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  1. The synthetic resin enamel does dry a bit quick,I used a lot of it over the last few years on motorcycles. My dad had some craftmaster coach paint which I used on a few projects and it is simply the best brush paint I have ever used,it is more expensive than what you would be used to paying but I would hundred percent recommend trying some if you want a satisfying painting experience.oh,and you have turned a car I hated into one k like,so top marks!
  2. The number of vehicles provided under the invalid vehicle scheme at the end of each of the last five years was as follows: Year Total fleet size 1996–97 1,215 1997–98 1,054 1998–99 951 1999–2000 754 2000–01 629
  3. Main reason they were.withdrawn eventually is due to cost,it was still costing several million a year to keep the scheme running even into the late nineties,as was brought up in the house of commons,why are we spending three million a year in maintaining a fleet of cars that were meant to have been withdrawn in 1981?
  4. My grump.. after successfully changing engine oil,filter,air filter and gearbox oil on my Yaris verso,this morning on attempting to replace a snapped off undertray stud,I drilled straight through the rad.:-(
  5. If its.not a yes it's a no.
  6. Unless a.million years old or very cheap I would be surprised if it was just a bad gasket.id be checking for cracks in the block around studs etc.
  7. If you want something they won't be cheaper next year
  8. Miniature update Rover has sold,went to a chap who fell in love with it and actually gave me my full asking price so I was very chuffed with that,and last Monday my dad took me to Cannock (320 mile round trip) in his Avensis to help me fetch this Yaris Verso im absolutely over the moon with it if anyone has a Haynes manual drop me a message
  9. Stick at it, I was on 40-50 roll ups a day before Xmas,I got a half decent vape and some nic.salt based juice (stronger without the harshness) and I haven't had a tab since January.
  10. Supposedly a 24/7 automated service according to the blurb
  11. Looks like I have a collection mission on Monday ? has anyone any experience of using the DVLA phone service to tax a car? My phone isn't internety... Normally I wouldn't worry too much but it's 160 miles with lots of motorway so would rather I was covered.
  12. Given the cars ahem weatherproofing,I'd be inclined to go for some sort of marine carpet
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