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  1. I start a new job on Monday,it's all good apart from one thing,it's an old industrial estate and the company has basically taken over half of it,and has zero parking,I did a dummy run this morning in my Yaris to see what the situation was like as if I was going to work,and even at 7.30 all the roads were packed with cars,and I would have been hard pushed to find a space,not an ideal way to start every working day! I do however still have my 88 MZ,which has been kept legal all the while,and of course I can hopefully slot it in alongside one of the buildings or off the road etc fairly easily,so
  2. Handed my notice in last Tuesday,last day to be this Wednesday.got called in lunchtime today," I've had a word with the company and you can go at 12.30 and we will pay you til weds" to be honest I'm surprised they kept me there the rest of last week lol
  3. I'm not a Ford fan but back in 1996 my dad swapped his incredibly crusty 1986 Fiat Fiorino (127 type) for an identical Escort Estate in the same colour,as I loved the van as a child I wasn't happy about it!
  4. That mk12 belonged to a friend of my grandad,who worked with him at the same Worcester repairers.He had about 5 mk12s which he had in his garden lined up along a hedge,which he used as sheds.(he was an eccentric) his property was also filled with "acquired" invalid carriage parts through many years working for the repairers.As it had sat for 40 years on soil I can't imagine the chassis is great,but the body is far better than I thought it would be.
  5. There are a few models of the Scimitar SE5,corgi ogle prototype,Oxford diecast do several,then there are kits by pathfinder and a couple others I think,and there's a few very detailed very nice models of the se6 that appear on eBay from time to time
  6. Indeed,this adds a bit more detail: https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/lords/1974/feb/05/disabled-drivers-vehicles Suspect Mr hill had his in 73 or so. Do not delude yourself into thinking you would be anything less than severely injured in anything more than a low speed bump.Like them as much as I do from a historical and sentimental standpoint,there was a reason why they were campaigned against so strongly.
  7. The reliant also has steel reinforcement tubes around the screen and door posts,and access and along the roof.certainly when I double rolled my last one there was no obvious omg he must be dead to look at it,even all the doors still opened and shut.And as you say the footwells and cabin are within the chassis frame. The model 70 was crash tested by Mira following the Graham hill lobby period,but the dhss refused to publish the results.rosetinted viewing aside,I would not want a head-on in one. But then I wouldn't in any car really!
  8. Had my first winter battery death experience,battery in my Yaris verso was very weak yesterday morning,and I had to bump.start.it captain 70s style to get home,new one ordered from tanya.then noticed my exhaust has finally started blowing due to beinf the original and crusty.Has anyone any experience of "cat back" exhaust kits? I've found a middle pipe and silencer and back box.with clamps etc on eBay,looks like I have to cut the old one after the cat and the new one slides over it as.thr original is one piece?
  9. Thanks for that Dolly,that's where my grandad worked in the 60s, I have been trying to find a pic of the place for years! It is also where the model 70 with the huge wheel.arches that was on this forum would have been "acquired" from
  10. I've never worked out how people can afford to lease a car,maybe everyone is on way more money than me I don't know.
  11. Ignoring the flippers and the dealers,the market is tanking at the moment,so just keep an eye out for what your looking for,it's all dropping.
  12. I have wares book,it does make for engaging reading.I currently have a 2000 Yaris verso,which is about as reliable as you can get generally,but a part of me is increasingly looking at getting a minor again, especially now I have had some welding practice (x plate transit at work,very rotten,see if you can get it through a test!)
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