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  1. I can. There just isn't a big enough market to justify producing them in diecast. Most manufacturers would need to do 10,000+ pieces to break even and realistically whilst there are people who would buy them, there's nothing like that many collectors out there to justify it. Re EFE. Bachman don't appear to doing much with the brand, they've stated that there won't be any new releases or wholesale distribution at this time.
  2. There's probably more chance of me having a go on Emma Bunton than Vanguards doing a Maxi. That they've announced an increase in prices this week (both trade and RRP) and at the same time decreased retailers margin isn't going to help matters either is it.
  3. Looks nice that and not expensive at that price. Do like these though, had a 06 plate 2.0 TS for a it a few years back and really liked it.
  4. With the 1:43 recovery trucks..... There was a nice Norev Peugeot Boxer a couple of years back and IXO did a Citroen H in their regular range and as a partwork. Couple of Premium Classixxs models (VW T2) as well.
  5. You'd be surprised, we've sold loads! It's the relatively ordinary stuff that is usually popular. Had 1:43 Jukes a year or two back and genuinely couldn't keep up with demand - as soon as another box arrived they sold out.
  6. Oddly I was only looking at them on Saturday when I was in that France. Answer - I would expect so yes. But, as with all the partwork stuff it could be a good long while away yet. We've three partwork series imminently arriving in the next week or so - Legends of F1, La Voiture de Mon Pere and Presidential Cars all in 1:43. Some of the partworks can take a very long time before they resurface to the trade though. The Presidential Cars series were released in 2012 so whilst I'm hopeful we'll see them sooner rather than later, don't hold your breath...
  7. ^ Yes we certainly will. No details on delivery dates and whilst RRP is currently £26.99 its worth bearing in mind there might well be price rises in between times. Autoshite discount scheme still available though
  8. Just out of curiosity, what's the software?
  9. ^ This. Although Oxfords Disco 5 isn't out until next summer and when they announced it they didn't have a preproduction image or anything.
  10. I'm sure Glossops lovely and all but it is a bit of a way away from civilisation. I'd be keen on something North Manc / Lancs / West Yorkshire.
  11. It still happens now occasionally. There's been a couple of Norev models that came out before the actual car, notably Renaults and Volvos plus we've had a few 1:18 Maisto models released before the actual car is available. Currently got 2017 Ford GT as an example of this.
  12. Fairly sure (well, sureish) that there was one in a fire engine part work series four or five years back. 1:50 scale I think.
  13. Early cars are mechanically an R5, later ones use Clio bits.
  14. Oh crikey. I really do want another Twingo.
  15. Re The Cars that Made Britain Great.... I got approached by the production company for that back in January. Gave us a massive list of all the cars they wanted models for and could we source them. They reckoned it'd be nice to have the celebs looking wistfully at the model while they regurgitated something an intern had found on Wikipedia. They also ought it'd be nice if the celeb could. Keep the model afterwards. So anyway we could source most of them so gave them a quote (a very reasonable one it must be said) to which they replied that sorry they didn't have a budget but could we do it for free and they'd give us a mention on the losing credits. Mere nanoseconds passed before I gave my verdict. The lack of celebs holding models and the fact we aren't on the credits tells you all you need to know.
  16. Then you have missed the MASSIVE FAULT. The osf wing should have a badge saying Firenza just like the nsf wing has. Entire production run was like this though.
  17. Trolley jack under the back end, spin it round so its blocking the street then ring the Police about the abandoned car....
  18. Can anyone spot the massive* fault that meant I had some fella from the Vauxhall Viva OC ranting at me down the phone? This massive fault meant that I should give him 50% off the price he had paid (and lets not forget he also had already got a 10% discount) Said fella offered to get Vauxhall Heritage to confirm the massive* fault and that the model wasn't exactly like the real car so he would need to have a discount. His offer and any further discount were politely declined.
  19. Is this a euphemism for something with which I am not familiar?
  20. Quite excited now that I know the Autoshite Complete Works of Jalopy will be coming to me someday! In the meantime I shall be digging out the few copies that I have in order to reacquaint myself with the genre.
  21. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes please! Forgotten about these but am (slightly) excited now.
  22. Couple of years back I had an old Renault for sale on an enthusiast website for £3k which was a very reasonable price. Guy comes up, spends TWO HOURS going over it, tells me all sorts needed doing (it didn't) and that he'd give me £1200. That was insulting. He got told he could fuck off then fuck off some more and then finish with a side order of fuck off. He then decided he'd up his offer but I don't like dealing with idiots so sold it later that week for the full £3k to someone else.
  23. Go look at and see how you feel about the work required. I wouldn't expect £1500 to be an unreasonable price for it though. Old Renaults aren't as cheap as they used to be although the market for them is still relatively small. R20s are still a bit unloved and haven't gone up in value like R4s, R5s have and that keeps prices lowish. But go and look at with a pocket full of cash and a mate who doesn't have any attachment to the model and talk to the seller.
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