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  1. My front wings are rusty, not at the front but down the bottom near the sills. It’s not rusted through but it feels a bit crispy on the inside, searched for used rust free wings and there are none that are any better. I’m thinking I might, while it’s not completely compromised to have the wing off, rust kill the surface stuff and grp it from the inside. A bodge yes but it buys me a few years before the wings are flapping. A pair of wings plus blending it in would be expensive.
  2. It was empty for a period of time, once went to an impromptu rave there back in the day. It’s flats for the yuppies now though.
  3. Picked this up for couple of quid to replace one I had years ago.
  4. Logged the moment it brought up the EGR.🤣
  5. Yeah someone in that position, probably through no fault of their own is a dreadful risk. Very likely be better off with a bank loan though chances are they’ve been down that road already.
  6. It’s rotten and I’ve dropped a right bollock here but here’s some bullshit about you can find out for yourself what a crock of shit it is.
  7. About the only thing I’ve ever financed was buying a house, getting finance on a ten year old diesel is absolute lunacy.
  8. Depends, there’s a guy local to us that sells dealer P/ex on, think he works at Ford, all of them are CAT N. Perhaps they can’t sell them on by other means, I know if you work at a main dealer sometimes you can purchase up to X number of cars per year that have come in P/Ex. All of them are crocks of shit though, most recent was a Mk3 Estate with the DMF rattling. Straight away a £6-700 job before you discover the injectors/pump are failing. £1500 again he wanted on it which is almost extortion. I don’t get why they’re charging such rates for 15 year old diesels which realistically have a very short life expectancy in anyone’s hands subject to garage bills.
  9. Piece of mind indeed on a 2010 Insignia.
  10. ‘It’s always been MOT’d’ Great, it’s been run within the minimum legal requirements. ‘VOSA history’... completely fucking meaningless.
  11. A lot of these selling cars that’s got obvious problems that are going to manifest themselves must have apples for bollocks. Most people might take it on the chin and go through trading standards or whatever, but you run risk of some nutter coming back and caving your head in.
  12. Yeah pretty much. 1500 differences to a standard 1.8.
  13. £2k for something worth having in my opinion. It’ll come down in a year I bet, when inflation knocks on the door of 5% and mortgages on these houses bought at 95% LTV go up. Obviously in this day and age most are on a fixed rate so the immediate effect isn’t felt like it was when everyone was on the variable or interest only.
  14. There was one near me about 5-6 years ago. It was a testbed for petrol direct injection, intended for the fleet market at a time when all company cars were diesel. Complete failure. 160 left according to HML.
  15. I’d love a Mondeo SCI, think parts availability killed them off, the engine is quite different to the conventional 1.8.
  16. Just the 1.8 sci. But they’re practically extinct anyway
  17. The 1.8/2.0 petrol is a Mazda unit.
  18. One local to me that I used regularly were always ok with me, but you always got some people in that were a bit green. You know the ones, wearing smart clothes, expecting things for free like a relay or whatever, asking silly questions or just general stupidity like buying secondhand clutches etc. A lot won’t let people in the yard simply because people are idiots, some of the things I’ve seen people doing beggars belief, things like gearboxes being taken out when the cars propped up on bricks or a solitary scissor jack. Witnessed one guy taking the prop shaft off a Transit, hammering away underneath while it was held up with the shittiest looking weepy old trolley jack. H&S would be swarming round like flies in the inevitability someone picked a seven one day.
  19. Breakers used to assume you were on the rob if you went in for something like a fuse or whatever. To be fair I get why they are a bit cunty with people, they’ve a lot of dickheads turning up wanting a ‘look round’ or wanting something for free, so they’re immediately on the defensive.
  20. Don’t often see many with the 2.0 Duratec in, surprisingly economical as well.
  21. Always agree the price before you take it off. Golden Rule.
  22. ‘But should fly through test just haven’t got time’
  23. Planning to leave before you’ve arrived I think is the term you are looking at there.
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