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  1. Do my 2 count? The White U11 is apparently the only 2.0 SGL on the road.
  2. Don't get Webers! The keihin carbs are meant to be good and modified can make the car fly, think if I remember right search for bisimoto I absolutely adore these, had 4 but it's never worked out, one day I might buy one that isn't fucked/pineappled
  3. It was his girlfriends we believe, I owned the accord and carina II x2 after the guy in Edinburgh had them
  4. Honda ballade, on mud and snow tyres, handled a light coating of snow /freezing rain easily, might dissolve before winters over though
  5. Aye anybody could have gone down there and nobody would havesad to see it's going now as it was great for photos, creepy as fuck at night though
  6. Those visitors could have easily been from 2018 in Cowdenbeath
  7. My mx5 was the same, would heat up in no time. Heater in the Datsun is brilliant can actually get too hot , pity it smells like something died on the heater matrix and it starts to dissolve at the merest mention of winter
  8. That one on eBay is tempting, it's just round the corner and is mot/tax exempt hhmm
  9. Since nobody else has said it , /pistonheads mode- " didn't they come like that from the factory"
  10. It says in the BMW handbook to give the car a hoon every so often to clear out a build up of crap, always noticed a difference after a couple of days of hard driving in my e36
  11. On the exhaust front, I replaced the front section only a few months ago only for it to go again, the backbox will have some of the worst welding you have ever seen done by myself and would be better being replaced. I couldn't find a replacement and didn't want to play "correct eBay part lottery" I've replaced the pas. side front spring, rear brakes were seized and freed off. Dent in drivers side wing happened in a contraflow when a lorry from the other side was pinging cones everywhere and one clouted the wing and took a bit of number plate as well. The bonnet has been jumped on. The crack was only tiny after I first jacked it up and gradually got bigger. I don't know how much it would be worth looking into the grot in the windscreen as said by captain_70s I have bad luck with them, over the last year: rover, civic , BMW E36,305 x 3 and bought the Ballade with a cracked screen. I enjoyed driving this over the six months of ownership but will admit to not really caring about the bodywork as it was just a WBOD, kept all the fluids etc topped up .
  12. Anything from fucking HGF classics, a nostalgic this, a remarkable that, piss off! It should read a hardly used turd which means all rubber components will need replaced
  13. It will come with tax to get you home and will show up as insured, whether you want to insure it driving home is up to you. I'll be transferring the insurance over in about a weeks time
  14. Fitting new discs on the stanza you have to unbolt them from the hub once you've pulled it from the bearing. The bolts were Philips screw heads and could I get the to budge? Could I fuck , chewed all the heads and at the point of going mental. It's at this point I notice the bolts are also hex heads.. they came off no problem then.
  15. FOAD took me a 100 odd mile trip to buy the ballade in this, utterly comfortable and fuss free, clean and looked after car
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