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  1. Hi Ken, im also entered into this again for the 7th time in my Triumph 1500tc and yes it is adictive lol, its a great event and most people return to have another go so beware. See you at the start.
  2. Have you still got the Toyota Tercel brochure and how much.
  3. We got there for 9am got track side parking and had a very relaxed day walking round as they were all coming in and chatting to people we know, watched all the races and waited till most had gone before leaving without having to queue up to do so then a steady 80 mile drive home. great day 3rd one ive been to and cant wait for next years.
  4. Im going and was hoping to be in my triumph 1500tc but engine needs a look at so i will be there in the silver 1999 Toyota Corolla est instead. stevr
  5. Hi Jim , its craig not chris lol, i myself cannot remember what he bought , im coming up that way sometime as max has a few bits for me too. steve
  6. Yeah i saw the sprint when i was over it wasnt bad need a bit of tidying, did the honda go ?
  7. no worries Jim i knew you was busy, Max has had some trouble up new yard someone smashed one of mini's up
  8. Yeah it started straight away after cleaning the points up and drives too.
  9. Well today i decided to have ago at starting the tercel with a fully charged battery , a makeshift fuel tank and a splash of petrol down the carb, at first turn over it never tried to fire up so a quick look and there was no spark at points, removed points that were not at there best cleaned them up refitted and got a spark, fitted cap back on sat in car and turned the key for it to fire into life for the first time in a long time and sounded really sweet no smoking or rattling, then i attempted to put it in gear but the clutch was stuck but not for long so then i was back n forth on the drive. Sadly now ive checked the engine etc the tercel will be broken up for spares for the other one i have. Ive done a couple of videos which i'm trying to upload to you tube but its taking ages , when they'e on i will put a link on here. that's all for now. steve
  10. Got the Tercel back home yesterday ok and got stuck in and emptied all the crap out of it and then swept up all the broken glass and dead leaves which filled 2 medium sized bin bags up, Next as daft as it might seem i washed it firstly because its on my drive where it will be broken up and it i think it looks better clean even though its rough just to keep peace with the neighbours, secondly some of it will be easier to strip cleaned up and i wont get covered in all the crap, Today i took the starter motor off mine and fitted it to the scrap one and fitted a battery that i had charged up the other day but that turned out to be flat so it must be a dead one ( but found out the original radio works), ive put another battery on charge this evening so will be giving it a go tomorrow. more updates as they happen steve
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