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  1. Haven't been in Dorset 2 weeks yet and already got a woman sorted :-p and just accepted a job offer partayyy
  2. The Combe Martin museum cars were collected direct from the dhss stores in Manchester,arranged by Julian who ran the ICR back then,c.96-97. This was when they were about to destroy all villiers machines and spares.only museums were allowed to buy from them and he bought one of each model. The rough mk12 was sold in Rumcar news for 495 iirc.
  3. This is my favourite thread on here at the moment,liking the progress and improvements,plus almost descaryfies the Citroen wierdness
  4. I was far too distracted by the Robin in the background :-p
  5. ive got a few pages on the Barret Midget and Minor in my master catalogue of all available models from 1959,its all packed away at the moment but ill see if i can dig it out in the next week
  6. Thanks Mo,yes i know the situation,basically doing the same myself!
  7. did have solids originally,now on pneumatics which were an option
  8. Today is my last night in Worcestershire,tomorrow i move in with my dad,20 classic bikes and a 1925 Trojan in Dorset
  9. love seeing original "secret" paperwork,keep it coming over the winter i hope as part of my rehabilitation living with my dad after my marriage breakup to make a large scale model of a Tippen Delta
  10. Here's a challenge for you,more because I want to see them than anything else! Do you think you could find some photos inside the Heywood stores where all the invacars and parts were stored? Many years ago I did get to see a couple.
  11. Black looks just like moly grease to me
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