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  1. Water pump seized, stretched + melted the cambelt. This cowboy has yee'd his last haw...
  2. Could smell a mixture of burning plastic and antifreeze and noticed the temp gauge was 95+ and climbing pulled over to this... VID_20200509_102353.mp4
  3. Not mine, but I was behind this half an hour ago just by botany bay. Even in a glum autumn morning it looked immaculate.
  4. I'm going (hopefully) i've a mate after the mini van and I fancy a couple of different cars.
  5. It's in Sollom, I live in Burscough about three miles south, so would be rude not to. Lot 28, purple sunbeam rapier, is giving me the horn.
  6. Might be going here saturday as its just up the road. Some interesting stuff. White stag and 750 hartge are both winking at me... https://bidonline.ncmauctions.co.uk/auctions/7248/ncm-au10227?page=2&pageSize=60
  7. Due to life changes that are happening on their own, and others i'd like to happen i'm going to be selling all my chod. 1982 cortina 1.6gl 2000 mk3 reliant robin 1993 mk2 reliant robin Mk1 golf gti campaign breaker (cat B so will have to chop up A transit van full of parts, mainly cortina but other stuff as well. I'm not having a crisis or anything, just a realisation. Since I got the dog,any free time I have I spend with her, which I enjoy more than fucking about with old shit. I'll put ads up in the for sale section, if anyone wants to share it with people who my be interested pm for a number/email.
  8. Sadly not. There are 'cortina vs capri' banger races plus bright spark thought the best way to celebrate the 2012 50th anniversary of the car was a 100 car demolition derby which was such good fun they've done it every year since.
  9. Pretty solid underneath just the lower a pillar/inner sill rotting out both sides which i'm fairly sure will be blocked sunroof drains. Really dry underneath, no oil leaks anywhere, just some crumbling bushes to swap out and check the brake and fuel lines. Runs well especially as its still on points and condenser. I won't mess with this one, i'll just do the basics and get running and driving spot on.
  10. Slightly odd spec this, it's only a 1600 gl but whoever got originally ticked a few options. Crystal green metallic paint, sliding steel roof, door speakers,rear seat belts,mudflaps,electric aerial and it's been ziebarted to death all the cavities and panel seams are lashed with the stuff. Anyways pictures speak a thousand words...
  11. I sold that ridiculously cheaply a couple of years ago (£800) as I was losing storage. Guy who got it flipped it the next week to his mate who probaly still has it as he's a cortina nutter, so it found a good home in the end. Think it maybe getting restored, it was on the road for a bit.
  12. What the description missed was, It's a 1600 gl, with a seemingly genuine 58,000 miles and an immaculate interior. It has some localised grot in the from lower a pillers and the right side of the boot floor, but everthing else is light surface rust. It looks like it's has a sheet on it for years as the paint is worn thin on the top half. Not bad for £1300, but there was a brown mk2 cavalier which I wish i'd got instead.
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