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  1. FJ used to be the masters,then changed the rules to over 25. You may find a normal bpolicy easier to get
  2. I finally found a replacement wing for my Rover 400 from our local breakers yard, unfortunately it had a dent and was BRG,but given they are hard to find and it was £20 I went for it.Not a perfect job by any means but aside from a few small dents my rattle can job has come out well I think and really lifts the car up from before,I was pleased to find no rust under the sill cover too
  3. He must be due another poo by now
  4. I've driven one round an industrial estate,it's just as amazing* as you would imagine
  5. No I wouldn't cut any holes,the duct should work fine if the rad is clean and the block is flushed out,they silt up around the back.taking the stat out is a bad thing to do on one as the coolant won't flow properly around the rear of the engine,likewise the heater adds useful extra cooling capacity.
  6. Dicky,yours would have had the 2 speed box heater with seperate plastic inline heater valve,however,these are shite as the motors seize up from being inside the air duct,the older flat type is more durable.I would email CHG classics (James Holland) and ask him for a price on a heater kit,as he should be much cheaper than Mr Mason (obvs,I know them both very well) He also has the largest stock of new and nos reliant parts in the country,and us actually a dedicated enthusiast himself.
  7. There's a few hardcore owners that have done 400k in the same pig,so a way to go yet.i had one with 120k on it,and every single thing was hanging off by then!
  8. ECP have sent an email cancelling my order for a wing because their courier wong deliver it.great,so now I've got to try and find another one (not that easy for a rover 400) and try and claw back my money from them.severak emails have gone unanswered.pita as I have the paint coming tomorrow and was all set to do it,and haven't really got the spare cash at moment to get a replacement before I get the refund.
  9. I got a vespa 150 super in the back of a Robin Hatchback so I'm sure a big lemon will be fine
  10. Just found this,will be nice to have another owner here,I've list a bit of mojo,tho that's partly due to not taxing it until I need to use it I guess (lockdown nonsense) I bought a very late 99 416,which is near perfect aside from a rusty drivers wing,haven't decided wether to repair (wob) the original or buy a new one.ive only driven it a couple of times so far but it's a very eager, comfortable little car,and the mpg is meant to be good for the time too.
  11. Mine still had the original rover branded belt,and did look good,as did the tensioner,but although low miles,it's 21 years old
  12. Update time,on the hottest day of the year do far,last week I changed the cambelt.followed the manual and online tutorials,top tip for anyone wanting to lock the crank,there's an access plate by the flywheel,a stout screwdriver fits perfectly in the ring gear and even at 205nm the crank pulley undid using a breaker bar and muscle,no expensive impact gun required! Took me most if the afternoon,as with all newer cars,progress was only slowed by having to remove things to access other things.i decided to leave the waterpump alone,it's done 35k,isn't leaking,felt good (could feel each impeller turning water when turned clockwise),had no play and is probably better quality than the aftermarket replacement that came in the kit. Refitted it all and tensioned the belt,new Pas belt as the unipart one on it was about to snap, unfortunately the aux belt I got sent was too long, apparently being one of the last it uses a 45 belt,but it wasn't as old as the Pas one so is back on for now. Fired up straight away which was a relief,read so many stories of people not lining the marks up. Heater blower only worked on 3 and 4,new resistor on eBay and now have all the speeds. Just a coolant flush left to do,and a couple of tyres but can wait until I start using it,likewise I haven't taxed it yet as I don't need the car at the moment.
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