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  1. tux

    walk, listen, spot..

    The missus has one of those step county things and they have a competition each week at work. She generally straps it to the cats leg and then lets it out with next doors dog. Wins every week.
  2. tux

    Shite in music

    Rather nice KGC in OMds SOuvenir vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swzp1eeOMj4
  3. Now that, to me, is the quintessential 70's/80's car smell. Can you still get them?
  4. Right then boys and girls, long time lurker and diminutive poster here. Despite having signed up to the forum in 2007 I rarely have anything worthwhile to contribute so I just stay quiet and lurk in the shadows. Anyhoo, while out and about this morning, I came across a reasonable amount of shite so thought I'd share it. Not sure how good the quality is so feel free to say "tux me old son, you've lost the plot" if appropriate. Apologies in advance for the truly shocking photo quality. So, first off I dropped into the plumbers merchants for some fittings and this is parked outside. Never ceases to amaze me how tiny these things are Found the rake on this quite comical Shopping chod Prospective boy racer chod Jap chod Jap shopping chod Hydrolastic chod Slammed chod Classic chod Sports chod I particularly liked the peeling lacquer on the doors
  5. I do love those big old Scooby estates. Nice work sir. Good to see you are out and about buying tat again instead of lying in hospital.
  6. You have my sympathies fella. I did exactly the same thing freeing up a Porsche 924 caliper last year. Throbbed like a B****** for days.
  7. A good case for public flogging if you ask me! Still, each to their own.
  8. Liking the Nightfire Red 800. Love that colour. Mines done even less mileage than that has! It looks a bit like this Big old 2.5 litre quad cam, nom nom Interior needs a good scrub to be fair. Its been nowhere! It reads 58880! But to be honest, it does have its bad points, like rusty wheelarch syndrome. Probably not too bad to sort if done now before it gets worse.
  9. Small world! It did indeed come (indirectly) to me from that very dealer. Only bought it because it had a towbar fitted and I needed a tow mule sharpish, but I've quite got attached to it now. I'll sort some pics out, give us 5 mins!
  10. It seems its been a while since I was last on the forum, 4 years according to the stats but here is the latest tat in the tux fleet. Not sure it qualifies a shite, despite the rusty wheelarch, but meh.
  11. If there are large holes, you'll need to bodge in something like Isopon P40 which is based on fibreglass resin and has strands of fibreglass in it. Then go over the top with bodyfiller. If its just a temp job and there are only small holes then you may get away with just bodyfiller. UPOL Fantatsic seems to be the gloop of choice at the moment, but there are stacks out there to choose from, just have a skeg around eBay or your local motor factors. Mix up with the age old golf ball size splodge of filler to a pea size amount of hardener. Mix well so its all a uniform colour with no streaks and apply to the wounded area making as smooth as possible and slightly proud of the surrounding area. It should set in about 20 minutes. Break out the wet and dry. Initially something like 120 grit to rub the filler into shape and get it "something like." Then go down to something like 400 grit to start smoothing it out and feathering the edge down to the surrounding area. At this point it will probably have a bunch of pits in it so either bosh in more filler and go through the process again until all the pits are gone or use a stopper like Dolphin Glaze to the same effect. The stopper will probably be easier to work with, but means splashing out a few extra quid to buy. When its all looking jubbly give the whole area a waft over with 600 grit paper to make sure its all lovely and smooth and then break out the primer and top coat. Don't forget to post LOTS of pictures of your progress as we are all picture whores on car forums!
  12. Hurrah! I can see everything this morning. Good work Torsten dude.That stacklight Merc does "things" to me! Much kewlness.
  13. AAAARRRGGHHHH! My eyes, my eyes ........ they burn PLEEEEEAAASE make the nastiness go away!
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