was just about to ask for a random! Good purchase Unclefester!
  14. That wedge thing is gopping! But what are the wheels from? I'm thinking Skoda?
  15. pompei


    Can you try running it pretty fast in reverse then slamming on? This helped the hopeless brakes when I bought a Fiat 127 a few years ago.
  16. Reprise:- came to me in a flash tonight - Irvine Motors
  17. I won the 206 CC from Breadvan (formerly of this parish) but in view of the work entailed to mend it, and Mrs P's disapproval, asked him to donate to whoever wanted it. I forget now who took up possession.
  18. Thanks for the suggestions - I took myself off to The Range today and stocked up with microfibres, baking soda, anti-bacterial surface spray and carpet cleaner which is meant to neutralise smells from pets' accidents amongst other things. I've got leather cleaner somewhere and Windolene. I'm going to have a go this evening and tomorrow and see what happens.
  19. Evenin' all. A few months ago I replaced the written-off Saab with a Merc CLK320. It's a great barge that does everything I want and much more but the interior reeks of stale air freshener. I've wiped down the leather seats, cleaned carpets, windows and headlining but it still pongs like a cheap B&B. I'm guessing that it might have been smoked in at some time and has had the car-wash 'valet' treatment a few times. Any tips for getting rid of the whiff?
  20. pompei


    I'm going to use a fuel catalyst
  21. The opening credits in Brookside showed which cars and who did they belong to? What car did Barry Grant drive into the sea? What was the car that Derek (married to Mavis) drive as a rep? If you ask me any questions about soaps after 2000, I will have no idea.
  22. After the driver unfriendly features, how about things you don't see which you miss? I'll start with foot operated dip/beam switch as found on early Minis Double sunvisors as in Saab 9-5 where you could turn one to stop glare from the side window and behind it was a second visor for the front screen. Genius. Side hinged opening rear windows in two door cars. Toggle switches on the dashboard.
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