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  1. My brother in law has one of these. They are actually quite nice.
  2. The V8 didn’t fare much better but I think they were designed for US anyway. Audi 5000? I remember when I was much younger, I was looking to replace my Escort with something (anything) better and I was offered a straight swap for a 4 years younger Hyundai Lantra (square shape, not melted one). The fact that I drove away in a Nissan Pulsar 1.6SLX and paid a fair wedge on top of the escort points to how undesirable the Lantra must have been back then. Back in the 80’s when there was car trading in the family, my uncle had a beige Ital 2.0 Auto in the showroom until people thought it was a museum piece. It survived a change to Lada, to Yugo/Zastava and yes folks, a brief spell with Lonsdale and finally got straight swapped for a Rover 213.
  3. Sao Penzas didn't exactly fly out. Alfettas didn't do very well XJ40's hung around LONG after the X300 arrived. There are N plates out there. Applauses and Charmants took some shifting I reckon. Especially the mid range Charmants. Base had a reason, LGX had a reason, but the middle one? Pah. Maximas had cobwebs in the showrooms Ballades and Legends Tempras and Ullyses Galant Sapporo
  4. I laughed, but suddenly felt I shouldn't have! Laughing again now. On the Grumpy thread - which is what its for.
  5. Please tell me you are kidding! I get the humor in the second sentence, but the last one sounds a bit serious
  6. Oi! No religion! “So be it” would be more appropriate for God’s sake!!
  7. Oh the irony. Good luck with your forum. All I get from this is “yeah yeah those nasty potty mouths. What a bunch of fuckers” At least it is grumpy.
  8. My sympathies.... Morogoro for me in June I think. Might have a few days on the coast if there’s time.
  9. Ignore the red er... Chinese version of a Mazda in the foreground - I triple-took the BMW 2 series 4 door gran coupe in the background, jaw dropped even more when 5 people got out of it!
  10. Quick dumpage from last few weeks Chinese village scenes Thailand cutie US relic
  11. First and last time I will ever drive one of these. I am actually in the passenger seat here as I bottled it in Nanning rush hour and gave the captaincy back to its owner.
  12. Frequent grump for me that. And I am still not prepared to shell out a grand for the seat memory option just because some inconsiderate twit decides to drive my car to Terminal 5 while virtually horibloodyzontal. I caught the guy once. As he got out the car, he flipped up the lever to push the seat all the way back so he could get out. Radio had been changed and a memory overwritten, the car in sport mode and fag ash on the carpet. At least a quarter of the fuel gone too. Zeroed trip meter (screwing up my mileage log system). Disgraceful. Not what you need after a 12 hour flight and the M25 to do at 8:30 in the morning...
  13. Send the neighbour? Message delivered by non-stranger may be better?
  14. So what was the Renault 3 then? Saw one once in Spain.
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