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    Junkman got a reaction from tooSavvy in End of hydropneumatic suspension (apparently)   
    Anyway, I just checked out the Kia website and found this symptomatic for today - the primary selling points they mention for the Optima:

    17" Alloy Wheels Air Conditioning Electronic Stability Control (ESC) & Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) Sculpted Side SIll (sic) mouldings Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) Bluetooth® with Voice Recognition & Music Streaming Front & Rear Fog Lights LED Day Time Running Lights  
    So this dismal meaningless first world shit is most important for today's car buyers.
    I think based on that everyone can figure out for himself where Hydropneumatics rank.
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    Junkman got a reaction from Dick Longbridge in HMC- Italian Focus and its inbred German/portugese cousin   
    Does any of you know of, or has seen, a more stupid solution to a problem that actually doesn't exist, than those swirl flaps?
    I really knew nothing about them, then came to this thread and saw them the for the first time.
    I mean, come on, what were they THINKING?
    What kind of engineers are being let lose onto the car industry nowadays?
    I mean, how can those ocean going protozoons get past the hiring department (says a lot about the HR monekeys)?
    Are they teaching that kind of shit at universtities nowadays, or where do such soft headed ideas actually come from?
    What kind of management team then approves of such mug's game and greenlights it through to production?
    God knows what other completely insane nonsense is hidden in something that employs flimsy swirl flaps in the inlet manifold.
    Honestly, I can't bring myself towards trusting people who come up with such rubbish.
    I guess it's safe to assume that similarly minded geniuses designed the life saving equipment in those cars?
    It's shit like this that will forever keep me away from newfangled tosh.
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    Junkman got a reaction from HMC in P6 Appreciation Thread   
    Those British understated qualities were always cherished outside Britain, at least by some. Then again, looking at how many are still kicking about on ye olde Continente,
    they weren't that few and far between after all.
    The P6es had a bit of a renaissance in the Eighties there, when everything British was considered 'cool' and thus they were often driven by twenty-something hipsters for a while.
    I came very close in 1984, but ultimately decided to give it a pass and bought another yank, I still don't really know why, but being a stubborn dolt might have something to do with it.
    Somehow they then managed to get off the radar of the mainstream collectors and went into some kind of hibernation during the Nineties and Naughties.
    It's only in this very present decade, that they enjoy some kind of resurgence in popularity, but again, more in an underdog sort of way.
    Fact is, that despite the newest ones are 40 years old now, they are among the easiest to live with cars from that era. Parts support is second to none.
    I finally bought my first one at the ripe age of 43, thus seemingly ending a quarter century long succession of yanks to apparently never look back.
    Not only am I unable to answer the question why, but also what took me so long, so please don't ask. I have no idea what I should buy instead, which is probably
    a situation many P6 owners found themselves in after 1975. Yes, there is always the SD1, but despite being a superb car in its own right, it's a completely different
    kettle of fish and not really a successor. Looking at the P6's contemporaries, it is a standalone as well, especially the V8. Nothing in its class, be it British or European,
    has either the understated qualities, or the inherent "Britishness" many people inside and especially outside the UK love, nor are they nearly as technically interesting,
    maybe with the exception of something often leaving green puddles on one's driveway, but those then have hardly a British understated aura.
    P6es do have their shortcomings too, there is no denial. Interior and boot space never were something to write home about and the engineering is so on the edge, that they
    do not respond well to bodging. Fuel vaporisation on V8s is now so commonplace (due to 'modern' petrol no longer having additives to prevent it), that they are barely
    driveable without an electric fuel pump upgrade. Correct tyres for the V8s cost a fortune, so do front shocks for all of them. Chromed pieces in good nick are practically
    unobtainium. If you cherish bling as much as I do, start saving up a lot of money. A non fucked rear number plate plinth alone will set you back in the 'hood of 150 quid,
    regardless whether you buy a new one, or have yours rechromed. A complete round of new tinsel will leave you with little change out of a Gorilla, if any.
    Also, good panels are just about still available, but supply is drying up at a rapid rate.
    Then there is the brakes thing. I did the brakes on four of them now and I swear, I would rather travel to one of those posh ski resorts, you know, where they have those
    natural stone fireplaces with logs smoldering in them and an animal fur on the floor in front of them, and have sex with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on that,
    than going through the ordeal of overhauling P6 brakes one more time.
    I also gather from this thread, that a lot of people are hankering for a Series 1. I hope they are aware, that all of them, and the early Series 2s, are thirsting for high grade
    petrol, so 99 octane Tesco's premium plus octane boosters are the order. Post 1973 examples run on ordinary camel piss, which is a serious advantage, if you really want
    to drive yours daily. I can't wait for the e85 to become available in the UK, which would put that annoying petrol alchemy to rest once and for all.
    Like with all old cars, condition will determine future values. Right now is still a good time to start investing, just. I think by the end of this decade, it's going to be difficult.
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    Junkman got a reaction from Low Horatio gearbox in Base Model Hearses   
    A lot better.



