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    Car Sectionals

    Remember reading in Practical Classics a guy buying an ex college A series sectional engine and restoring it, the comment that sticks in mind was the amount of sweet wrappers stuffed up oil ways etc. When I find the article I’ll post it up.
  2. I’ve had good and bad experiences with Lion batteries, I’ve had several that’s lasted years but one that fucked up within 18 months. I mean if I was fitting one to a four year old car I’d be thinking Exide or Yuasa but on an old banger that’s got 2-3 years left then I’d fit one no bother. It’s like when you see someone fitting Lemforder arms on an ‘05 200k 320d, bloody good parts but seriously, it’s on deaths door. In reality some FAI would see it out.
  3. Not necessarily, let’s assume Mr average earns 40k doing whatever and his wife 15k part time, assuming they’d got two kids as per average then chances are they’d be blowing the vast majority of the income on a house at say £200-£250k house (if they’d any sense anyway). People might live differently where you live but this is my observation for what it’s worth.
  4. The affordability checks on a car finance at a garage at fairly scant. Couple of bills to check you are really Mr Donald Duck and away you go.
  5. Nobody unless they’re mad and/or have loads of cash falling out of their pockets are dithering over whether to fit a gas boiler or a heat pump. A new boiler is couple of grand tops, a heat pump which is already shown to be fairly inefficient in terms of actually heating your radiators up is nearly £15,000. Most working class people aren’t undecided about that because they likely can not afford £15k on a heat pump. Buying a car isn’t that much different, yes you can get an electric car for £20k but it’d be uselessly small or an MG, for the moment for a useful one they’re very expensive, unless it’s a company car it makes no sense on cost grounds alone which for most working people is a very significant factor. We’re told that in a few years they’ll be the same price as a combustion engine powered car, if that’s the case then you’d likely find demand for an EV went through the roof making conventional cars less popular and thus less expensive secondhand. But then like mushrooms, we get fed shit and kept in the dark on such matters. Maybe it’ll liken to the PC, years ago nobody of average income had one, perhaps a few of the middle class kids might have had an Acorn or whatever in the house then once they became financially achievable then the use and ownership of them rocketed to the point everyone had them then you couldn’t give the old typewriter away.
  6. Prices have gone up above general inflation but people’s expectations are still all to cock. A £1,500 car is probably going to last no more than 2-3 years tops. Very possible it could go longer but also very possible it could last even less. I’ve read so many posts where someone may be looking for a car that will run and run forever but have only £600 to spend. Regrettably if that’s your budget these days unless you drop on very lucky then you really ought to stay back on the farm, double it and you’ve some way towards a prospect that might last. Obviously if you handy with the spanners and can find a Rover or whatnot for scrap money, fix it up with a new gasket and get it going again then you might drop lucky but outside of here plenty just won’t do that. It’s a shame really that the general public aren’t as resourceful as the folk of Cuba etc in the seventies when they had no option but to convert a 1950’s Buick to a Lada engine as there simply weren’t any spares available.
  7. Also got this ‘Blue Shark’ comparing to the 1973 version.
  8. Upmarket SUV - always on the motorways they’ll come up behind someone even when it’s a camera gantry section and the car in front is doing 70mph - can’t go any faster, barging through like they’re some fucking Knight of the road or the QE2 coming into port. It’s the level of arrogance that hacks me off, they’ll hang on someone’s arse inches from it, knowing full well if something happened they’d likely wipe out the kids sat in the back of the car in front. Absolute cretins. Miscellaneous German hatchback over 5 years old - witnessed this today, double white solid line but he’s overtaking anyway, no doubt off his head on whatever low grade shit he’s shoved up his nose in some Hungry Horse the night before. It’s consistently an Audi A3/4, BMW or a VAG over a few years old. I find myself watching these Police Interceptor things on the occasion I have the television in front of me. Time and time again ‘Andy and Pat’ or whatever Britains last remaining traffic police officer is called will pull over some cunt in a puffer jacket, and the car will be one of the above and in my head I’ll go ‘Audi A3, bag full of coke, who’d have thought?!’ It does make driving easier in some senses because given people with a reduced IQ seem to tool around in certain cars you can spot them a mile off and take evasive action.
  9. I worked for a company many years ago and we had the upturned bathtub shape Passat, great motorway car. But when you ask anyone that’s had one they always seem to be fixing bits on it. The shape after Passat was utter crap, I think this is when the quality went down the pan.
  10. I thought the Mk2 really was a quality product, my brother had one, the bodywork and paint was miles ahead of any Ford or Vauxhall at the time.
  11. Had Focus and Mondeo estates. Both great but difficult to find in worthwhile condition, it’s just one of those cars people keep till they’re fucked.
  12. Wife bought me this as a reward for spending two nights in sub zero temperatures mending her car. Apparently they’re on offer on a website at £2.50 each which wasn’t bad.
  13. Gave £1,500 on an ‘05 plate Focus last week for a mate looking for a cheap motor. Over the odds compared to 2 years ago but cheap still for transport for a few years. Brand new clutch and had the belt done as well. And believe it or not the front wings are rot free. If it lasts 2 years it’ll have more then paid for itself.
  14. Then top top it all you have to deal with some wanker in a shit suit who’ll condescend you with all this bollocks.
  15. I’ll not lie I’ve thoroughly enjoyed old cars being disposable. Buy them cheap off someone daft enough to have blown big money on it lately and run it till it drops then repeat. Obviously lately that’s more difficult, a big ticket job like a clutch or whatever is worth spending on. But I’ll persevere.
  16. This late opening car spares shop sounds good.
  17. Did that. Ordered off the part number on the old one, it had a prefix that was different to the others available but matched the one I’d taken out, arrived and it’s wrong fucking one. I don’t think my mood is helped with having to fuck about with this after work outside in January. If there were reliable garages nearby I’d wholeheartedly be giving them the job of PITA jobs this time of year. But unfortunately the ones nearby are almost notoriously bad, I’ve a bloke that does the test for me but he’s winding up soon no doubt as he’s in his sixties plus it’s miles from where I live now. Finding a decent garage is difficult it seems these days.
  18. Really get why garage won’t fit parts from eBay. Everything I’ve ordered for a job has arrived wrong despite clarifying a hundred times what year, spec etc. Absolutely sick and tired of this, it’s not first time either, a few years back struggling with a CV joint, wrong fucking number of splines. Lesson learnt.
  19. Saloon is better for bangering, especially a 1.6 if they’ll let you.
  20. IIRC the chain rattling was curtains. Wasn’t it mounted somewhere completely inaccessible?
  21. Starting to wonder if Royal Mail 48 means 48 days. Ordered something Monday and it’s coming Friday under Rm 48. Where’s the sense in that?
  22. I think most people were disappointed in the Mk3 Golf GTIs lack of power but then again most of the hot hatches round that time were limp. Looked good though and felt a quality product.
  23. Apart from useable cup holders. One big omission I thought. It did have a clip to put a biro in though.
  24. There’s always some sort of weakness somewhere along the line with any car. A lot cite mid 90’s cars, maybe Mondeo for example, massive leap ahead the Sierra but still compared to a lot of modern cars you were forever changing things like suspension bushes.
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