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  1. I used to get from my hotel to the airport in these - just taxis you hail and jump in the back of and squeeze in with about 20 people.
  2. To be fair I don’t, but it’s a scrapyard and by all accounts a fast moving one
  3. Yes, that one Blimey - either that is a very up to date street view, or I have been blind for all that time, or the Ibiza I had in my short term memory was silver. I’ll check tomorrow.
  4. Between the villages of Tacolneston and Wreningham on the B1113 in Norfolk, there is a row of semis and one has been turned into a scrapyard with all sorts of stuff flowing through it. I drive past it every day. Last week there was a B11 Sunny teetering on the top of a pile of anonymity. Today there is a Seat Ibiza SXi there looking in great condition. I’m not sure how easy these folk are to deal with, but given the rate at which these motors are stripped and fragged, I’d be quick. Carl Salvage is the yard.
  5. Backwater Colombian towns have plenty of Renault 4 and 9 taxis. Fiat Oggis as well ( saloon Uno). Lots of mid size Fiat saloons I can’t recall the name of. O yeah, Palio.
  6. It isn’t waste - it is sometimes worth more than the sugar. Which is why most plants split the process and produce it from molasses or low purity recycle flows. Those that take cane to ethanol directly are boom bust operations from year to year. Shell and BP both have big joint ventures with sugar companies in Brazil but hedge their bets making both. I played a minor part in the development of this technology. Long since developed further by younger generations and my little contribution is a just footnote in history.
  7. Uruguay is amazing for old motors. Most countries around there are either Japanese biased, or European biased, but Uruguay has just about every make and model you can think of - Soviet, Japs, Euro, Yank - and South American versions of GM stuff - the whole lot. Nowadays it is pretty much all Korean and Chinese imports. I was there about 5 years ago and saw a couple of Maestros biffing about, even an Allegro parked up in a yard. All my pics are on a work phone and laptop I handed back when I left so I had to remember where I was where I saw one parked and hope it was on Streetview. Kerching! Not Bella Vista, my mistake, it is the town where I went - Salto. Note the Visa and Escort bookending it. He’s definitely an enthusiast and maintaining it, rather than fixing it I reckon.
  8. I suspect this is probably the farthest away Maestro from yours. It is in Bella Vista, Uruguay. Possibly a Bulgarian though. And Etsongs don't count.
  9. There are still a few of these knocking about amongst the farming community- this one is a regular appearance on market day
  10. As far as I know it is still owned by them. It does run and infrequently attends shows. It is an adapted Audi hood.
  11. I say he has fucked over society. He’d be better off sinking his independent wealth into a country pile - paying local businesses to dig a pool, local youth to maintain it, retirees to tend the lawns and just have the formal garden and orangery to pass the time for himself. Meanwhile, a bunch of start-outs are being denied the opportunity to struggle and strive their way onto the property ladder via these nice little terraces that can become a proud first step. I’m organising a march to protest against the champagne socialists and holding Rolls Royce responsible for enabling the actions of these parasites by selling their shares in an irresponsible fashion. The March will start by my shed, travel past the veg patches and end up by my back door so I can walk to the fridge to avail myself of a cold drink. Who is with me? No-one? Good. Shan’t have to share my cold drink then.
  12. Last one ever according to those more knowledgeable than I. @wuvvumis this your old one?
  13. A few 4x4 versions of that Chinese Ital found their way onto military owned tobacco plantations in QuJing and ZunYi. If only there was a sense of pride in crap vehicles over there - I bet there are few crumbling away in derelict buildings in remote areas.
  14. Just have the business rent it off yourself - great way of accessing the profits* and it’s far enough away.
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