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  1. Well I think it was Minichamps though I could be wrong... As for the 1980's collection, yes I am afraid as far as I can see they will be repeating the series here, the older stuff we have had - R4/5/6, Estafette, Simca which was part of the French Collection is now getting difficult to find as no more seems to be coming in although the newer stuff - R12 Gordini, R5 Turbo, 205GTi etc is now available....
  2. This does still happen albeit only rarely, Minichamps released a Citroen C4 Picasso slightly before the actual car came out.As far as the 'partwork' models go.... perhaps I should declare an interest here first as Mrs Lobster sells diecast models as part of her general industriousness....anyway....The 1980's car series is by IXO / Altaya and is fairly extensive featuring such beauties as 205, R11, R5 Supercinq, Talbot Horizon, Citroen Visa, Peugeot 505 and quite a lot more. As yet it is not yet available in the UK although we *think* it is coming in early 2008... at the moment there are a few different 'partwork' type series about - French classics, Citroen DS', Maserati and odd Minis as well as a variety of others produced for DeAgostini featuring Saab 900, Beetle, Lamborghini Miura, Cit DS, Mini Cooper, Capri, Ford GT40 etc.Somewhere in the pipeline is an R4 collection and the 1980's collection mentioned above.On a more expensive line, Minichamps are releasing a lot of 1980's stuff at the moment , BMW 3 series, Escorts, Fiestas etc and being Minichamps the quality is superb.Hope thats of use...
  3. For some reason I'm really drawn to the blue Sierra Estate. Not quite sure why but I'd rather like that...
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