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    Junkman got a reaction from Dick Longbridge in Cars with strange mechanics   
    1946 - 1950 Invicta Black Prince.

    Meadows twin overhead camshaft 3-litre six with three carburettors and with a torque converter (Brockhouse Hydro-Kinetic Turbo Transmitter) entirely replacing the gearbox. It was controlled by a small switch with forward and reverse positions. Fully independent suspension using torsion bars and there were built in electric jacks. It also had a trickle-charger to charge the battery from the domestic mains, an immersion heater in the engine, a heater for the body and a radio!
    16 were made, 12 have survived, 1 I want.
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    Junkman got a reaction from Felonious in Shite in your town, in ye olden times.   
    It just isn't like it used to be.
    Remember the Crash? Lindwurmstraße, literally underneath the railway bridge.
    I only was there once, which resulted in an altercation with one of their bouncers
    and we both ended up in the sewing room of Harlaching hospital.
    For the record: They stitched HIM up first!
    Them wuz them dayse...
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    Junkman got a reaction from Pieman in Infamous Shite in History.   
    I have to admit that I had a morbid fascination with lethal car accidents from an early age. I can't explain why, but I always had it.
    For years I would select holiday destinations in the vicinity of 'famous' car crash sites and visited many of them.
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    Junkman got a reaction from rob88h in Autoshite Top Trumps - Nominate Your Car!   
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    Junkman got a reaction from MJK 24 in It could have bloody worked - cars which could have been...   
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  16. Haha
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    Junkman got a reaction from bicycle repairman in Six wheels / 3 axles   
    Six wheels, three axles, yawn...

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    Junkman got a reaction from Dick Longbridge in Specs You've Never Heard Of Before.   
    Pre facelift and yes it was:

    There also was a MKI 2-door in "S-Tuning":

    The following other Granada specials existed in .de:
    Granada Jubiläums-Modell (1975) with 2.0 V6, Arizona-Goldmetallic paint, L-Variant with Ghia appointments
    Granada Traveller (1977)
    Granada Favorit (1977) Granada Ghia Executive (1977), 3.0 V6, black paint, Ronal alloys
    Granada Saphir (1979), 2.3 or 2.8 V6, two tone paint and upper spec, limited to 600 units for Germany
    Granada Holiday (1979), 2.0 or 2.3 V6, L-Variant with GL appointments. Granada Chasseur, Turnier in Roman Bronze/Tuscan Beige (1980)
    Granada Topas (1981)
    Granada Berlin (1982)
    Granada Riche (1983)
    There was also a Granada Savoy for Denmark.

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    Junkman got a reaction from Banger Kenny in Mystery Car on Pistonheads (Via the blue forum)   
    Although I'm flattered that my name has been mentioned on several forii regarding this car, I must pass.
    However, most of the suggestions provided all over the interwebs are bordering ridiculousness,
    especially for those who know their cars.
    The car has enough unprofessional touches to outrule it was made by a car maker, even a small scale one.
    Having said that, whoever cobbled it together in his garden shed had a keen eye for shapes.
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    Junkman got a reaction from Dick Longbridge in It could have bloody worked - cars which could have been...   
    This would have been quite a no brainer:

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