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  1. The coin holders that are in the slots where my heated seat switches should be. Tried using them once, lost all of my betting change down behind the handbrake. Headlight beam adjustment - I set it to "2" as I prefer the beam to be more concentrated and therefore brighter rather than stretched and a bit dim. Heated Rear Window... The car has AC on all the time, so it doesn't steam up. In the winter, i leave the car running whilst I have breakfast, so the rear window gets defrosted by the heater.
  2. If it's a GDi, make sure its running perfectly. There was some hoo har about the GDi only liking VPOWER or Premium Unleaded. Not sure how true it is, but they seem to burn oil if they're not meticulously cared for. Tread with caution, any signs of abuse or neglect could indicate imminent trouble.
  3. The really flimsy Wallet drawer in my Proton... Drive over a speed bump or pot hole and it fails open... Try and get out, and it gouges a chunk of your leg out and then won't close again as you'd ripped it half out of it's home... Complete twat of a design... I've recently torn it out as the bruises and cuts on my leg were getting ridiculous.
  4. 50%... Servicing I do myself. Bulbs, radiator changes, exhaust pipes, interior bits and brake pads have been done before... Cambelts, clutches, rear drum brakes etc are given to my mechanic. I do all of the modifications myself, mind...
  5. This thing made me want to vomit on the M5 the other day... Apart from the ability to make it look like a 5dr Stilo by squinting, it looked like the 35degree heat had actually melted another piece of VAG shit... I've never been the Fabia's biggest fan, but this thing is just utterly appaling from the rear... I didn't see the front of it as it's pissy little 0.6ltr triple turbo charged 2cv engine was being overworked by some rep... But the back end of it was just utterly foul.
  6. These things perplex me a little... So much so that I bought a 2005 (54) plated one. They looked old in the 90's... The lack of CD player or ABS certainly makes my friends look thrice when their similar aged cars have a hell of a lot more toys... Still, I love it.
  7. I'm seriously on this... Where in Devon are you located? What's the spec list? Heated seats, AC, ABS, etc... Not expecting anything, just intrigued. This would do a superb job of pissing off the neighbours at my gaff.
  8. My K10 did the same thing, would not idle once warm. Sold it to some odd folk from the country and never saw it again.
  9. I'm going to repost, only because it's £250 still with a day to go...
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2001-FORD-MONDEO-95-000-MILE-TWO-LADY-OWNERS-/140963663150?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item20d216cd2e Crazy late registration, and looks like excellent value, too!
  11. I can whole heartedly recommend a Honda Civic (Rover 45 style) for economy, comfort and build quality. I swapped in my Fiesta 1.3 for a 1.5 Civic with nearly 200k on the clock, it feels new! And it's made in Britain. Haha
  12. Wanted to borrow/buy Honda Civic (Rover 400 Hatch-Style) Detachable Tow Bar. Cousin lost the part I need and I MUST go to Wales to get OH's bike or I'll be refused food for a month*
  13. Got offered a job whilst mooching around scrappy on Saturday... 30-40 HPW @ 7.50 ph... Saved me from going to the Dole Office for a while... Anyone after work still, look at Corals, Jennings and William Hill... They're recruiting a lot apparently.
  14. Had the Civic for a week now - All going well apart from some weird noise from the clutch/gearbox... Ask Cousin for the detachable part of the tow bar to get response "I threw it away". No bother, I thought... Go to the Scrappy and get one... Beck Row breakers in Mildenhall must have 20 Civics (Less now, as 4 got cubed when I was there!!) and not one with a tow bar. Been to 10 breakers yards and covered many miles looking for one but no cigar. Honda want £230 for the detachable bit and I'm getting a bit pissed off as I MUST collect SWMBO's Moped from Wales before I get shouted at/star
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