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    Shiny 405

    My 820 Sterling was in that same kinda of velvety dark blue (Oxford Blue) and was indeed a pig to keep clean. It also showed stone chips up like a bastard. Dark blue is one of my favorite colours for these though, that as well as gun metal grey and dark green.
  2. Old Peugeots are going through a similar phase. Remember the thread I started about the one that went for £3800 on ebay?
  3. I don't think I'd put it quite that aggressively, but you do have a point. I live near Santa Pod and there was a Ford event over the weekend - I saw a lot more MK1 and 2 Mondeos coming and going than I have done in previous years. The right Ford licker would probably spent £750 on it, just to say "Ooooh it's got 67k on the clock". The trouble is, I don't think it will sell here for £750 because most of us are already knee deep in projects (me included). Remember that in the real world that "normal" people inhabit, £750 is mere pocket change. It's not like he's asking £3000 for it!
  4. On a database? Like the Sex Offender's Register, but for Mondeo MK2 owners?
  5. Agreed. The MK3 now manages to look bland and ugly at the same time - quite an achievement. But then again the MK3 is a 21st Century car, so what do you expect?
  6. Knowing these cars fairly well, that looks like a cracker. Prices for these are firming up now (and I gave mine away for free right before they surged in value, go me). Yours is in a nice colour combo as well. But you have to pronounce "XJ Sport" like Terry Thomas, perhaps with a devilish twitch of the eyebrows.
  7. My tyre place of choice when I lived down South used to be called Flintstones.
  8. I'm confused. Is this back up for roffle? If so, I'd like to buy a couple of tickets please!
  9. Oh no! My latest purchase (the Xantia) has started doing this. I'm hoping tightening the aux belt will shut it up again. Have you tried going down that route?
  10. I really hope that isn't the case. In twenty years time I really don't want to be forced out of dailying '90s stuff.
  11. I can only imagine how annoying that it is. But it could have been MUCH worse (you could have crashed it into another one of your cars). Seeing the wall, I'm amazed the impact didn't do more damage. At least you're capable of fixing the damage caused by your own mistake - many aren't and would need a garage, or just bin the car.
  12. I miss my purple X308 Sovereign. Got it right where I wanted it mechanically, and loved driving it. Even the aircon worked. I only sold it because of a moaning neighbor and stupid notes being left on it. Neighbor then announced they were moving out a month after I sold it. I hate people.
  13. Could be tempted by that for myself! Is it for sale per se?
  14. I've had a V70 ph.1 for around a year now (basically the same thing) and liked it, but I don't think they'll be for everyone. They handle much better than "proper" Volvos, but the ride is a bit rubbish as a result. Nice comfy seats make up for it though. They're not what you'd expect to drive. The steering is very light, and you often feel more like you're correcting course on a boat than driving a car. Also, they're quite jiggly and skittish for what they are. But if you just want to cruise on the M1, they're gr9. They certainly make better sense as a motorway car. You'll find it will get through front tyres fairly quickly, unless you drive a Nunn all the time (I don't). Serving costs are average. I paid about £400 for a major service on mine. V70s are great as a estate cars (as you'd expect). The seats fold down with very little effort in seconds, which is great if they're always going up and down to carry crap around like they do with me. The 2.5 and later 2.4 engines are all very smooth and pleasant - and all Volvo petrols form the era make a very characterful "Nhhooooooooooommmmh" sound from the exhaust, which for some weird reason I like. If you want mine, you can have it for £150, so you can at least get a taste of them. It's a bit knackered as I don't think previous owners really looked after it
  15. Having worked in the fleet sector for a little bit, I think fleets are the driving force behind this, and perhaps (to a lesser extent) the rise of renting your car rather than owning it. Fleets want big garages in central locations with the manpower for fast servicing turnaround. Wankpuffin's Vauxhall of Frotting, the friendly local franchise can't compete with the big networks and out of town dealers when it comes to speedy servicing on the kind of scale major fleets demand. When it comes to PCP and the like, I'm guessing those customers aren't fussed about who supplies the car, as long as they're easy to get to and make a decent cappuccino, and have a TV playing The Night Garden for the kids. I'm not saying it's a good thing but it's the way things are going, not just with cars but with everything that we (the general public, not weirdos like us) consume. I don't know if it spells the death of Vauxhall (who does?), but it doesn't have to. JLR seem to be going the same way, after Inchcape swallowed up H.A Fox (massive shame) and they are doing just fine. I'd like to think PSA know what they're doing. Remember that not so very long ago Peugeot were looking like a lame duck, but seem to be having some kind of renaissance* right now. *Apart from the "000" series, those are bloody awful.
  16. I've not been as open on ebay, purely because nobody would come and look at it. But if you're trying to flog something to your buddies online it's a little different.
  17. There's cheaper ones about if you're willing to go four pot
  18. That's fit. How did I miss this and what happened to it?
  19. Free coffee and a thrill ride in either a f**ked Volvo or a 405 is included in asking price.
  20. Seems crazy to see what I think of as being a brand new car dumped like that.
  21. For any old car it has held up very well, but for interstellar miles it's amazing.
  22. OK, having a shot at getting rid of this here. Not expecting any serious interest, but lets see? About the cheapest way into six-cylinder W124 ownership, probably. It drives nicely, rides beautifully and has a brilliant gearbox. The COW INSIDES is in decent nick, apart from a rip or tear that has been covered up with expertly matched and blended rape tape. It's a seven seater. I think it has had the dreaded wiring loom thing in the past, but a previous owner seems to have replaced the loom themselves. It ain't pretty, but seems to do the job as the electrics generally behave themselves. There is a running fault where it sometimes stall at low speeds, but can be got around by keeping a hint of throttle on. The Mercedes Service bollocks stuff probably comes off with heat. Why am I selling? I bought this last year thinking it was solid. It wasn't. It's hiding serious corrosion to the sills - and will probably require new sills rather than patching up. There have turned out to be some patches of rot under the underseal, and to I don't have the skills or patience to rectify it, so I'm selling at a massive loss as a spares or repairs thing. MoT until July, 202,000 miles yaddah yaddah appreciating classic. Let me know if you have any questions.
  23. Agreed. When you spend money maintaining and improving 90's stuff, there's always that thought in the back of your mind that if the brown stuff hits the swirly thing and you need your money back, you stand to lose a lot of cash. But to be honest, I'd rather sell one of my buttocks than my 405.
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