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  1. Couple of Coronas on that trailer. All the Indian and Pakistani supermarket owners had these. Corner shop chaps had 120Y’s, the Tailors had Corollas or 160J and Cressida and Corona reserved only for the shopkeepers featuring trollies and nothing on the pavement outside. Crowns and 300C was for the shady lot who oversaw the money laundering.
  2. Mazda 818, 121, Toyota Cressida, Corona estate, Mazda 616 memories of Gladstone Street in P’bo.
  3. First 3 are various denominations of Subaru Rex 4 and 5 are Daihatsu Charmant 6 is Mirage saloon 7 and 8 are Tredias all these from memories of my time in Malaysia and Indonesia. Plenty still biffing about the back roads.
  4. What happened to that purple one in the end (or was that a straight 929 coupe?)
  5. Can we have the answer to 26 please?
  6. I am often seen smoking a cigarette and pulling that expression when a quote to fix the Jag appears. Wuvvum just set off from here so should be home in 30-40 minutes. I am sure those headlamp upgrades WILL be necessary.
  7. Just had a cheeky little spin around the village in this courtesy hopefully of the owners, but thanks to Wuvvum for the opportunity to complete my Saturday with a drive in a Citroen Visa 10E. fantastic little thing. The scariest brakes make for the most exciting drive. hope the owners enjoy it.
  8. All is well. Driver fed and watered. Car is awesome but too dark outside to get a Woollard.
  9. No worries. I just gave you a more detailed address but Fern Court on that post code would get you to where we park. Kettle on if you need.
  10. You’re welcome to stop at Wymondham if you need a coffee or anything. NR18 0PS #25.
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