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  1. I think Rover would have been bollocksed without BMWs help in fairness.
  2. No you are absolutely right. I normally spend £15-20 on a pair of shoes, recently my brother in law kindly gave me a pair of Nike Air whatevers (he didn’t like them). They’re nice in the same way a new Mercedes is nice but like you say in the same way I wouldn’t go out and spaff £150 on them. Nice but not nice enough to warrant that.
  3. Completely get why someone might buy a brand new car in the same way I might fancy a new pair of trousers or whatever. Don’t get it when it’s put to you as a way of saving you money on fixing the car you’ve got.
  4. On the face of it as far as an investment goes a car is a bloody awful one.
  5. I’ve got a blue one and a yellow. I like the RS1600i which had the graphics and the spoiler but they go for mad money now I’m afraid.
  6. ‘Simply finance a new car...’ is the really helpful answer you get from behind the copy of the Daily Mail.
  7. Funnily enough the wife doesn’t give a shit about cars so long as it gets us from a-b
  8. Does anyone else get nagged to death over running a banger. Had a bit of agg yesterday with our car, not the end of the world (I hope...) but it was incapacitated by a coolant leak, bit of a fucker but hopefully £120 of bits and it should be back on the road. Anyhow the comment of ‘simply get a new car on lease’ always comes round. It fucks me off for a variety of reasons that people assume I’ve got a spare £200 a month to rent a car with or like the idea the car I’ve got is within my budget and if I was out of work then I’d be owing to nobody.
  9. And the perennial chain rattle. The dawn chorus of many a driveway.
  10. I have a few with Gulf stickers on, I think they were included in a Gift Set sometime in the early seventies.
  11. Not a massive Vauxhall fan, the late 90’s stuff was so grim and depressing. Still like to see one sat on a drive with someone keeping it on the road. Not my bag but fair play if it is. The biggest argument I have with the Corsa was how highly rated a lot find them yet I found it disappointing in almost every aspect, almost as if it have been disappointed if I’d expected nothing at all.
  12. I find probably 50% of the population insufferable in one form or another, so it isn’t cars it’s the people I’m afraid. I know I’ll get flamed on this but VAG, does seem to overwhelmingly be the choice of some absolute dickheads, the sort that hang off your arse or head the other way into you off their heads on cocaine. There’s a lot of jolly decent folk that just happen to have/like the cars but I’m afraid they are in the minority. Ironically I don’t think VAG aim their cars at the dickheads, I can say with some certainty that a 20 year old angry man from Wath upon Dearne with one of those irritating millennial names and some poorly thought out tattoos that frequently preclude any form of meaningful employment are emphatically not on Volkswagens target audience. It just so happens that after a few years they seem to fall into the hands of idiots. Likewise I don’t hate electric cars, I think it’s a poor idea that we’ve set our sights on instead of Hydrogen but my gripe with them is that it’s set out by people who have no concept of finances work for the average working person. The government simply want you to get yourself up the bollocks on finance on one so in 20 years time they can say ‘great emissions have dropped 3.2%’. I fully expect, if I’m still around, that I’ll eventually have one but by then the cost of buying one would have to come down significantly. No disdain at all for the Invacar, if it makes someone happy to catalogue every one they see then that’s fine by me, it isn’t harming anyone else. I think the wider issue is how people react to being told something is wank by someone else. I’ve been told Focuses are shit, they’re probably right, but I like them so it makes little ends to me whether someone else likes them or not. Could be said that people shouldn’t seek approval of their own thoughts from others.
  13. Ever wondered why the front wings on these rot so readily? In their infinite wisdom Ford fitted a bit of soft sponge inside the lip to help retain moisture. Wire brushed it up and waxed it whilst waiting fourteen business days for the bits to arrive.
  14. Ford Focuses. Or more specifically the broken one outside my house.
  15. Really did speak too soon singing the praises of the Focus. Ours has just dumped its coolant tonight, coolant everywhere. Looks like thermostat housing which is a ridiculous £60 on the Ti-VCT and the obligatory drive belt that you chop off to get the alternator out. FFS... Got it all off now just need to pick up a new thermostat housing, coolant and belt tomorrow.
  16. Think they were the BP cars? My dad used to get them with his fuel hence I’ve got them all. If you were a serial filler upper then you got the Volvo articulated car Transporter.
  17. Definitely be picking that one up, the Ice Cream van is one of my youngests favourites. Well she’s got three of them anyway.
  18. Are all the yellow and black Capris getting snaffled?
  19. Detour on the way home then...
  20. How can he create such stipulations about what the new owner does with it on a £700 car. It’s not the fucking British Museum. I half feel like buying it then sending a text back after a week saying I’d got bored with it so I’d painted it pink, looked shit so I banger raced it.
  21. First one sounds like most Village garages, I’m sure there’s some bloody good ones but a lot are out of times. A BMW specialist that doesn’t deal with diesels really ought to pack up, 60% of the cars they’ve sold in last 25 years will have been diesels. The village garage down road is one of these set ups that really only wants to do brake pads on old ladies cars.
  22. I’ve stopped in the £25 type B&Bs before in Blackpool and they were grim, gloss paint over anaglypta and the fire doors propped open. Center Parcs, we used to go regularly in the week when it was cheap but last time we went we found a pair of shitty knickers under sister in laws mattress (they weren’t hers by the way...). The reception didn’t seem fazed by this.
  23. All that shit stuck to it but you just know it’ll be forever in limp home, fucking lights all over shop, parked up outside a really dreadful bungalow with those crap pansies you get at Home Bargains and Giant Gnomes from Asda.
  24. He’s definitely not just bought it for £800 and flipped it straight on. Fair play to the guy though if he can get £3500 off someone.
  25. Lovely car, went to look at one exact same spec and year once. But £3,250... is that what they are going for these days?
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