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  1. I've seen the Ital running around here,wouldn't buy anything off him though!
  2. When I was dailying a variety of fucked Reliants and working out in the open such as yourself,the blowtorch was my go to tool,after I got one I didn't know how I managed,they really do make undoing siezed nipples,nuts and bolts easier,and often the difference between snapped or fixed.blowtorch,mole grips,get some plus gas as well,wd40 is shite did this sort of thing.
  3. Here she is,Moose as it's known,after coming home from a recent auto jumble
  4. Please send Trabi to my driveway to keep my MZ company
  5. As you can tell,distance aside,there would have been no point in me going,I've seen/driven or read about them all for years lol
  6. The green/cream car is a Gordon,The Allard Clipper is one of two in the country (one more exists in Germany) out of c.22 built.
  7. To fill in a gap lbf might not know,the Acedes in the collection was actually obtained direct from the dhss central stores in around 1997 when they were about to destroy all villiers powered machines and spares,the ICR,then run by famed eastern bloc nutter Julian Nowill gained access and got them to stop until he had contacted museums around the country to see if any would save them,the Hammond collection being one.
  8. Always carry tools,fluids and some sensible spares,if you carry them,Sod's law dictates you won't need them. When Relianting I changed the distributor on the hard shoulder of the M1, without leaving the car! On my way to a rall and my electronic ignition unit died at 70mph in the outside lane,passing two Lorries. Got back across,and I had a spare dizzy with points in the boot just in case. Folded the seat down,grabbed a screwdriver and a 7/16 spanner,undid the footwell access panel,one bolt and the extremely hot dizzy was out,new one in and set by eye,panel back in,start up and go,without getting out!
  9. Only way to tune an su is with your ear or a length of hose,or both.
  10. Pretty sure I can see that blue under the bright blue on the grill and engine bay.
  11. From what I can see its original colour will have been the same as this one I had:
  12. a Robin cable will fit,just might need shortening,they come with all the fittings.Personally i wouldnt worry about paint,its not going to rust..
  13. It's the right model,the original GTE,it's manual,it's low mileage,and it's got good history,if the interior is I in good nick and dry,and the engine healthy,it's on the money for sure.
  14. I am one sad mofo. It would have had plastic trims originally from the factory.Last car sold in the uk with drum brakes all round,and last with points and an su carb. If you want to move it in at some point,let me know,I'm at that point where I think I'm ready for another one,after 5 years I think it's time to get back on the three wheeled horse.
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