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  1. Just have the business rent it off yourself - great way of accessing the profits* and it’s far enough away.
  2. 2 litre petrol auto it is. We already have an estate car in the family - this one is for the sunny days.
  3. Despite lack of any notable activity since bubblecar museum meet, the Jag is still alive and in rude health. I still haven’t got it out of store since coming back to UK pre Covid, but apart from an oil pressure sensor, it fired up and ran faultlessly last week. shares its warm dry luxury with some decent old metal. in more relevant up to date news, today I bought this. Let the good natured joshing commence...
  4. I’ve never driven it but have had a very scary ride in it - thankfully he knows the single track roads around his place well. There are a couple of cars like this that he lets go to people that he trusts will return them to him when they’re done with them. Hence the prices - just treat them as a deposit! His barns are now full of interesting cars - he’s well into Maseratis as well now, and has a proper nice Bitter SC. His connections with JDHT allow him to ‘borrow’ the XJ40 coupe and X300 convertible (Audi A4 hood apparently). I think he has an Enzo Ferrari thing going on where you have to be
  5. This is Rob Jenner’s old motor. It is immaculate and I was actually at the sale for the current owner. It was the day I took my XJ12 up to his storage facility. There is a genuine story behind this and why Rob’s cars often seem to find their way back to him. He is a car trader now he’s finished with breweries. Nice motor this and goes like a stabbed rat. A hell of a reach across for 1st gear - made all the more difficult by being pinned back in the seat when needing second!
  6. Brings back fond memories of my old ceramic blue 1.3 base 3 dr hatch. Loved that thing. B348CEG I think.
  7. It’s happening all over the world already - Brazil being a great example for sugar cane farming so it can have alternative product to suit the sugar market peaks and troughs. Farmers need to grow cane regardless but it politically tricky when valuing the crop depending on what’s made at the mill and in what proportion. Cane is a good crop for farmers as theoretically it only needs planting every 3 or 4 (up to 7) years. It’s grass and therefore grows back. One expensive year, several profitable ones thereafter. it gets trickier with smallholders. I’m working on a project in Bangladesh at t
  8. I would defy anyone other than the owner of the car to get number 5! Mongolia had that RHD driving on the right thing going on. But zero clue to specifics! i didn’t see the thread till after the answers were given, but I’d be happy to have a crack at a second set. I’m reasonably well travelled and enjoy a challenge but I would have got 2 out of 10 there, no points for cities.
  9. It is a good game, but needs a lot of time if there are no proper clues in the picture. Number 2 caught my attention as there is a decent clue to the country, but not (as far as I can see) for the Town. men wear sarongs in most countries in n SE Asia, but a decent start would be Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia or Thailand. RHD predominantly Japanese brands driving on the right? Other than the border crossing roads into Myanmar and Thailand, still likely to be Myanmar, but could still be the others. Black plates means not Laos, Cambodia or Thai. So Myanmar. The pale yellow plate on the white
  10. I see it as the right way but now you’ve said that I see what you mean and also can’t unsee it. Renault 18 had 3 little lamps, green orange and red. It would go from green to red never lighting the middle one. Nothing wrong with our lamp as all 3 illuminated during start-up.
  11. Re: XJ40, when you changed the fuel pump, was it a new one (cheaper to buy another XJ40!) or was it a recon/used part? People with more knowledge than me say these pumps have 100k miles in them at best and so it came as no surprise to my knowledgeable friends that a used one transplanted into mine lasted a few hundred miles before conking out. How ironic that the FTP that finally caused the owner to call the scrap man was not the sensor, not the leads, not the dizzy cap, not the throttle body, but the fuel pump that requires a team of contortionists to get the tank out. Car scrapped, I come al
  12. I drove a transverse 6 Epica, although it was called a Tosca in that market (Thai) my Jag fired on 11 for the first few months I had it. also had a spin in a V5 Golf once. also again, a W6? Other than that Siemens built Rumpler thing, I had no idea VW did W6. 3 banks of 2? More on that please!
  13. I don’t think I have ever seen the sheer diversity of cars anywhere in the world than Uruguay. Russian, American, European and home grown versions of them, and more modern ones were Korean or Chinese. The back streets of Bella Union (they’re all back streets actually!) are a treat. I wouldn’t be surprised if you opened a garage door to find a YD26 Estate. The chances of returning there are next to zero for me but if I could go back it would be more than the 36 hours I had there.
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